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Was "going to the United States to give birth to a child" operated on?
Trump intends to abolish Birth Citizenship Recently, US President Trump's plan to terminate "Birth Citizenship" by signing an administrative decree and abolish the citizenship of infants born in the United States by non-US citizens and illegal immigrants has caused a stir in the immigration circle.
Although the principle of citizenship of birthplace in the United States can be traced back to British common law, it was not until the American Civil War that it was established in the form of the 14th Amendment in the Constitution.
Paragraph 1 of the Amendment states that "all persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to their jurisdiction are citizens of the United States and the state in which they live.
" No state shall enact or enforce laws restricting the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States.
" Over the next hundred years, with the improvement of immigration policy and the tightening of immigration policy in the United States, it became difficult for illegal immigrants to obtain residence and citizenship rights.
It has also become common for non-American citizens to use "citizenship of the place of birth" to have children in the United States, to leave the country after having children, and then to apply for legal status in the United States through the children of American citizens over the age of 18.
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