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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
450 Chinese EB-5 investors sued collectively In July this year, more than 450 wealthy Chinese launched a class action against the US State Department in the United States because of their dissatisfaction with the long schedule of EB-5 investment immigrants.
They questioned the current EB-5 policy errors of the US State Department, resulting in a long waiting period for Chinese investors to apply for green cards.
Some investors'children are overage or about to be overage, losing the opportunity to obtain green cards and falling into the dilemma of possible family separation.
According to the contents of the scheduling lawsuit and related information, in 1990, the United States Congress voted through the Appropriation Act to pass the EB-5 investment in immigration projects.
According to the visa requirements for this project, the United States provides a yearly limit of 10,000 EB-5 visas for foreign investors who invest at least $500,000 in development projects in the United States and create 10 jobs.
The plaintiff's attorney argues that the U.S. Immigration Act does not explicitly stipulate that the spouse and children of the investor should occupy the EB-5 immigration visa quota, but in practice, the U.S. State Department incorrectly included the spouse and children of the vice-applicant in the 10,000 visa quota, resulting in 10,000 investor quotas per year, allowing only less than 3,500 investor families to obtain, resulting in more and more.
The longer the EB-5 schedule.
As a result, many investors'children will not be able to get green cards with their parents because of their over-age.
Meanwhile, EB-5 investors will invest less in the United States and create fewer jobs, which will damage the U.S. economy.
If the visa of the investor's spouse and children does not occupy the annual visa quota, the number of investors who can obtain the visa quota will increase substantially each year, thus shortening the schedule.
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