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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
What about bringing in large amounts of cash?
1. Faithful declaration - Guidance for filling in customs declaration forms Step 1:
Please select "Yes" in Item 13 of the U.S. Customs Declaration Form.
Step 2:
Fill in FinCEN 105 form U.S. Customs stipulates that if the total amount of cash or cheque is more than $10,000 (U.S. dollars or equivalent foreign currencies, or a combination of both), you are required by law to fill in the form FinCEN 105 (Former Customs Form 4790) and submit it it to Customs and Border Guard.
pdf (can be copied to the web page for viewing) I don't want to bother to declare, but what about bringing a lot of cash?
A.Domestic UnionPay debit card Direct withdrawal After arriving in the United States, find a cash machine with the UnionPay logo.
Citigroup and China Trust can withdraw US dollars directly at the current exchange rate.
B.Open an account and transfer after arrival in the United States You need to bring your passport and a certificate to prove your identity, either a domestic ID card or a driver's license.
C.Dual currency credit card cash withdrawal Double currency credit cards can be withdrawn, but cross-border withdrawal fees are very expensive, not an emergency, there is no need.
What should we do when a large remittance is urgently needed?
In the face of overseas students paying tuition fees, or people who need large amounts of overseas funds such as housing, immigration or investment.
If we really need a lot of money urgently, what should we do?
1 One-time large remittance SAFE is also reasonable.
Large foreign exchange purchases need to bring their identity documents and related materials to the bank for processing.
Simply put, if you pay college tuition, take the school notice with you, and if you buy a house overseas, take the certificate of real estate.
More than 2 small remittances If you want to avoid the trouble of providing materials, you can only choose multiple small remittances.
Here's what you should pay attention to:
in China, you need to help with the remittance in the name of several more people, each remitting $50,000.
Receivers in the United States should also open several more accounts in the United States to avoid large amounts of money flowing into the same account, which arouses government concern.
It's better to remit money directly from Chinese accounts to the accounts of the recipient in the United States.
Don't remit money to the accounts of other people in the United States before transferring it to the accounts of the recipient.
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    ABOUT georgia local customs, tourist attractions
    The Margaret Museum Atlanta and the wind "is so inseparable, is there a restaurant - named after the characters in the book:" Aunt Pitty in the dining room 0 "(Pittypat s Porch book and film is known to all and well preserved reputation;
    Margaret's house Museum.
    It is a traditional building on the third floor;
    red brick appearance, white fence Pavilion gallery.
    The bottom of the stairs at the entrance of a row of black paint small box, stair railing is a wood paint red lion head.
    The afternoon sun shines through the window, and Margaret felt vaguely years, the stairs descended, touching the little lion's nose, may one day writing smoothly, then go to the mailbox.
    "Gone with the wind" is the author only works for the American civil War is described deeply, plays an important role in the history of literature, so she won a Pulitzer Prize honors (Pulitzer prize).
    This is reminiscent of Margaret and at the same time another southern woman writer, is also based on a book "to kill a Mockingbird" (To Kill a Mocking Bird) for literature history, and won a Pulitzer Prize Harper Lee (Harper Lee).
    Harper Lee now has nearly eight years, Margaret was in the wind "published ten years later, by crossing the street in Peach Street when he was drunk and killed a taxi.
    Man has to go, the earth;
    the wind "the book is so popular, is the" Bible "than most printed publications.
    The movie also very successful, is recognized as the film in the history of the most popular movie.
    The story and the characters in the book has become a symbol of immortality;
    land, home is forever dependent;
    spirit and unyielding desire is the eternal pillar for the survival, tomorrow will be a new day;
    this is probably one of the biggest revelation of this book to people.
    Peach Street still, mahogany brick house still, eucalyptus trees blossom, the past sadly beautiful story gone with the wind;
    however, forever, just as Atlanta red sky at sunset and sunset oaks, and the resident, with the famous changfeng.
    Oster Oster is located in Georgia, cobb county, is a quiet town, the hustle and bustle of the city, a more peaceful and quiet, is a let people can calm down to think seriously about the city.
    The city's most famous tourist destination for six flags over Georgia, open to visitors in 1967, covers an area of 290 acres, is Six Flags following the second park Six Flags Theme Park in Texas after the fall, Georgia has become the most famous and most popular theme park.
    Visitors can play somersaults, children jumping machine, car, bumper car, children swing Star Express, balloon race, umbrella, swing carousel, circular roller coaster in the park, many visitors meet recreational needs.
    Austell will go to American Georgia, a quiet town where the attractions of continents: North America
    scenic region / country: the United States
    Province, attractions: Georgia [Georgia, State]
    city attractions: Austell [Austell]

    Lunch Box Museum In this country, no matter what kind of Museum you find, are not enough to surprise, because the amazing Museum is too much.
    People think that the United States has a dedicated Lunch Box Museum, and is the world's largest box Museum.
    From 1950s to 80s, iron boxes are the necessary things to each student school in the United States, which is equipped with lunch or eat the fruit of their love.
    If there are more beautiful or strange pattern on the box will, much attention.
    It is a pity that in 1980s, iron boxes was replaced by plastic lunch box, walked down the stage of history.
    The lunch box Museum is located in the city of columbo in Georgia, by Alan Woodell (Allen Woodall) was founded, he began to collect these forgotten iron boxes in 1980s, and collected thousands of boxes, boxes of different characters each represent a different culture.
    The Museum to collect the iron box, the key is to have different patterns of these boxes on the painting, a superman, biochemical warrior, Transformers, knight rider, was the popular movies, TV series and cartoons of the well-known figures, reflects the social popular culture.
    Lunch Box Museum
    Reason: the world's largest Box Museum
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions: Georgia, [Georgia, State]
    city Attractions: columbo [columbus]
    The columbo Museum The columbo Museum was founded in 1953, is a specialized collection of American art, the Museum tells the story of columbo, is the largest in the southeastern United States to focus on the American Art Museum of American art, love them very attractive.
    The Museum has a collection of American paintings, prints, sculpture, decorative arts, representing the United States 300 years of art development.
    In order to allow visitors to better understand the art, the exhibits in the Museum are in accordance with the exhibition, tell the story of the United States since the colonial history of art.
    The art collection is divided into 3 parts, namely 18 to 19 century American art, modern and contemporary American Art and decorative arts, one of the most striking collection is 18 to 19 century century American paintings, 19 century landscape painting and genre painting, impressionist art works and early modern art works.
    The decorative art collection of silver, furniture, porcelain, pottery, glass products, including carved glass and furniture of the most attractive federal period.
    The Museum tells the history of columbo, a large collection of archaeological materials and crafts, these items from nineteenth century, during the civil war, during the reconstruction period, in addition, also introduces the current situation of the industry in the late twentieth century and twentieth century.
    The collection includes shell necklace, cane, ladles, pistols, stone, kettle, confederate 1 coat etc.
    columbus Museum
    Reason: one of the most important Georgia Museum
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions: Georgia, [Georgia, State]
    city Attractions: columbo [columbus]
    Lanier Lake As Georgia's largest natural lake, Lake Lanier from Atlanta only half an hour to one hour drive, is one of the best place for a summer holiday.
    After the Buford dam, Lake area has many beautiful scenery of the island.
    The lake has not only Top class Hotel, boat and camping places, more beautiful long coastline of 700 miles.
    In this, you can rent to anything, a boat, yacht, or even can be loaned to the diving bell.
    Whether you love riding, water sports, golf, swimming, hiking, or fishing, Lake Lanier will not let you down.
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