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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Is there only one nationality difference between naturalization and permanent residence?
These differences need to be clarified!
Many immigrant applicants can't tell the difference between PR and Naturalization at firSt.Today, we take Australia as an example to analyze the difference between PR and naturalization.
PR refers to the long-term residence in Australia, free to work, study and live in Australia and the country of origin without restrictions.
Naturalization, on the other hand, means giving up India's civil rights, and at the same time gaining all rights and benefits as an Australian citizen.
After naturalization, they become Australian citizens, who enjoy the following rights which permanent immigrants cannot enjoy:
1. Voting rights The biggest difference between Australian Permanent Immigrants and Australian citizens is the right to vote.
Of course, this is not only the right to become an Australian citizen, but also the obligation.
After naturalization, every Australian citizen over the age of 18 needs to vote in any election, whether federal, state and territory, municipal authorities or referendum, which will give citizens a sense of responsibility and participation in deciding the future of the country.
If you do not exercise the right to vote, you will face a fine of up to A$180.
2. Members of Parliament If all the politicians on the ballot papers are unsatisfactory, citizens can stand for election by themselves.
All Australian citizens over the age of 18 are eligible for election to the local, state and territorial and federal assemblies.
It's important to note that if you want to be a federal senator, you can't have dual nationality.
3. Joining the Army and Job-hunting by the Government Many government posts do not restrict job seekers to be Australian citizens.
Permanent immigration to Australia is also possible.
But if you want to serve in the Australian Defense Force, you have to be an Australian citizen.
In addition, there are other special government departments that have such requirements, such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the Ministry of Border Defence and so on.
4. Acting as a court juror Court jurors are awards that most Australian citizens are not allowed to be "lucky" one day.
If they are selected, they must go to court.
Although not everyone would like to sit in the courtroom, listen to the drowsy, lip-and-tongue debates and evidence presented, and join others in deciding whether the case is guilty or innocent, it is the duty of Australian citizens.
Some cases are heard for weeks and must also be attendeD.But don't worry.
When jurors are rich, though they may not have much money.
Jurors are paid differently in each state.
5. Australian passport-free in more than 170 countries around the world Australian passport is exempt in 170 countries, so Australian passport has become one of the best passports for traveling abroad.
6. Obtaining Australian Overseas Consular Assistance Like citizens of any country, if they encounter difficulties overseas, the Naturalization Congress provides consular assistance to Australian citizens in the first place.
Of course, not all difficulties can go to the Consulate unconditionally.
Consular assistance is a special preference, not a right.
What the Australian consulate can do is to change passports, provide information about doctors and hospitals in case of acute illness, provide assistance in case of violent attacks, visit after arrest, offer advice after the death of relatives abroad, and even provide emergency loans in some extreme cases.
7. Children can also become Australian citizens Australian citizens can register their children born abroad as Australian citizens, and they have the same rights as Australian-born citizens.
8. Can apply for university student loan Although Australian permanent immigrants can enjoy much lower tuition fees than international students, like Australian citizens, Australian immigrants are still unable to apply for university student loans.
Only Australian citizens can apply for the HELP Australian Higher Education Loan Program, which allows Australian citizens to repay after graduation with a stable wage.
9. Really Live Forever in Australia Permanent resident immigrants in Australia can of course live indefinitely in Australia, but permanent resident holders who leave Australia need to renew their resident return visas every five years.
Moreover, if Australian immigrants have criminal records, the authorities have the right to recover their permanent residence and repatriate them.
10. Simplified Working Visa to the United States and New Zealand Residence Australian citizens can enjoy a full range of residence rights in New Zealand without any time restrictions or loss of any rights.
As an Australian citizen, if you have a professional job, you can apply for a simplified work visa to the United States.
11. Adoption of Children Some Australian States and territories require parents who apply for adoption, both or at least one of whom is an Australian citizen.
12. Representing Australia in Sports Events Many international competitions and sports activities require those who represent Australia to be Australian citizens.
Knowing all of the above, I believe you have an answer in your mind whether to retain permanent residence or to strive for naturalization.
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