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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Which province is better off for immigrants to Canada?
As you all know, Canada is one of the best welfare countries in the worlD.Public health care system, family assistance, retirement pension, unemployment allowance, milk pension and so on cover almost all aspects of life.
The excellent welfare system is also an important aspect of attracting immigrants in Canada.
Quebec is a special place in the pure land of CanadA.It can also be said that Canadian immigrants are most concerned about the province.
One important reason is that Quebec has a better welfare system than the federal and other provinces.
1 milk gold Milk gold is divided into Federal Milk Gold and Quebec Milk GolD.Only Quebec residents in Canada can enjoy an extra amount of milk gold.
Since July this year, the Federal Milk Gold has risen in all respects.
Children aged 0-6 can receive up to 6,696 Canadian dollars a year.
In 2019, children aged 6-17 can receive 5,481 Canadian dollars in allowance.
If a family has two children under the age of six, they can get an extra 200 Canadian dollars after July 2018 and 500 Canadian dollars in 2019. In recent years, Quebec milk gold has a growing trenD.On the basis of federal milk gold, Quebec can also receive 2,430 Canadian dollars, which means that children aged 0-6 in Quebec can receive a total of 8,926 Canadian dollars.
It should be noted that whether in the Federation or Quebec, the amount of milk money is related to household income, and the higher the income, the less milk money the household can receive.
2 Special Pregnancy Allowance The pregnancies allowance applies to social welfare recipients.
Because pregnant women already receiving social benefits do not have unemployment benefit waiting treatment, Quebec Province has granted them Prestation Speciale de grossessesse.
The grant is $40/month, from the beginning of pregnancy until the birth of the chilD.To apply for the grant, a pregnancy certificate issued by the hospital is required, and the person in charge of the welfare fund is contacted by the Quebec Employment Center in his location.
3 Childcare Allowance The Canadian federal government's compulsory education covers the age of 5-18, and the cost of childcare before and after this is borne by the family itself.
The cost of childcare varies from province to province in CanadA.The average cost of childcare in Toronto is as high as $1649 per month, while that in Quebec, one of the lowest in Canada, is only about $170 per month.
In principle, the cost of nurseries is not subsidized, but if both parents have jobs or studies and are low-income families, they can get some subsidies.
4 parent money Quebec Parent's Benefit is an alternative to the federal unemployment insurance (EI) for pregnant women, and it is more generous than unemployment insurance.
According to the federal EI program for pregnant women, first-time pregnant women need to work 600 hours in the past year, whereas the Quebec Parent's Fund scheme only requires applicants to earn 2,000 yuan in the past year.
Self-employed women are not eligible for federal pregnant women's EI, while the Quebec Parent's Fund Scheme allows self-employed women to enjoy the scheme after paying the corresponding insurance premium.
At the same time, the Quebec Parent Grant Scheme gives applicants longer holidays than the federal pregnant women's EI scheme. compared with the 65-week holidays of the federal pregnant women's EI scheme, Quebec parents can enjoy up to two years'holidays.
5 old age pension Quebec's retirement plan for the elderly is divided into two parts:
one is CPP (Federal Retirement Savings Scheme) or QPP (Quebec Retirement Savings Scheme), which is deducted from the wages of citizens during the working perioD.This part will be returned monthly after the retirement of citizens at the age of 65; the second part is the Federal Old Age Security.
The sum of the two is the total retirement pension for the elderly.
You can enjoy working in Canada for more than ten years.
6 Social Welfare Social welfare benefits apply to citizens who have no jobs and are unable to receive any other benefits from government departments.
The conditions for applying for social welfare benefits vary from province to province, while the conditions for applying for social welfare benefits in Quebec province are the easiest to achieve.
In Quebec province, the proportion of the population claiming social welfare benefits is 6%, and the average time of applying for social welfare benefits in Quebec province is 39 months, which is much longer than 13 months in other provinces.
Families who successfully apply for social welfare benefits are free of charge for all medical care, including dental expenses.
Moreover, the application record will be automatically eliminated after two years, and no bad records will be left.
7 Unemployment Insurance Unemployment insurance (EI) requires applicants to work more than 900 hours a year before applying for unemployment insurance.
In the case of a second application, federal regulations require 600 to 700 hours of work before dismissal, compared with 520 hours in QuebeC.After successful application, the applicant can receive 55% of his average after-tax salary for the last 26 weeks.
If the applicant has a child, he can receive up to 75% of his average after-tax salary for the last 26 weeks.
8 Special Subsidies If you have a baby under the age of 6 in your family, you have another privilege.
It is recommended that you sign up for a large "certificate class".
You only need to study in business time (only two mornings a week), but you can get a full-time subsidy.
The amount of the subsidy is about 1000 yuan per month, depending on the number of families or the age of the child.
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