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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Analysis of Australia's 188A and 188B Immigration Policy in 2019 and the Trend of Political Change Since Morrison became Prime Minister of Australia this year, the topic of policy changes on Australian immigration has not stoppeD.How to choose the right project under the Australian immigration policy?
Among many Australian immigration projects, business migration is relatively simple and direct.
With the advantages of 188A entrepreneurship migration and 188B investment migration, they have attracted many immigrants for many years.
The 188A Australian entrepreneurship immigrants are aimed at small and medium-sized enterprise owners and shareholders.
They obtain Australian oasis cards by investing in business in AustraliA.This project attracts applicants, on the one hand, the investment is relatively low, starting with A$200,000, you can create your own business, you can buy local existing business, flexibility is high; on the other hand, when the start-up period expires, you can meet certain business and residential requirements and live forever, for those who want to do business, it is a two-for-one thing thing, not only start a business but also get it.
Green card.
Australian 188B investment immigrants, for investors, suitable for speculation in housing, stocks, funds and also obtained good returns, the direction of investment is also robust, is Australian state debt, maintaining an investment of 1.5 million Australian dollars for four years, a period of time to meet a certain number of living days, four years later you can apply for an Australian Oasis Card.
These two Australian immigration projects have attracted many applicants in recent years due to their low investment and easy access to green cards.
It is also because of the high enthusiasm of the projects that the risk of political change will be higher.
The 188A venture migration project may adjust the business situation, business sector and the number of local employees.
The 188B venture migration project may increase the investment or a certain proportion of venture capital.
Simply put, the immigration policies of all countries are "rising prices" either explicitly or implicitly.
As a traditional immigrant country, Australia is also predictable to adapt to the trend.
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