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What are the characteristics and advantages of education in European countries?
Britain As we all know, Britain is the origin of elite education of aristocracy.
The concept of "elite education" advocated by British private schools embodies the essence of British education.
Deep cultural accumulation, high-quality academic level, first-class environment and facilities are the "high standard configuration" of the top schools in Britain, and the whole-person education focusing on "academic", "physical ability", "character" and "leadership spirit" has a far-reaching impact on children.
IB International Diploma courses offered by British secondary schools are also a major reason for students'aspiration.
IB courses are designed to serve international schools and facilitate the enrollment of children from families moving internationally.
Students with IB diplomas are often welcomed by international prestigious schools.
Another unique feature of British education has to be said is its "short-term" characteristics of higher education.
The British education system has a long history of hundreds of years, the higher education system is relatively perfect, and has a world-renowned level of education.
The undergraduate course in British universities is generally three-year, and recently two-year undergraduate degree was introduceD.The Master's degree program in British universities is generally one-year, with short academic system and high gold content.
Its diploma is widely recognized in the world.
Ireland Ireland is one of the six traditional English-speaking countries.
It is very convenient to communicate freely in English when you live, study or work in IrelanD.Both public and private schools in Ireland use English to teach.
When children go to school in Ireland, they can quickly master pure English and win at the starting line.
High cost performance ratio is a major feature of Irish education.
The cost of study in Irish universities is also much lower than that in the United States and the United Kingdom, which is only 60% of the cost of studying in the United Kingdom and 70% of the cost of studying in the United States.
If children have Irish status, they can enjoy 12 years of free public education from primary school to secondary school, or they can attend private schools as local people, which is more advantageous than non-EU students, and the tuition fees are nearly half cheaper.
Malta Malta, once a British colony, is now a Commonwealth country.
Its education system is deeply influenced by the United Kingdom.
Its teaching content, teaching methods and entrance mechanism continue the educational tradition of the United Kingdom.
Malta's official language is English.
The English-speaking environment is one of Malta's major advantages.
It is also the reason why many scholars from other countries have come to Malta.
Local public schools, funded by the government, offer 16 years of free education.
If you want to continue to study in universities, you can get a bachelor's degree in three years and a master's degree in one year.
Malta has a small territory, but there are about 340 schools in the country, with a teacher-student ratio of 1:
7. Many teachers graduated from world-class universities such as Oxford and Harvard.
Germany Higher education in Germany upholds the principle of "wide access and strict access", and the training of talents emphasizes "quality" rather than "quantity".
In Germany, as long as the students graduated from arts and science secondary schools have a certain level of basic knowledge, they can apply for relevant majors and obtain university admission qualification.
However, it is necessary to complete all the requirements of the training program through strict examinations in order to graduate smoothly.
There are various forms of classroom teaching in German universities, among which group discussion teaching method is widely used in the teaching process.
Students spontaneously form a number of study groups to tell other students what they have learned in the discussion class.
This form greatly promotes the students'mastery of the course content, and at the same time exercises the students' self-confidence and expressive ability.
The students'mastery of knowledge points is more solid and profound.
Greece Greece is one of the earliest countries to establish an educational system.
Its education belongs to the European educational system and has a profound history.
Greek education pays special attention to basic education.
Unlike the typical exam-oriented education in China, Greek basic education pays more attention to children's independent thinking, leadership, logical thinking, especially moral education.
Under the Greek educational system, all children aged 6-15 should be enrolled in school.
The cost of education in Greece is low all over Europe.
The cost of preschool education in private schools is 7,000-12,000 euros per school year, that in primary and junior middle schools is 4,000-6,000 euros per school year, and that in high schools is 6,000-9,000 euros per school year, which is only half of that in the United States, Britain and other countries.
The cost-effectiveness ratio can be said to be very high.
Spain The Spanish government attaches great importance to education, providing 14 years of free and compulsory education for its citizens, covering all stages from kindergarten to high school.
Unlike the national "one test for life" college entrance examination system, it is much easier to enter a famous school in Spain:
there are two opportunities for college entrance examination in a year, this time the exam is unsatisfactory to come back next time; the humanized scoring system, not only depends on the college entrance examination this time, the score is 40% general examination results + 60% high school general results + directional exam additional points, students can choose what they are good at, not to worry about it.
A mistake leads to a lifelong regret.
The easy way to go to school does not mean "water".
Spain's university education is more autonomous, adhering to the principle of "wide access and strict access", can guarantee that every student can achieve success in college.
Spain has more than 100 universities and more than 300 world-renowned professional colleges and research centers, which can provide various majors and levels of teaching.
Cyprus Cyprus's education system belongs to the Commonwealth education system, and the diploma obtained is recognized by the Commonwealth member states.
The 12-year compulsory education system, which includes six years of primary education and six years of secondary education, is still in use.
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