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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
When foreign students and new immigrants come to the United States with cash or deposit or withdraw money in the United States, they will encounter such or other problems.
If they do not pay attention to the money, they will be confiscated, and even face the risk of imprisonment.
If deposits or withdrawals exceed $10,000, they must submit a "currency transaction report" to the Treasury Department to circumvent the declaration.
They can be sentenced to up to 10 years'imprisonment.
So, when we are in the United States, what is the safe way to deposit?
How to avoid risks when carrying cash to the United States?
Safe Deposit in the United States The Emperor of America is such a magical country:
since 2007, more than 600 taxpayers have been confiscated as much as 43 million yuan for "separate access".
Among Chinese Americans, the phenomenon of "big money and zero deposit" is quite common, but a little carelessness will be taken into account.
Therefore, we must pay attention to the correct deposit skills:
1. Each deposit is less than $2,000 in cash and no more than four small deposits per month.
2. If more than $10,000 of legal cash is required to be deposited, make it clear to the bank directly and deposit it after filing.
3. Deposit by cheque as far as possible; 4. Go to the post office to buy cash cheque Money Order, which is divided into domestic cash cheque and international cash cheque.
There is no validity period and the loss can be repaid.
The maximum face value of a cash cheque in the United States is $1,000, with a fee of $1.6-2 per cheque.
International cheques can be sent to anyone in the world and cashed in cash by local banks at a cost of $4.75 per cheque, with a maximum denomination of $700.
The Correct Opening Way of Bringing Money into the United States In addition to the "doorway" for deposits and withdrawals in the United States, we also have the right way to open cash when we enter the United States!
The policy specifies:
There is no upper limit on the amount of cash/cheques carried in or out of the United States.
Personal entry:
More than $10,000 in cash/cheque is required to declare and fill in the FinCEN 105 form; Multi-person entry:
Multi-person entry with more than $10,000 in cash/cheque and FinCEN 105 form; Non-separable:
When many people enter the country in groups, cash/cheques can not be split into multiple people in the team to carry, so as to "reduce" the carrying amount and avoid declaration; Overconfiscation:
If the carrying amount exceeds $10,000 without declaration, it may face full confiscation or even legal punishment.
To put it plainly, the US Customs "only recognizes money, but does not recognize people", as long as it carries more than $10,000, it needs to declare, no matter how many people the $10,000 is, no matter what the relationship between the peers, it does not want people to drill into the empty space of carrying more than $10,000 before they need to declare.
Seriously, prevent money laundering!
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    ABOUT texas local customs, tourist attractions
    Sanantonio botanical garden is Sanantonio city of texas is a non-profit botanical garden, built in 1980, covers an area of 33 acres.
    Idea of establishing the city botanical garden in 1940, due to funding problems until 1976 open ground.
    Since its opening, the botanical garden has two major scenic spots have been popular, namely Rusell - Hal Purcell (Lucile Halsell conservatory) and greenhouse Saerfan Kay Richie house (Sullivan carriage House), visit the indoor flowers throughout the year.
    Visitors can enjoy the local native plants and some rare plants.
    The botanical garden in Sanantonio, you can enjoy the colorful flowers throughout the year, because flowering plants have each season, so no matter what season won't be disappointed.
    Butterflies and bees are Park regulars, they followed the fragrance of flowers and to become a major feature of the park.
    Sanantonio botanical garden is a Museum of natural history, whether children or have love to play, the botanists study.
    The opening hours of the morning at 9:00 to 17:00 afternoon, except Thanksgiving, christmas and new year's day, open year-round.
    San Antonio Botanical Garden
    Reason: Texas botanical garden is the most worth seeing
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Texas: [Texas State]
    city Attractions: Sanantonio [San Antonio]

    La Burke is located in the northwest of Texas in the United States, for the Lubbock county county, is the eighty-fourth largest city in the United States, the eleventh largest city in texas, is also the seat of Texas Tech University.
    The city is known as the "hub city", because it is the Southern Plains region of the United States economy, education and health care center.
    Lubbock is American singer songwriter and rock music pioneer - Bardi Hawley's birthplace, and a cultural center named after its name, in addition, is the birthplace of many country musician.
    The national heritage center is a story about a ranch ranch History Museum, located in the texas University of science and technology, based on 50 18 20 at the end of the century to the mid century ranch building features.
    The spectral science Museum is a science Museum has important significance for children, very attractive.
    Joyland amusement park (Joyland Amusement Park) is a small amusement park, with more than 30 facilities, including 3 stimulate infinite roller coaster, the thrill not attractive.
    In addition, the United States wind power center, Brazos River, and Shuangshan itinerary.
    Reason: hub city in Texas
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Texas: [Texas State]
    city Attractions: pull Burke [Lubbock]

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