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Return to you a real Spain with culture, dance, food, housing, transportation Spain, also known as the Kingdom of Spain, is a highly developed capitalist country, a member of the European Union and NATO, or the fifth largest economy in the eurozone, ranking 13 in global GDP.
Of course, Spain, like many European and American countries, has many taboos, because it belongs to the Christian cultural circle.
Think of "13" as an unlucky number, for example.
In Spain, there are also passionate and unrestrained folk customs.
They like bullfighting and flamenco dancing.
Spain is also the home of guitar.
Modern classical guitar originated and flourished in Spain.
Today Xiao Ming will give you a brief introduction about the local food, housing and transportation in Spain.
Diet article In Spain, people's staple food is noodles and rice, which is very similar to our Chinese people.
Daily necessities such as bread, eggs and milk are also inexpensive in local supermarkets and have a very high quality.
The performance-price ratio is very high.
Wine and beer are even cheaper.
In Spain, food consumption is not high.
Rice is generally 0.
6 Euro/0.
4 Euro/kg of flour and bread is 1 Euro/bag.
Vegetables and fruits are mostly in the range of 1-2 Euro/kg, meat is a little more expensive than vegetables, pork is 3.3 Euro/kg beef is 7.8 Euro/kg mutton is 15.95 Euro/kg.
In this way, two adults usually spend about 360 euros on meals.
House price article In Spain, people buy not only houses, but also beautiful scenery and good air environment, spring-like weather in all seasons, and vacation paradise for many Europeans.
Compared with the high domestic housing prices, Spain's holidays can be said to be very close to the people.
In 2017, the average price of holidays was basically 1612 Euro/m2, which increased slightly this year.
This is the best way to allocate overseas assets.
Traffic chapter In Spain, people often choose public transport services, including buses, subways and taxis, at very affordable prices.
1-2 euros (one-way fare), 35 euros monthly card, if the elderly over 60 years old have a gold card, they will also enjoy 25-40% discount on public transport.
The price of taxis varies greatly among big cities.
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    ABOUT missouri local customs, tourist attractions
    Saint Louis is the transportation hub of Missouri, the largest city in the state.
    Located in the eastern part of the state and the Illinois border, the Missouri River and the confluence of the Mississippi River to south, the population of 397 thousand (1990), which accounts for about half of black;
    large urban areas including around 8 counties, covering an area of 12781.6 square kilometers.
    The city is located in the riverside terrace, lying West high, with an average altitude of 138 meters;
    humid continental climate, hot summer and cold winter, four seasons;
    1 month average temperature 0 degrees celsius, 7 26.6 c, annual rainfall 980 mm.
    For the Indian fur trade.
    1764 French fur traders established in the castle, named after King Louis Jiu S's name, 1808 city.
    Early for the area in the vicinity of agricultural and livestock products trading center;
    19 century 50, the port opened up and the building of the railway, city of industry and commerce develops rapidly, and has become an important base for the United States to the west development;
    1900 years, city population has reached 50 million;
    the Second World War, with the development of modern industry and the enlargement of city scale.
    Located in the corn belt near agricultural areas, coal, iron, limestone and non-ferrous metals and other resource rich, economic hinterland, traffic and water conditions, conducive to industrial development.
    The balance of city industrial structure, with many departments of national significance;
    such as the car industry after Detroit, GM, Ford and chrysler 3 automobile company in a large factory;
    electronic instruments and aircraft manufacturing industry developed, is the world famous Emerson Electric company and the largest us MacDonald Douglas aircraft manufacturing company headquarters;
    the country's second.
    largest leather shoe beer production center;
    in addition, chemical, oil refining, metal smelting and processing, wood, paper, printing and other industries have a considerable scale, the United States can produce only 6 metal (iron, lead, zinc, copper, aluminum, magnesium) of the city;
    commercial prosperity, is the Midwest wholesale center, the world the famous pig market.
    Transport facilities.
    The country's largest inland river harbor dock, 28 km long coastline, with modern facilities, the second national railway transportation center, there are 28 railway lines (17 lines) in this intersection, there are 9 highways through the city, located in the northwestern suburbs of international airport.
    The city stretches 31 kilometers along the Mississippi river.
    He said the East Saint Louis, is the birthplace of the city;
    Hexi Saint Louis, as the core part of the city, between the two sides is a frame of highway and railway bridge.
    Saint Louis East northeast suburbs and the southwest suburb of Saint Louis is a huge industrial area, many factories along the Mississippi River zonal distribution.
    The downtown high-rise buildings and French classical architectural style, wide streets, up to 192 meters of stainless steel arch stands on the river, a symbol of the American west development portal, as the main symbol of the city;
    near the arch is the development of Jefferson national famous memorial;
    the West accounted for 530 hectares of Forest Park, in various cultural, entertainment and the sports facilities in one, is one of the main tour;
    multi culture, education and scientific research institutions, including Museums, art galleries, opera and the Saint Louis University, University of Washington and other institutions of higher education and Science Institute.
    cahokia Mounds State Historic Site cahokia mounds, Missouri north of St. Louis, provides the most abundant information for the study of columbia culture in Mississippi area.
    cahokia mounds state historic site is formed before the city, people stopped the migration and built simple shelter, is no historical records of the early social structure of human embryo.
    Human culture information to provide people with a cahokia historical sites in the area in the Mississippi basin before columbo discovered America, in the construction process of the 0 excavation of more than 80 ancient buildings and too many to count.
    In the heyday of this culture, where there were tens of thousands of people's homes, cultural and trade center.
    These native building mounds that once lived here people work hard evidence.
    They built a 100 mound, which 87 has been recorded in the literature.
    It is estimated that these hard.
    working people in order to build these mounds spent 5000 million cubic feet of clay, such as baskets, monks mound covers an area of 14 acres, divided into 4 layers, 100 feet high.
    In this mound, and there's a 50 foot large building.
    The monk pier is in America's largest construction, it was evidenced by the high level of architectural technology.
    cahokia Mounds State Historic Site
    Reason: America's largest earth construction site
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Missouri: [Missouri State]
    Saint Louis city attractions: [St. Louis]

    Kansas City, the largest city in Missouri
    Kansas City, often abbreviated as "KC", is the largest city in Missouri.
    It covers 318 square miles (820 square kilometers) of land. Kansas City was founded in 1838, when it was called "Kansas Town," at the confluence of the Missouri and Kansas rivers.
    It was merged into what it is now in 1850. During the Civil War, Kansas City experienced several battles, including the Taipei Battle. The city is famous for jazz, blue army and specialty dishes (Kansas City barbecue).
    Kansas City (Missour', often abbreviated as KCM') covers four counties of Jackson, Clay, Cass and Platte in Missouri. It is the largest city in Jackson County, the largest city in Missouri and the 27th largest city in the United States.
    In the Midwest, it is the seventh largest city, between Cleveland and Omaha. According to the 2000 census of the United States, the population is 441,545.
    With a population of 588,411 in Kansas City, the metropolitan area has a population of about 2 million. As cities and metropolitan areas continue to grow, the Globalization and World Cities Research Group and Network of Birmingham University in the United Kingdom lists Kansas City as one of the "potential cities of world-class cities".
    Kansas City was founded in 1850 and in 1853. It was once traversed by the famous Santa Fe Trail in history.
    With the arrival of the Missouri Pacific, railways and other railways, the processing industry of agricultural and livestock products has developed and the city has become prosperous. After entering the 20th century, industry began to diversify and urban economy developed greatly. It became the industrial and commercial center in the Midwest of the United States.銆銆
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