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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Australian Government immigration document, in-depth interpretation of Australian immigration trends in 2019-2020!
In 2019, Australia's immigration policy was turbulent.
Four states, New State, Kunzhou, Victoria and South Australia, closed their business immigration visas one after another.
On December 18, 2018, the New South Wales Government announced the temporary closure of business investment immigrants.
Queensland announced the temporary closure of business investment immigration projects on January 2, 2019. On January 4, Victoria announced the temporary closure of commercial investment immigration projects.
On the same day, South Australia temporarily closed the 188B Business Investment Immigration Project!
Again, on January 10, the Government of New South Wales (Sydney), Australia, announced that it would open up some of the state nominations for commercial immigration.
Faced with such unpredictable policy changes, immigration experts warn that if you want to immigrate, you must do it as soon as possible!
The Australian government recently issued a document containing the general direction of immigration from 2019 to 2020.
The contents of the document include:
the proportion of all kinds of immigrants, the composition and distribution of immigrants, and the composition of permanent immigration projects.
It is divided into three branches:
Skill Stream, Technical Branch Improving economic productivity and filling the technical shortage in the labour market also includes remote areas of AustraliA.This branch includes independent skilled migrants, employer sponsorship, state sponsorship, investment migrants and emigrants of outstanding talent.
Family Branch Family Stream Australian citizens and PR are allowed to be reunited with their families, including spouses, parents, children and other family members.
Special Eligibility Stream, Special Eligibility Branch Visas are provided to immigrants with special circumstances who do not conform to any of the above branches.
But this branch accounts for a very small proportion of all immigrants.
In order to more intuitively see the proportion of various types of immigrants in the total number of immigrants, we consulted the official datA.From the data, we found that skilled immigrants accounted for nearly 70% of the total number of immigrants, and family immigrants accounted for about 30% of the total number of immigrants.
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