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Which is the better place to invest in Greek real estate?
Recently, the Swiss mainstream media "New Zurich" pointed out that the Greek real estate market has been extremely hot in recent years, not only because Greek real estate has fallen sharply before, and has a larger investment space, but also because of the "Gold Visa Scheme" (250,000 Euros purchase immigrants) launched by the Greek government.
Foreign investors who buy real estate in Greece can not only enjoy the dividend of the bottom house price and the high rate of return on short-term rent, but also obtain permanent residence right of Greece through the immigration policy of 250,000 euros.
A family of three generations migrates to Europe and enjoys equal treatment for Greek residents.
According to the New Zurich newspaper, although the effect of the Gold Visa Scheme on improving the overall financial returns of the Greek government is not significant, it has played a practical role in promoting the recovery of Greek real estate.
Since 2013, non-EU citizens have invested more than 1 billion euros in Greek real estate.
Last year, property prices in Athens, the capital of Greece, rose by 3.7% over the same period in the millennium.
This is mainly due to the strong momentum of tourism development, so that investors see the considerable return of short-rental housing (such as Airbnb) investment.
It is expected that Greek real estate market will continue to develop at different speeds in different regions in 2019. However, there are signs that modern offices, popular tourist resorts, hotels, logistics centers, retail stores and other categories of property will be more popular in 2019 than in previous years.
According to Babis Haralambopoulos, former director of the Greek Valuation Institute and consultant of SOLUM Real Estate Company, the development of Greek real estate market in 2019 will consist of roughly three different types of real estate.
The fastest-growing first type of real estate is apartment property which foreign investors are most interested in.
The second type of real estate is more stable in price changes.
The third type of stable development will be only to meet Greece's domestic just-needed real estate.
When the Greek housing migration project was born, Greece was in the quagmire of economic crisis.
The main purpose of the Greek housing migration project was to attract foreign investment and stimulate the economic recovery.
After six years of development, Greek house-buying immigrants have become one of the lowest threshold and highest income immigration projects in the field of European investment immigration.
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