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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Do not want to be rejected by the United States?
You must know these seven common questions!
Now, traveling to the United States is very common, and the application for B1/B2 tourist visa can go to the United States, which is commonly known as the 10-year visA.Although the validity period is as long as 10 years, each entry can only stay for business or tourism purposes for up to six months, so its essence is a short-term, non-immigrant visa.
If the Chinese want to apply for a visa to the United States, they need to go to the U.S. Consulate in China for an interview.
If the interviewing officer thinks that the purpose of the applicant's visit to the United States is not in conformity with the nature of the visa, or the applicant has obvious immigration tendency, they will generally be refused to sign.
In order to prevent you from taking detours, today Xiaoming summarizes seven types of problems that are easy to refuse to sign.
I hope it will be helpful for you to get your visa smoothly.
1. Poor financial position The applicant needs to figure out the budget for the trip and prove that you have enough money to pay for the trip.
This means that the following costs need to be included:
air tickets, accommodation, catering, local transportation, tourism-related costs, tickets, insurance, shopping.
Any and all expenses required during the trip to the United States need to be calculated in detail.
And it's important to note that you can't use stocks and funds during the journey - your liquidity and the amount of deposits in the bank are the most important reference.
2. Poor communication with visa officers Sometimes it's not the applicant's fault.
Interviewers are all American and speak Chinese, but they may still misunderstand what you meant to say.
There are language and cultural barriers in communication.
If there is any misunderstanding or confusion with the visa officer in communication, you can ask the interpreter or interviewer to repeat or re-ask questions.
It's better to answer questions after you fully understand what the interviewer is asking, rather than answer questions you don't understand very well by inference.
3. income You need to provide proof of your industry's main source of income.
It's not very important that this source of income comes from your salary, business, investment interests, pensions, etC.More importantly, you have to prove to the American Consulate that you have the ability to survive on your own in China.
4. interview Nobody in the world likes those who are arrogant or self-centereD.The same goes for consular officers and interviewers.
Be sure to show respect (even if they offend you, or make you feel uncomfortable and nervous) during the interview, in addition to trying to present yourself as a decent person.
5. crime If the applicant has a criminal record, lying can have a worse impact.
In the case of a criminal record, whether admitted or not, the consulate has the right to obtain and verify your criminal recorD.If they are found lying to previous criminal records or providing false documents, they will basically be refused directly.
6. Misselected Visa Category It should be noted that each type of visa (such as EB-5 visa for investment immigrants) has different requirements and standards.
When submitting an application, it is necessary to check whether the right type of visa has been chosen.
For example, for private activities such as traveling and sightseeing in the United States, B1/B2 visa is suitable, but for other types such as studying abroad, F visa should be applied, and J visa should be applied for exchange visiting scholars.
At the same time, although B1/B2 visa is valid for 10 years, long-term living in the United States (using non-immigrant visas for immigration) will make immigration officers question the purpose of applicants to the United States, thus increasing the risk of refusal and subsequent refusal to enter the United States, which may lead to serious consequences of long-term inability to enter the United States.
7. False documents Providing false documents is also one of the most common reasons for rejection.
The provision of fraudulent documents and reports is illegal in the United States and will have a very negative impact on the future of applicants.
If the documents required by the consulate are not available, the applicant should provide a statement explaining the reasons for the failure to provide the relevant documents.
To sum up, it is not easy to apply for a U.S. visA.Whether it is approved or rejected, there is no doubt that the application process itself is very cumbersome.
Finally, according to the experience of Yongming immigration experts, don't be discouraged even if you are refused to sign.
There are many precedents for submitting a second interview application immediately after refusing to sign and getting approval smoothly.
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