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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Germany's New Welfare Policy:
5.5 billion Euros to Encourage Fertility The enrollment age of kindergartens in Germany is 3 years.
If parents are dual-employed, children need to be sent to nurseries before they are three years olD.Public nurseries take a long time to queue, while private nurseries are very expensive, which is a huge expense for German families with general income.
In China, many young parents let their grandparents help with their children or hire baby-sitters.
Unlike in China, in Germany, grandparents rarely help with long-term childcare.
Because of the high cost of personnel, few people choose to hire nannies.
On the other hand, for women, having children may mean a career break.
Due to the division of tax cards, many women who earn less than their husbands choose to resign to take care of their children at home.
Women who choose to stay in the workplace tend to work part-time.
According to statistics, two-thirds of German professional women choose part-time jobs after childbirth, the proportion is significantly higher than that of men.
The bottleneck of a part-time job in the workplace is obvious.
In addition, German women have significantly fewer managerial positions than men.
According to 2016 statistics, only 13% of the top managers in large companies with more than 500 employees are women.
The gap in management between men and women is likely to be caused by fertility.
The German government has taken many measures to improve the fertility rate.
For example, tax cards are classified according to marital and reproductive status, and children pay less tax.
At the same time, the German government has introduced various subsidies to encourage fertility, such as child subsidies, parental subsidies and maternity subsidies.
Recently, a housing children's allowance has been introduced to subsidize housing costs.
The forthcoming Gute-Kita-Gesetz Act will ease the burden of parenting and may allow more people to choose to have children.
At present, the German EU Blue Card can enjoy the same benefits.
Immediately immigrant welfare countries can start quality life.
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