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The Cost of Living for Cypriot Immigrants!
In our subconscious, we all feel that the high quality of life in Europe matches the high cost of living.
In fact, the cost of living is not expensive, but also depends on the specific country.
Today, we take Cyprus as an example to show you a real life of Cypriot immigrants.
Living in Cyprus In Cyprus, the cost of water for a family of three is around 30 euros a month; 0.
9 euros per cubic meter; the step-by-step charge for household electricity is about 0.
2 euros per degree on average; the gas tank for cooking is about 10 euros, which can be used for about 2-3 months; the fixed-line telephone calls to China are very cheap, about 0.
08 euros per minute, and the mobile phone is slightly more expensive; the Internet access fee is slightly more expensive than that of China due to the different charges of ISP providers:
the most expensive.
Good ISP providers, 2M network speed, monthly fixed phone rent and access fees add up to about 42 euros; Eat in Cyprus Rice in Cyprus is more expensive than that in ChinA.Rice is imported from Asia, about 1.9-2.2 Euro/kg; flour is 0.
8-1.5 Euro/kg; cooking oil is cheaper than that in China, olive oil is cheaper, and extra virgin olive oil retails for 4-7 Euro/liter, often for one-to-one or half price; Cyprus is rich in wine, and wines of 1 Euro-2 Euro have many kinds of meat to choose from in supermarkets.
It is a little more expensive than China, but big bones, pig head meat, pig water and so on are cheap and even sent by local people because they do not eat.
The price of large shrimps is 16 euro / kg, and the price of sea bass is around 9 euro / kg.
On Wednesdays and Saturdays, farmers'markets are open in all cities.
Vegetables and fruits are mainly sold at much cheaper prices than supermarkets.
In short, if you cook by yourself, 200 Euros/month/person can already eat very well.
Traveling in Cyprus Buying a car in Cyprus is much cheaper than buying a car in China, especially a used car, which is basically cabbage price:
an 80% new Hummer H2 for more than 300,000 yuan; and a 90% new BMW X6 for about 280,000 yuan.
But the price of oil in Cyprus is slightly higher than that in China, with 8 litres of oil per 100 kilometers = 10.4 euros.
Education in Cyprus As a member of the Commonwealth, Cyprus's educational system has inherited the essence of British education, and its prestigious schools are standing.
Diplomas obtained by Cypriot schools are also recognized by Commonwealth members, and public schools are free of charge at the basic education stage.
Teaching in English in Private Schools Medical care in Cyprus When you go to Cyprus, you will find that medical care in Cyprus is divided into public medical care and private medical care.
Basic medical care in Cyprus is free except dental and cosmetic care.
Every 480 local doctors have a general practitioner, all of whom have working experience in other European countries.
Moreover, the medical staff can use English fluently, so that the new immigrants'medical treatment process is very smooth.
To go to Cyprus, you only need the convenience information in the local newspaper to find the contact information of the local doctor on duty.
Overall, the cost of living in Cyprus is relatively low.
Moreover, the safety of Cypriot food using EU standards is self-evident.
Whether it is high quality education or advanced medical treatment, it can meet the needs of the whole family.
It can be said that Cyprus is a suitable place for the whole family to immigrate together.
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