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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
European home-buying immigrant countries education analysis, see which country is suitable for you!
____________ Chinese families have attached great importance to the education of their children since ancient times.
Even families with poor economic conditions will devote themselves to supporting their children to study and learn knowledge.
Families with good economic conditions have more choices and can send their children abroad for advanced education.
In terms of education, Europe is no less than other developed countries.
There are many kinds of European languages, Spanish, French, Greek, Portuguese and so on.
However, the frequency of English application is relatively high.
Living in a multilingual environment from an early age has a considerable role in promoting children's interpersonal communication and cultural understanding.
Like other traditional immigrant powers, local public education in Europe is free, without worrying about children's tuition fees.
If parents want their children to receive better teacher support and language training, they can choose private schools for their children.
Private schools in European countries and some first-tier cities in China are still cheap.
There are many immigrant countries in Europe.
How to choose?
Excellent grades can be enrolled in British and American alma mater Greek schools adopt the European and American education system, English teaching, teacher allocation, curriculum and diploma award are consistent with British and American Alma mater.
In the last year, students can go to their alma mater schools in the United States and Britain if their academic performance is excellent and their funding meets the requirements.
Greek universities have more relaxed entrance requirements and do not need language performance.
If they fail to meet the language requirements, they can provide English preparatory classes.
Some schools also recognize that Chinese adults, self-taught examinations, radio and television universities, correspondence education, can also transfer credits, shorten learning time.
Greece's education is mainly in two directions.
On the one hand, vocational education, which is determined by social needs at any time, lays the foundation for children's future employment and career development; on the other hand, research in pure theoretical fields such as science and technology, philosophy, mathematics and so on.
For students who like to do research, there are sufficient and good resources to support their development.
With the increasing cost of studying abroad, the direct benefit of immigration is that children can enjoy all kinds of benefits in education after they have acquired immigration status.
14 years of free and compulsory education, "wide access and strict access" The Spanish government attaches great importance to education, which accounts for 5% of GDP.
Spain's developed three-dimensional system is the guarantee of its teaching quality.
Spain offers 14 years of free compulsory education to its residents, from kindergartens to high schools.
There are many international schools in Spain, offering courses in English, French, German and Italian as well as bilingual teaching.
Children of immigrant investors in Spain will enjoy free compulsory education in public schools from kindergartens to high schools.
Spain has a long University tradition.
Its university education system began in the Middle Ages.
The oldest university, Salamanca University, was founded in 1218. In the 19th century, Spain's university education system was influenced by the French education system model, and completed the rapid development of autonomy and integration system.
In Spain, universities play an important role in imparting knowledge, scientific research, training and training professionals and scientists.
Spain has more than 100 universities and more than 300 world-renowned professional universities and research centers, which can provide various majors and levels of teaching.
Spain's university education is more autonomous, adhering to the educational tradition of "wide access and strict access", which can ensure that every student can achieve success in college.
Passport to World-class Schools Cyprus's education system belongs to the Commonwealth education system.
The diploma obtained is recognized by the Commonwealth Member States and the English language penetration rate is high.
In addition, the Cyprus education system covers almost all stages of learning, from pre-school education to higher education, including private and public schools.
Most primary and secondary schools in Cyprus are public schools with high standards, and primary education is completely free.
There are three national universities in Cyprus, the University of Cyprus, the Technical University of Cyprus and the Open University of Cyprus.
Famous private universities include Frederick University, European University (Cyprus), Nicosia University, Naples University (Paphos), Central Lancashire University (Cyprus), etc.
The 12-year free British education in Cyprus is an important factor for many parents.
In order to let the children have a good growth environment, many parents choose Cypriot house-buying immigrants after weighing.
Buying a house in Cyprus will give children permanent residence status, free local public education and low tuition fees in private schools, and advanced educational resources and conditions in Europe.
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