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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
EB-1 Outstanding Talents Immigration Program in the United States, the first priority category of American professional immigration, 40,000 places per year can be applied for, many places, short cycle, not only to take a green card for three years to move people to the United States, but also in line with the Trump Government's "preferential immigration" tendency, no sudden coup fears!
EB-1A Applicable in All walks of life No industry restrictions, no language requirements, no education requirements, no age requirements, no capital investment, one step in place can get a permanent green card!
As long as you have made great achievements in the fields of science, art, education, commerce and sports, can prove your outstanding contributions in the fields you belong to, show that you are a respectable person in all walks of life, have excellent professional competence, and are in the leading position of the profession in a relatively large range, you can apply immediately.
Of course, how to prove that they meet the requirements, the project has high requirements for the operation of copywriting, authoritative recommendation letters, awards and other aspects are also skilled to follow.
This is the advantage of Yongming International, which has rich experience in immigration management between the United States and Canada.
Yongming International Senior Documentation Team is sitting in town with well-known American lawyers (Chambers list lawyers), familiar with the application delivery process, and familiar with the immigration bureau's trial standards.
It can help clients formulate effective application programs and maximize the success rate of immigration.
EB-1C for Transnational Senior Executive Immigration No industry restrictions, no language requirements, no education requirements, no age requirements, no employer guarantee, one step in place can get a permanent green card!
As long as you:
as a senior executive in a Chinese company for at least one year in the past three years, the company's annual turnover and the number of employees can meet certain requirements, and can make a decision to acquire or set up a company in the United States, and operate normally, you can apply immediately.
It is important to note that the project does not have a definite investment requirement for the applicant, and the funds used by the applicant to purchase or establish a U.
S. company can be determined by himself.
Objectively speaking, the funds used by the applicant to immigrate to the United States are always in the name of the applicant himself and his company.
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    ABOUT utah local customs, tourist attractions
        Area: 219931 square kilometers
    In the 50 states, No. 11. Population: 1268000
    In the 50 states, listed in article 36. State prison: Lake SaltLakecity
    The main city: Ogden, but Ogden
    Provo Provo
    State flower: Lily
    State bird: california gull
       The state of Utah, named after the name of a tribe of indians.
    The meaning of "mountain people" hilldwellers.
       1847 colonial.
    In January 4, 1896 to become the forty-fifth state of the United states.
    The SegoLily is the state flower lily.
    The alias is called "cellular state" BeehiveState.
    The state motto: "industrial" Industty.
       The capital is Salt Lake city SaltLakecity, located in the southeast of Saline Lake, Yiqiwan population.
    The State University University of Utah, founded in 185, a place in Salt Lake city, more than 20000 students.
       The state has two characteristics: first, it is the nation's largest inland basin.
    Saline Lake GreatSaltLake is an inland lake, is located in the northwestern part of the state, in the Great Basin, wo cypriot red mountains Xilu, 2000, an area of about five square kilometers, of which the salinity of 22%, no fish.
    This is the package BonnevilleL remnants of ancient lake neville.
    Second, it is the largest copper mine.
    The largest copper mine in the South West of Salt Lake city SaltLakecity Bingham Bingham, called Bingham copper mine, open pit mining (copper produced most of Arizona).
       This is the main mineral of copper, gold and silver, molybdenum and oil.
    Industrial mining income, especially the rapid development of rocket industry.
    The tourism industry is well developed.
    Because the southern part of the state there are three famous national park.
    Paradise National Park ZionNationalPark.
    Brice canyon National Park BrycecanyonNqtionalPark.
    And canyonlands National Park canyonlandsNationalPark.
       In the valley canyon Paradise Park is famous The narrow canyon is the most famous, but the width of more than 10 meters, there are five hundred meters deep.
    cliff cliffs, narrow deep valley.
    The park area is very dry climate.
    Because the land rises, fracture, forming a giant gap, coupled with strong showers when runoff erosion, it appears that a surprisingly narrow valley.
    Within the Brice canyon Park, is the world's largest pink canyon.
    cliff by pink limestone, shale and sandstone.
    Morning and evening, when the sun is very beautiful.
    The basin is natural bridges, towers, windows, rock soil column and other erosion due to the formation of small terrain.
    canyon Area in the southeast of the park, across the colorado River, on both sides of rock strata rise steeply, is red, like fire.
    The water cut, isolated columns, isolated dikes, tall Shimen and Isle Of Skye TheLslandintheSky.

    Major industries in Utah
    Utah has always been dominated by mining and agriculture. The thriving tourism, aerospace, biopharmaceutical and computer industries are important ancillary industries. Utah, nicknamed Beehive State, is rich in oil, copper and natural gas. Utah is a major producer of molybdenum and potassium alkali in the United States.
    The main agricultural products are cattle, dairy, pigs, hay and nursery products. Utah has five national parks and offers unparalleled skiing grounds.
    It is one of the most popular tourist attractions. Utah's main service industries are private health care, hotels and resorts, engineering companies and software development companies.
    Trade in Utah
    In 2011, Utah's exports totaled 19.03 billion US dollars, up 37.6% year-on-year, ranking 22nd in the US.
    The main export products are gold, other metals, electronic products, electronic machinery, precision instruments, chemicals and related products, food and metal smelting products, of which gold exports amounted to more than US$3 billion, accounting for 38.8% of the total.
    Utah's main export markets are the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, China, Canada, mainland China, India, Switzerland, Taiwan, Singapore, Mexico, Japan and so on.

    canyonlands National Park is a national park in the United States, covers an area of 1366 square kilometers, because with sinister, rocky is famous in the world. Park is located in Utah, near Moab (Moab), it retains a large bright barren landscape, is the colorado River and its tributaries eroded into countless canyons, mesas, buttes and terrain.
    The River National Park is divided into several regions: Isle Of Skye (Island in the Sky), needle peak (Needles), labyrinth (Maze), these areas are common to have a primitive desert atmosphere, and every area of each other.
    The colorado River and the Green River (Green River) through the colorado plateau, will be cut into many valleys.
    The park has many years of river erosion and erosion from the sandstone towers of various difficulties and hardships, such as canyon, become the world's most famous one of the erosion area.
    Due to erosion and spectacular landscape, canyonlands National Park is known as the "natural geological Museum", is a hiker's challenge is the exploration rover, the American modern civilization in one of the few parks.
    canyonlands National Park
    Reason: the world's most famous one of the erosion area
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Utah: [Utah State]
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