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How to choose a major in British universities?
Learn about the Eight Popular Specialties in the UK!
___________ Before studying abroad, we must not only choose the countries and schools to study abroad, but also pay special attention to the choice of majors.
The vast majority of international students will choose a major with a good job market in the future.
So let's get to know some of the most popular English majors.
Management Science British management has many branches and directions, besides business management, Hotel management, human resources management and many other management degrees.
The business management degree focuses on the planning and operation of the company.
Learning content will cover every part of business, including finance, accounting, human resources, public management, etC.Many courses offer internships in well-known companies around the world.
Most business management courses have the same content in the first year, and may choose specific directions to study in the second year.
Management is a comprehensive subject.
Students have high comprehensive ability and wide employment.
They can engage in consulting, banking, general management, human resources management and marketing.
Accounting Finance Accounting and Finance courses in the UK can provide you with a unique perspective and the most comprehensive knowledge, including economics, mathematics, political science, psychology and social sciences.
Students can learn the core theories and examples of finance.
The curriculum modules of most universities are roughly the same, covering accounting, statistics, credit analysis and financial analysis.
The first year introduced important financial and economic cases, laying a good foundation for further study.
In the second year, we will continue to study the theory of corporate finance and introduce optional modules.
The third year is a long-term project, usually in the form of papers.
Career choices include accountants, certified public accountants, banking, insurance brokers, financial advisers, traders, investment analysts, tax advisers.
media It is well known that the media industry in Britain is very developed, including the BBC, the Daily Mail, The Times, the Guardian, the Independent, the Financial Times, the Daily Telegraph, the Daily Mail and the Daily Mirror.
The media specialty in Britain is a relatively broad concept, including the three main directions of mass media, film and television production and news.
Mass media is more theoretical than media production, accounting for 50% in theory and 50% in practice.
As the name implies, film and television production media practice, including photo editing, game design, advertising design, film and television production, etc.
News media is one of the most respected courses in history.
It mainly studies investigating and reporting major events.
Many schools offer internship opportunities in the industry.
computer science Britain has made a lot of breakthroughs in the field of Computer Science in the 21st century.
British universities have been at the forefront of computer education, and many departments directly do research for the world's top technology companies.
The UK computer degree provides the latest scientific and technological knowledge in IT, game development, software engineering, network design and network security.
The course modules cover database design, network system, computer hardware, network, VR technology, AI technology and APP design.
engineering The UK has some world-class engineering institutes, which focus on research, development, design, manufacturing and operation of products or services.
The categories of engineering degrees are also very wide, including chemical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, computer engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering.
Education Britain's education system is very perfect, cultivating a large number of elites, world-renowned, education profession has also attracted a number of foreign students.
Education majors in Britain focus on teaching and education.
They will learn many subjects to expand their personal perspective, and at the same time pay attention to the cultivation of creativity and psychological quality.
Psychology Psychology is a discipline that studies human thought and behavior, and it is also one of the dominant specialties in European and American countries.
Psychology curriculum module covers different directions of psychology, such as criminal psychology, educational psychology, management psychology and so on.
Art Britain has a strong artistic atmosphere and a long history of inheritance, which is the best choice to learn art.
Many world-renowned museums, art galleries, libraries and art festivals add to the splendor.
Art majors in Britain are mainly divided into three categories:
music, painting and performance, and the specific division is also varied.
Art courses alone include painting, sculpture, printing, photography, digital media; music is also a combination of theory and practice, many different styles of music courses, curriculum modules covering composition, performance, teamwork; performance majors in British universities are more academic and pay great attention to classics, but also have high requirements for practice.
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