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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Study Abroad, the Advantage of Quality Education in Spain Spanish Language Advantage To receive education in Spain, to attend bilingual schools, children will master the three major languages of the West, Britain and China, which is the real win in the starting line.
Spanish is widely used as the official language of 21 countries.
Spanish is spoken in all the Americas south of the United States except Brazil.
There are 44 million native speakers of Spanish in the United States.
About 400 million people around the world use Spanish, the second largest in the world, after Chinese.
Spanish has unlimited application prospects!
According to research, before the age of 14 is the best time for children to learn a second foreign language.
Settlement abroad before the age of 11 will help children to master a second foreign language fluently and make their education and employment more smoothly.
At the latest, not more than 14 years old, can live in a pure language environment, then the language pronunciation can be as native-born people, very authentiC.If children do not go abroad until they are 14 years old and settle down, their future pronunciation of the language is likely to have an accent, and they will not be able to change it all their lives.
If the child has no immigration plan before the age of 14, it is also a good choice to immigrate after taking the college entrance examination in ChinA.In 2007, Spain and China signed an agreement on mutual recognition of academic qualifications, and the results of the National College Entrance Examination in China can be regarded as the admission results of Spanish universities.
Therefore, if a child participates in the national college entrance examination, he or she can go to Spain to choose the appropriate university directly on the basis of the results of the college entrance examination.
Classification of Spanish Schools In Spain, 75% of schools are public, 10% are church and 15% are private.
Free education is provided in public schools.
Pre-school education is 3-6 years old, primary education is 6-12 years old, secondary education is 12-16 years old, and high school education is 16-18 years olD.Higher education can enter famous European and American schools for further study.
After the applicants settle in Spain, their children can also enjoy free public education.
Private, public and church schools can attend, and they have a wide range of choices for their children.
Public Schools-Government Standardized Test Monitoring Public schools are so-called public schools, which are funded by the state government.
Because it is run by the state, public schools are compulsory education, there is no tuition fee, only a small amount of books.
Teachers are relatively stable and have little mobility.
Teachers are trained in professional qualifications, and they must be certified by the government.
The source of students in public schools is usually students in the vicinity of the school areA.Their syllabus is formulated by the Spanish government, and the quality of teaching is monitored by government standardized tests.
Every public school has no distinction between good and bad in terms of educational quality, but there are differences in teaching methods.
Private Schools:
Focusing on Innovation Ability and Visual Field Development Private school education funds are invested by third-party investors, and tuition fees are higher than those of free public schools.
Private schools are also divided into international schools and Spanish private schools.
Most of the private schools in Spain have religious characteristics.
International schools charge relatively high fees, but if compared with domestic private international schools, tuition fees are still much lower. compared with public schools, private schools mostly have higher hardware facilities, and teachers'mobility is slightly higher than public schools, because the treatment of different schools is different.
Teachers generally have higher educational background and rich teaching experience, and some teachers have "job-hopping" from public schools.
Private schools have a wide distribution of students'residences, and have a great degree of freedom in curriculum design.
Some private schools involve more outdoor activities, which can play a positive role in broadening students' horizons and innovative abilities.
Church Schools - Strict Institutions with Belief Requirements Church schools are not entirely public schools, nor entirely private schools, so they can be called semi-public and semi-private schools.
In Spain it is called Concertado, which is funded jointly by the church and the government.
Tuition fees are relatively lower than those of private schools, and the enrollment of students is limited by the same geographical constraints as public schools, only accepting students from the neighborhood of the school.
Every year there are fixed school open days for parents to visit and understand the school's teaching environment.
Most church and private schools are managed by clergy, with strict system standards and requirements for students'religious beliefs.
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