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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
What you need to know about immigrating to Canada in 2019 Canada, a big country of immigrant welfare, has permanent residence, no age requirement for language education, no residence restriction, no business intention, approval before investment.
Among all the current immigration routes in Canada, investment immigrants in Quebec Province have been highly popular in the immigration community with their steady operation and many immigration advantages for more than 30 years.
Especially after the change of immigration policy of investment immigration and other provincial nomination projects in Manchuria, the advantages of investment immigration projects in Quebec province are more prominent after the abolition of one-step permanent residence.
Immigration quotas are becoming more and more difficult to grab!
However, the time is approaching 2019. In addition to the immigration quota, Quebec applicants who want to immigrate to Canada need to consider more!
What you need to know about immigrating to Canada in 2019 Latest policy In August 2018, the official website of Canada's Quebec Immigration Bureau published the latest rules of Quebec's investment and immigration policy:
Assets require two million Canadian dollars; The filing time is 2018.9.10-2019.3.15; There are 1 900 places in the world and 1 235 places in China (including Hong Kong and Macao).
Applicants with French scores are not subject to quota restrictions.
Application conditions The applicant has net assets of more than 2 million Canadian dollars and can reasonably explain the process of asset accumulation.
Over 2 years of business management experience in the last 5 years.
The applicant's family meets the requirements of physical examination and has no criminal record.
investment quota A total of 1.2 million Canadian dollars (refundable); financing 350,000 Canadian dollars (non-refundable) In addition, after a year of drastic changes in Canadian immigration policy, applicants who emigrate to Canada in 2019 will face the following developments:
1. Countdown of Quebec immigrants!
One step in place, Nayongju Passage is close to closure!
The reopening of investment and immigration projects in Quebec Province in 2018 is a twist and turn.
Not only has the amount of investment increased, China's application quota decreased, and the filing time shortened, but the receipt, originally scheduled to reopen on September 10, has also experienced a long delay.
As a result, the time for applicants to immigrate is shorter.
Canadian immigration system has stringent requirements for applicants to submit materials, and some applicants'assets are complex.
In order to better sort out the applicants' immigration materials, improve the preparation of pre-data, and obtain a greater probability of exemption or immigration success, immigration to Canada usually takes about two months to prepare documents.
Now 2018 is coming to an end, and in March 2019, investment immigrants in Quebec Province will be closed again.
There is not much time left for applicants to emigrate to Canada.
2. The new governor's high-profile anti-immigration, the number of immigration variables in Quebec Province in 2019!
More than two months have passed since the general election in Quebec Province ended on October 1. Up to now, the handover between the two governments has been basically completed, and the work of the new government is about to start on the right track.
Recently, the new governor of Quebec Province delivered an important speech, explaining the important policies and development direction of Quebec Province in the next four years.
On the issue of immigration, the new governor reiterated his position that the immigration quota would be reduced by 20%.
The Quebec government has begun to move forward.
Quebec has always been unique in the Canadian immigration system.
Although it is possible to choose the number of economic migrants received annually, it is still up to the federal government to decide on the quota for the cluster of refugees and family groups.
This also means that a 20% reduction in the quota may fall on economic migrants.
It is noteworthy that, according to the new governor's previous public speeches, it can be determined that groups with these labels will be targeted by the new government without French skills, lack of knowledge of Quebec society, no willingness to stay in Quebec and no proof of their efforts to find jobs.
Basically, it can be fixed on skilled migrants.
However, under the high-pressure policy, whether the immigration policy in Quebec will rise, and whether the immigration policy will change again next year, the new requirements (such as French requirements) are not yet known.
C$30,150,000 will immigrate to Canada, and there are other projects to choose from.
Although the conditions for applying for investment immigration in Quebec are relaxed, the procedures are simple, one step in place and permanent residence, it is a good choice for those applicants who do not want to take IELTS exams and are unwilling to participate in active investment.
But the C$2 million asset requirements and proof of origin are also a high threshold, blocking many intent applicants.
Moreover, a new round of quota competition in Quebec Province has begun, the passageway is closing, and the digestion speed of quota is also accelerating.
If the immigration conditions in Quebec are not met or the decision has not been made, other immigration channels may be considered:
The net assets of Canadian immigrants in Manchuria are more than 500,000 Canadian dollars.
The applicants need at least three years'experience in business or management, 5 points in IELTS, and a high school degree in the past five years.
The amount of investment is 150,000 Canadian dollars and one employment opportunity is created for the local people.
Canadian Saskatchewan's investment immigrants, also with net assets of more than 500,000 Canadian dollars, can be processed, requiring applicants to have more than three years of business management experience in the past 10 years, EOI scores up to the standard, with an investment of 200,000 Canadian dollars starting to create two local employment opportunities, or to maintain the original business employees.
Canadian immigration projects are numerous, and applicants need to choose professional immigration agencies to evaluate and deal with them in accordance with their own conditions.
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