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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
There are so many benefits to be enjoyed after emigrating to Germany!
Germany is the first country in the western world to establish a social welfare security system, which can be said to be the originator of the social welfare community.
It also attracts more and more applicants to choose to emigrate to Germany.
Free and high-quality education Most German public universities are free, from children's primary school to graduate students to doctorates, can achieve all tuition fees free. compared with the hundreds of thousands of tuition fees in other European and American countries, the cost-effective ratio of German education is not too high.
Germans believe that education and real estate belong to people's livelihood problems, and GDP depends on solid industry.
Although there is no money to study, many elite universities in Germany have a centuries-old history and a fairly high quality of education.
They are the originators of the university system in modern ChinA.German Nobel Prize winners ranked third in the worlD.In the 1920s, Zhu De, Zhou Enlai and Cai Yuanpei came to Germany to study.
Zhu De also served as president of the Berlin Student Union.
Moreover, German diplomas are of high gold content and the employment rate in schools is also high.
Medical benefits In Germany, the coverage rate of medical insurance is basically 100%.
Almost every resident is a member of a statutory or private medical insurance institution.
Even in remote rural areas, people enjoy extensive medical care, and this service does not depend on the income of patients.
In the construction of medical service system, Germany does not implement a fixed-point medical system, anyone can choose to go to any hospital, any pharmacy to buy medicine.
Generally speaking, foreign students join the National Insurance Company at a cost of 50 euros per month.
The medical insurance cost of the German private insurance company is basically 70 euros per month, if the medical insurance cost of the national insurance company is more than 100 euros.
Germany strictly implements the separation of medicine.
Doctors prescribe drugs and patients buy drugs in pharmacies.
Doctors'prescription rights are strictly separated from drug sales rights in pharmacies.
Doctors should not suggest or imply that patients buy drugs in a particular hospital.
This avoids the abuse of prescription rights by doctors and the conspiracy of drug dealers to obtain windfall profits.
In Germany, medicines are not generally freely traded commodities.
Drugstores need prescriptions for patients to sell quantitative medicines.
In Germany, patients can go directly to hospitals or clinics, and they need to pay a registration fee of 10 euros.
After three months, they can see a doctor indefinitely.
After seeing a doctor, you can sign on the bill and leave.
The cost will be settled by the insurance company.
Child Benefit and Child Welfare German mothers receive maternity allowances ranging from six weeks before delivery to eight weeks after delivery.
If they have multiple births, they can be extended to 12 weeks after delivery.
Before the child is 3 years old, both parents can enjoy parental leave, and during this period both parents can receive the child-care subsidies issued by the federal government.
In addition, each child can receive hundreds of euros of child-care money every month until the child reaches 25 years olD.The more children are born, the more they will receive.
According to the calculation of four children, the child-care money per month can be more than 773 euros.
Social welfare Social relief:
People without income can receive social relief, which is provided by the government.
The amount is enough to cover the most basic living expenses besides housing and heating, including clothing, food, shelter, personal care, home and other daily expenses.
Even recently, there has been a discussion about whether to increase the money for cigarettes and alcohol.
Taking a family of three as an example, we can get at least 1200 Euros per month after comprehensive calculation.
Unemployment benefits:
This is covered by social security.
Unemployment benefits are usually 60% of the working salary (67% if there is one child).
The time limit for obtaining unemployment benefits depends on age.
According to relevant statistics, in 2003, an unemployed person in Germany received an average of 1919 euros, which was about 20,000 yuan at the current exchange rate.
After reaching the statutory retirement age, a full-time worker with average wage can get about 70% of his salary.
Nursing allowance:
The participating medical insurance institutions bear most or even all of the expenses.
This is a fairly affordable benefit in Germany, where human resources are valuable.
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