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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Prospect of Canadian Immigration Trend in 2019 On October 31, 2018, Canada's Federal Immigration Director, Ahmed Hussen, presented the immigration report for 2018 to Congress, and also made the immigration data for the past year and the three-year plan for the future open to the whole society.
From this we can clearly see several tendencies of the Immigration Bureau:
The most important goal of Canadian immigrants is economy, economy and economy.
All for economic service!
Even if the population factor is mentioned in a small amount, from a short-term and visible perspective, it is also for economic services.
Emphasizing the contribution of economic immigrants and foreign students, these two categories of immigrants will also occupy the most important position in the overall immigration strategy in the short term.
The fact that no provincial nominated immigrants are nominated also shows from one side that the effect of provincial nominated immigrants is not satisfactory.
It is difficult for remote provinces to retain people and to enjoy the benefits of immigration.
This is also a pain point in Canada's current immigration strategy.
39% of immigrants choose to settle outside Quebec, Ontario and Vancouver.
Immigrant settlements best reflect Canada's economic, cultural and pluralistic status quo.
It's interesting to compare Vancouver with the other two provinces.
Five years later, the income and employment rates of economic immigrants are much higher than those of native residents, which will also be a big boon for Canada's immigration policy in the future.
Of the 5,371,162 temporary visas for the whole year, 1,438,633 paper visas were included, while the rest were electronic visas for non-signatory countries.
Chinese applicants account for 38% of paper visas.
The main highlights of the Canadian Immigration Congress Report in 2018 can be summarized as follows:
Economic migrants (skilled migrants, skilled migrants, experienced migrants) will still dominate Canadian immigrants in the visible future, while Chinese applicants will not be able to compete with other countries (India, Philippines, the United States, France).
The main group of economic immigrants will come from overseas students with Canadian experience.
The status of provincial nomination is awkward, and the policy is still in an uncertain period of exploration.
With the technical immigration of Sahara, NS and NB raising the threshold one after another, Quebec, PEI and NB adjust their investment immigration policies, and the recent nominated immigration of provincial nomination is not optimistic.
Although Canada's overall immigration quota has been growing slightly, applicants from all countries have also increased at a faster rate, with fiercer competition and higher barriers.
It can be predicted that English, age, Canadian study abroad, work experience will be the decisive factors for future immigration to Canada.
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