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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
There is such a country in Europe, known as the "backyard of Europe" and "heart of the Mediterranean", he is Malta!
The Only Four in One Country in the World Malta is the only "four-in-one" country in the worlD.It is not only a member of Schengen, the European Union, the euro zone, but also a member of the Commonwealth.
Immigration to Malta not only allows him to travel smoothly to 26 countries of Schengen, but also enjoys the convenience of study, work and life in the member states of the European Union.
No wonder some people say that Malta has become the fulcrum of our people's leverage of Europe.
European Model of Quality Education Although Malta has only 316 square kilometres, there are 340 schools in Malta, with an average of less than one square kilometre.
Educational resources are very abundant, and children's education is free from public schools from the age of 5 to the end of 16. The greatest highlight of Maltese education is its English language environment.
It is worth mentioning that the children of EU citizens enjoy the same treatment as their citizens in any member country of the EU.
Taking Oxford University as an example, the fees for EU and local students in 2018 are also 9250 pounds, while those for overseas students are 16,230 to 23,885 pounds.
Perfect medical system Not only are medical devices advanced and medical staff first-class, but more importantly, the political system of universal medical care and a good medical environment.
Malta ranks fifth in the world, Canada ranks thirtieth, Australia 32, the United States 37, and China 144. The biggest advantage of Maltese health care is that all of this is free, and all treatment, including dentists, is free as long as it is included in the Maltese public health system and pays a tax equivalent to one month's salary every year.
In addition, foreigners with work cards can enjoy free medical care.
Malta's residents are divided into five districts according to their place of residence.
Each district has a 24-hour medical centre.
Residents can see a doctor on the basis of their identification.
General practitioners decide whether to treat themselves or transfer them to a public hospital according to their condition.
The European Medical System Observatory report released on February 28, 2017 shows that Maltese people's health has improved "surprisingly".
Maltese people spend 90% of their lives in good health, which is better than most European Union countries.
The average life expectancy of males is 79.8 years, which is higher than the EU average of 1 year; the average life expectancy of females is 84.3 years, which is also higher than the EU average of 1 year.
Tax Avoidance Paradise in Developed Economy According to Eurostat data, Malta's real GDP growth rate reached 5.7% in the first two quarters of 2018, far higher than the EU average of 2.3%.
Malta ranks first in GDP growth in the euro area on the DBRS rating.
Malta, as an EU country and a Schengen country, enjoys EU tariff union subsidies and preferential trade policies.
And Malta has no inheritance tax, no gift tax, no real estate tax.
With more than 70 countries and regions signed the Agreement on Avoiding Double Taxation, the lowest enterprise tax rate is only 5%.
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