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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Why do billionaires dream of Cyprus?
Cyprus has the lowest tax rate in Europe, which provides a huge space for the development of enterprises.
Many companies around the world are headquartered in Cyprus.
They have no interest tax, no capital verification, no lower limit of registered capital, and at least one director.
Secondly, Cyprus is located at the intersection of Asia, Europe and AfricA.Many investors see this advantageous geographical location, and it is very convenient for business and investment.
Cyprus has high-quality human resources, a clear legal system, good infrastructure, government incentives, free trade and a high quality of life.
Cyprus also has a low progressive income tax rate on personal income tax, and the first 19,500 euros of income are exempted from taxation.
At the same time, there is no wealth tax, inheritance tax and gift tax, so Cyprus is regarded as a rare safe haven for assets.
The so-called business environment, in addition to rich commercial resources, simple and beneficial tax system is also very important.
Therefore, Andani naturalized in Cyprus, the local business platform is the second, the most important demand is still tax planning.
In addition to the above tax advantages, there are other advantages for immigrants to Cyprus to hold EU passports as follows:
Bridge linking Asia, Europe and Africa markets The "one belt and one way" initiative will bring great opportunities to Cyprus.
Cyprus will become a bridge between China and the European Union, Russia, the Middle East and North Africa in the future.
Curve immigration to Britain According to a previous transitional agreement between Britain and the European Union, during the transition period from Britain to Europe, any EU citizen can legally emigrate to Britain by 2020, and EU citizen who has lived in Britain for five years can apply for permanent residence.
Therefore, investors interested in emigrating to the UK can obtain Cyprus/EU passports as early as possible as possible as a springboard for emigrating to the UK.
European Union passport with very high gold content Cyprus, as a member of the European Union, has a Cyprus passport equivalent to a European Union passport.
Cyprus passport ranks 17th in the world in gold content.
Holding it can not only exempt 163 countries and regions, but also free to live, study and work in EU Member States and enjoy the benefits of education, health care, work, unemployment and pension in EU.
Migration + Investment Double Benefits Buying a house in Cyprus and being able to emigrate can kill two birds with one stone for investors.
Cyprus housing prices have now become U-shaped upward trend, now is the best time to invest in real estate.
Cyprus's real estate is mostly mountainous and seaside, with low price and large growth, and low vacancy rate.
Housing investment can not only achieve capital appreciation, but also obtain rental returns.
Educational welfare Cyprus is a bilingual teaching of English and Greek.
Many universities in China have jointly run schools with first-class universities in Europe, America and other countries.
After graduation, students can directly get the degree recognized by Europe, America and other countries.
Immigrant children can enjoy free and high-quality public education in Cyprus, whether they have permanent residence or citizenship in Cyprus; even if they attend private international schools, their tuition fees are lower than those at home.
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    ABOUT washington local customs, tourist attractions
    Pike market was built in 1907, located in the downtown Seattle Park Street, near Eliot Bay, is the most old farmers market.
    It is famous for selling local produce, known as the "heart of Seattle".
    Market is the most important tourist attractions in Seattle, attracting 100 million visitors every year.
    To 2007 statistics, for example, market with a total of more than 200 booths, 190 craftsmen and 240 buskers, the world's largest coffee chain Starbucks's first store in the market across the street.
    Every corner of Parker market is to sell things, can be seen everywhere in the whole barrel of flowers, fresh fruits and vegetables, every kind of riotous with colour pastries, different kinds of handmade cheese, local honey, Wine etc.
    In addition, can also be found in different flavors of the restaurant, imported goods, antiques, collectibles, also found a large number of goods in the market.
    china packard!
    Pike Place Market
    Reason: America's old farmers market
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, state: Washington [Washington State]
    Seattle city attractions: [Seattle]

    Burke Museum of natural history and culture is located on the campus of University of Washington, was founded in 1899, Washington State Museum is the oldest Museum in the state of Washington, is also the only Pacific Northwest Museum of natural history.
    The Burke Museum of natural history and culture collections have been divided into more than 12 million pieces, anthropology, biology, geology, including totem poles, gems, dinosaur fossils, clothing etc.
    At present, there are three fixed Museum, "Washington Times and biology", "Pacific voices" and "Burke's wealth", the times and biological state of Washington is mainly about the history and origin of the state of Washington, exhibited a lot of fossils;
    Pacific voice through arts and crafts, audio and video documentaries about the us 19 different races and the Pacific Rim tradition and culture.
    In addition to regular exhibitions, all temporary exhibitions every year.
    Burke Museum of natural history and culture in the collection of the Mississippi's largest fish, the world's largest open, bird wings and the world two big for the use of frozen bird tissue.
    Burke Museum of Natural History and culture
    Reason: the oldest Museum in the state of Washington
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, state: Washington [Washington State]
    Seattle city attractions: [Seattle]

    (Volunteer Park) is located in the Washington Seattle public park, an area of 48.3 acres (195000 square meters), located in Seattle city, capitol Hill District Houses of Parliament Hill.
    In 1867 the municipal government for $two thousand to J.
    colman purchased in 1885 was designated as a public cemetery, in 1887 changed its name to the Lake Park (Lake View Park), then the public cemetery is changed to the development in another designated lake.
    The preserved Lakeside Park in 1887, the public was gradually known as city Hall Park (city Park).
    1901, in order to commemorate the volunteer service in the Spanish American war, was officially renamed the volunteer park.
    At present, the park includes a 1912 cover greenhouse, has a viewing platform of a tower, a pool, and the Seattle Asian Art Museum, and a Japanese American sculptor Noguchi Yong (Isamu Noguchi.
    ) sculpture "Black Sun" (Black Sun).
    The "Black Sun" is a large circular disc appearance is black, the middle is empty, this is a very unique style of sculpture, stands in the high park is very eye.
    In the park the proliferation of flowers, lush trees, beautiful environment, has gradually evolved into a small paradise for people to relax.
    Volunteer Park
    Reason: one of the most innovative Park in Seattle
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, state: Washington [Washington State]
    Seattle city attractions: [Seattle]

    Woodland Park Zoo in Washington state, Seattle, was founded in 1899, covers an area of 92 acres, there are more than 300 kinds, 1098 animal and birds, of which 35 species are threatened or endangered species.
    It is the most popular zoo, about 100 million visitors every year.
    According to the Woodland Park Zoo animal habits and living environment for the tropical rain forest, tropical Asia, Africa and the prairie region of Australasia region, temperate forests, rare animal including yellow anaconda, black widow, water bug, Tenebrionidae, buzzard, snake, python, copper, Newt the bear, leopard cat, fox etc.
    In addition to these cute animal, the garden and the 7000 tree, 50000 tree shrubs and herbaceous plants and 100 plants, provides sufficient conditions for animal to recuperate and multiply.
    The opening time of the zoo every year 10 month from 1 to 4 next year, 30 March 4:00 morning 9:30 to afternoon, 5 Feb 1 to 9 Feb 30 the opening time is 6:00 morning 9:30 to afternoon, except at the opening.
    Woodland Park Zoo
    Reason: Seattle's most popular Zoo
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, state: Washington [Washington State]
    Seattle city attractions: [Seattle]

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