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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Since its promulgation in 2012, the Portuguese Gold Residence Scheme has been favored by global migrants.
As of September 30, 2018, the cumulative number of approved applicants under the project has reached 6,562. This year, the number of approved applicants accounted for 1,009, and has attracted more than 4 billion euros of investment.
This shows the popularity of Portuguese immigration projects.
The new law promulgates the renewal of permanent residence and exemption from immigration prison In order to attract more investors, the Portuguese government recently issued a new permanent residence policy, which makes the conditions of immigration prison more relaxeD.The Act came into force on 1 October.
The amended Act waives residence requirements for gold visa holders who have obtained permanent residence status.
According to the Portuguese Immigration Act, after five years of legal residence (i.
1+2+2), investors can apply for permanent residence, and the requirement of maintaining permanent residence has always been a major concern for many investors.
Recently, the Portuguese SEF has upgraded the Permanent Residence Act, directly exempting the residence requirements.
That is to say, after successful acquisition of permanent residence status in Portugal, immigrants no longer have any immigration supervision requirements, even if they do not live in Portugal, it will not become a factor affecting the renewal of permanent residence visas.
For immigrants who have been doing business, working and living in China for a long time, it is undoubtedly a great good news!
However, it is worth noting that the new Portuguese immigration policy only exempts the immigration prison after permanent residence.
In the first five years of holding a golden residence card, citizens still have immigration prison, that is, 7 days in the first year, 14 days in the second and third years, and 14 days in the fourth and fifth years.
Portugal has proven itself to be the world-class leader Attitudes towards Immigrants:
Countries that love immigrants most and are friendly and tolerant to Chinese According to research published by MIPEX, Portugal is still one of the best countries in the world to accept and integrate immigrants, ranking second in the worlD.Portuguese enthusiasm and tolerance are well-known throughout Europe and the world. compared with other European countries, Portugal does not exclude Chinese, does not discriminate against Chinese people, and maintains a friendly and tolerant attitude towards all people from foreign countries.
Six Universities Best in the World Six institutions of higher learning in Portugal have been selected as the best in the world by the EU U-Multirank.
This global university ranking assesses more than 1200 universities in 85 countries from five aspects:
teaching quality, research reputation, knowledge transformation, internationalization orientation and regional participation.
Six institutions of higher learning in Portugal stand out from the thousands.
Old-age support:
The BBC has chosen the most suitable country for old-age support In recent years, European countries have also staged a wave of emigration abroad, major countries have launched a housing immigration policy, the European era is also beginning.
Against this background, Portugal is very special.
According to the Sun, the BBC has named Portugal one of the seven most suitable countries for retirees in the world.
The six countries except Portugal are Panama, France, Malaysia, Malta, Thailand and Belize.
The BBC believes that these seven countries have a pleasant climate, a low level of living consumption, moderate taxes and fees, and can provide residents, especially retirees, with a peaceful and peaceful lifestyle.
In addition, Portugal has excellent pension benefits and a sound medical system.
Portugal's pension system is huge and perfect, and people over 65 can receive pensions and pensions.
In order to protect the lives of the elderly, supplementary pensions for those over 80 years of age, long-term bedridden due to illness or serious mental illness can be applied for long-term care allowance, and widowhood allowance for those living alone.
World Peace Index No.
3 Telegraph.com published the 2007 Global Peace Index Rank, which is based on the three main dimensions of social security, international conflict and militarization, and makes statistics on 163 countries and regions around the world.
According to the Institute's World Peace Index, Portugal ranks third among the world's most peaceful countries.
Ultra-low rates of domestic violence and weapons possession have made this enthusiastic country decisively on the list.
It is reported that Portugal rose from fifth place in 2016 to third place.
The reason why the security ranking is so high is that the Portuguese government has made great efforts in dealing with both neighbouring countries and domestic security issues.
Human Freedom Index ranks 22nd in the world The index of human rights freedom is one of the most important indicators reflecting the degree of freedom of a country or region.
The Fraser Institute of Canada published the Human Freedom Index Report 2017, which surveyed 159 countries and regions around the world and investigated up to 79 indicators of human rights and economic freedom, such as law enforcement, religion, security, personal activities, the size of government and personal relations.
In the ranking of the Human Freedom Index in 2017, Portugal ranks first and 22nd, ranking as one of the freest countries in the world.
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    ABOUT tennessee local customs, tourist attractions
    Tennessee introduce.
    銆銆銆 Area: 109411 square kilometers
    In the 50 states, listed in article 34. Population: 4299000
    In the 50 states, listed in article 17.
    Nashville state: Nemphis
    The main city: Memphis Memphis Knoxville Knoxville
    State bird: Mockingbird
    銆銆 Tennessee, the name from the Indian language, named for the cherokee tribe of the largest village in Tennessee Tanasi.
    銆銆 Is the capital of Nashville, Nashville, located in the north central part of the population of 54, 000.
    Large commercial city is Memphis Memphis, population 77 000, located in the state of west exit on the left bank of the Mississippi River, is the largest port.
    銆銆 The college has more than 50.
    The most famous is the University of Tennessee, founded in 1794, is located in the Knoxville Knoxville, about twenty-two thousand students.
    銆銆 The state has two features: first, it is the United States to implement multi-objective water conservancy plan one of the most successful state.
    In 1933, due to the large state flood and drought disaster, agricultural industry sluggish, and backward, but the creation of the Tennessee Basin Authority TennesseeValeyAuthority, referred to as TVa.
    The construction of sluice and reservoirs, the great lakes have become narrow lake, with flood control, irrigation, power generation, industrial water supply, six near benefit.
    Second, it is the first state to make an atomic bomb.
    The Second World War period, made the first atomic bomb in the Oak Ridge OakRidge.
    Here is the American Museum of atomic energy AmericanMuseumofAtomicEnergy.
    銆銆 This state is decreasing from the east to the WeSt.
    can be divided into three areas: (A) the East is the Great Smoky Mountains Mountain West slope.
    Although the mountain, but because of abundant hydropower, industrial revitalization, shangduo population.
    This is the west, Dongpo Lanshan kelp, the population is also more.
    The range of more than two belong to the Appalachian Mountain region.
    (B) is the central Nashville basin, calcareous soil, fertile, agriculture is developed, and the grass of North central Kentucky basin, equally famous (c) between the west, between the downstream of Tennessee River and the Mississippi River alluvial Hirahara Hirohiro, as the large agricultural area.
    This state is hilly and mountainous, forest area accounts for about 1/2 of the state area, the state has a variety of industries, including the chemical industry famous
    The capital of Tennessee: Nashville
    Nashville, located on the Cumberland River in Davidson County, Tennessee, is the capital of the state and the second largest city after Memphis.
    According to the U.S. Census Bureau in 2000, Nashville has a total population of 569,891, of which 66.99% are white, 25.92% are African Americans and 2.33% are Asian Americans.
    Nashville is an important center of health care, music, publishing and transportation.
    It is known as the music capital and the holy place of country music.
    Major industries in Tennessee
    Tennessee is the largest western country music export base in the world.
    In addition, the state is also a major producer of zinc, aluminium, electricity, textiles, livestock and cotton.
    A third of all cotton in the United States is traded at the Memphis Cotton Exchange.
    General Situation of Three Major Industries in Tennessee
    Tennessee's industries include steel, chemistry, man-made fibers, transportation, food processing, paper making, machinery and so on.
    Minerals produce zinc and aluminium in addition to coal.
    Crops are mainly soybean and cotton, and maize, forage and tobacco are also major crops.
    Animal husbandry is developed, mainly feeding dairy cattle and beef cattle.
    The output value of beef and dairy products is equivalent to that of planting.
    The abundant electricity has attracted many companies to come to the factory, the most famous of which are Oak Ridge Atomic Energy Plant and Aluminum Corporation of the United States.
    The first atomic bomb in the United States was made at Oak Ridge.
    The development of the tertiary industry is also noticeable.
    Banking, insurance and tourism are thriving.
    There are air transport links between major cities, and there are more than 70 airports in the whole state.
    Water transport on the Cumberland and Tennessee rivers is also important.
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