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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Since 2018 June 11, the U.S. State Department has begun restricting visas for Chinese graduate students studying in sensitive fields, reducing their visa validity from five years to one year.
What are the impacts of these changes on Chinese students who bear the brunt?
In the latest "China Returned Employment and Entrepreneurship Survey Report 2018" released recently, we may have a glimpse of one or two.
Women love to go to Britain, men love America.
According to the recent distribution of countries/regions, Britain, the United States, Australia, Japan and Korea are the main countries for returnees to study abroad, accounting for 19%, 18%, 10%, 10% and 8% respectively.
In addition, Canada and France accounted for nearly 5% and 4% respectively.
In terms of the proportion of men and women in the countries studying abroad, there are great differences between the United Kingdom and the United States, which are the main destination countries for studying abroaD.Among them, female returnees preferred the United Kingdom, accounting for 22%, followed by 15% of the United States; on the contrary, 21% of male returnees chose to study in the United States for the last time, while 15% of male groups chose to study in the United Kingdom.
Economics and Business are the hottest, and there are obvious differences in the proportion of men and women.
Among the major subjects in the last study abroad, economics and business accounted for the highest proportion, reaching 43%.
Secondly, they are art and Humanities (14%), engineering (10%), computer science (5%), management (5%), social science and public health (4%) and Linguistics (3%).
In the data of major subjects, except that the ratio of men to women in economics and business is close, there are obvious differences in the distribution of the ratio of men to women in other major subjects.
The proportion of women in liberal arts majors (such as arts and humanities, linguistics, etc.
) is higher than that of men, while the proportion of men in science and engineering majors is higher.
It can be seen that in the top ranking industries, due to gender differences, returnees also have certain differences in the choice of industries.
For female returnees, the proportion of education (15%) and culture/sports and entertainment (10%) is significantly higher than that of men; for male returnees, the proportion of financial industry (17%) and manufacturing industry (15%) is significantly higher than that of women. compared with 2017, the proportion of employment in the financial sector rose to the first place over that in the information technology service industry, and the proportion of manufacturing industry also increased, from the fifth place in 2017 to the third place in 2018.
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