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Strong Immigration Driving Force in the Era of Education Upgrading Undoubtedly, education is the main reason for the Chinese to become the main force of immigration in Europe, and also the important reason why Britain, a powerful educational country, has always attracted immigrants.
Britain, known for its high-quality education, has had a mixed international reputation since the referendum on European disengagement in 2016. Many people are not optimistic about Britain's economic development prospects.
Beginning in 2016, Poland surpassed the United Kingdom and became the preferred country for nationals of third countries outside the European Union to seek employment opportunities in the European Union.
However, Britain remains the preferred destination for non-EU nationals.
According to Eurostat data, 180,000 non-EU nationals emigrated to the UK for education in 2017. Despite the uncertain economic prospects, Britain's mature higher education system, supporting mechanisms and unique linguistic advantages have attracted a large number of citizens from China, India and the United States to migrate for education.
In August 2018, the Home Affairs Department of the British Immigration Service released official data on British visas for the second quarter.
According to the data, not only 40% of T4 student visas in the UK account for Chinese students, but also the number of Chinese investment immigrants who have been granted visas is the first in the world by an absolute advantage.
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