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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Pregnancy and Child Welfare in Australia.
According to the survey report, the average cost of raising two children per family in Australia is 297,600 Australian dollars (about 1488,000 RMB) from birth to the age of 18. That is to say, the average cost of raising two children per family is about 750,000 RMB.As can be seen from the chart below, Australia is the lowest child-care cost country among the four major countries:
the United States (about A$310,000), the United Kingdom (about A$420,000), Australia (about A$300,000) and Canada (about A$340,000).
According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australia's national per capita income is 1586.2 Australian dollars per week, that is, 80,000 Australian dollars per year, and a family's total income is about 160,000 Australian dollars per year (about 800,000 RMB).
That is to say, a family's one-year income can cover all the expenses of a child before the age of 18!
So, for Australians, parenting doesn't make them feel much financial pressure, and parenting costs only account for a small proportion of household expenditure.
So what are the enviable maternal and infant benefits in Australia?
Neonatal allowance A subsidy to provide short-term financial assistance to newborns to alleviate parental stress in newborns.
From 13 weeks after pregnancy, the maximum allowance is 13 weeks.
The maximum allowance for the first child is $1618.89, followed by $540.
54. The subsidy is one of two options with paid maternity leave.
Paid maternity leave If a newborn leaves the job for care reasons, he or she can receive this subsidy, which is $672.60 (before tax) per week, with a maximum allowance of 18 weeks.
Neonatal subsidy is the second choice.
Childbirth allowance This is a one-time $5,000 subsidy for everyone.
Immunization subsidy Every newborn in Australia will have a blueprint, which records the growth process of children aged 0-9, including weight, height, vaccination and other information.
If all vaccines can be injected at the age of 0-5 on schedule, a subsidy of A$258 will be received.
Father or partner benefits Fathers who apply for unpaid leave to take care of their children receive a weekly subsidy of $672.60 (pre-tax) for up to two weeks.
Low-income parenting allowance This kind of allowance is provided for parents who need to raise their children and are poorer.
Only one parent can receive the Australian allowance.
A.Single parent families have a maximum of $762.40 every two weeks B.Parent families have a maximum of $492.80 every two weeks C.Families with separated parents (due to illness, temporary care, etc.
) have a maximum of $590.
40 every two weeks.
child care subsidy Since July 2, 2018, the Australian Government has changed the original childcare benefits and cost allowances into childcare allowances.
Parents are required to work, study and find work, or volunteer for at least eight hours in two weeks to receive the new allowance.
Specific subsidies are as follows:
Families whose annual income is less than 65,710 Australian dollars:
subsidies rate is 85%; Households with annual income of A$170710 - 250000:
50% subsidy rate; Families with an annual income of more than A$350,000 will not receive any subsidies.
Rent subsidy For rental families, as long as they have children, they can enjoy the rental subsidy, the maximum amount of which is A$70 per week, once every two weeks.
The specific amount will be accounted for according to the applicant's family income and rent.
Primary and secondary school welfare Australia provides 12 years of free public education in primary and secondary schools, which means that if children choose to go to public schools, they only need to pay for books and uniforms, not tuition fees.
At the same time, the education level of public schools in Australia is very high.
Interest-free loans for higher education After entering university, the tuition fee of Australian local students is not only lower than that of international students, but also can apply for government loan of university tuition fee.
After graduating from work in the future, the salary will reach a certain level, and then the loan will be gradually repaid without any interest.
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