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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Advantages of Vanuatu passport.
Holiday paradise Vanuatu is located in the South Pacific Ocean east of Australia and consists of 83 islands.
He has been named "the happiest country in the world" by international organizations four times, and is one of the few original ecological islands in the worlD.Nature has given Vanuatu the richest gift.
The magnificent scenery of mountains and rivers, the active volcanoes that can be seen at close range, the beautiful jungle scenery, the white sand beach, the charming coastline and the suitable climate make Vanuatu the most suitable holiday resort in the world.
Tax Planning Paradise Vanuatu is a tax-free legal country and a tax-free paradise in the South PacifiC.It has no personal income tax, business tax, capital tax, real estate tax, inheritance tax, gift tax and withholding tax, and no global tax except trade tax, value-added tax and business license fee.
After obtaining the passport, Vanuatu offshore company can be registered, enjoy a variety of conveniences, but also can operate the company in China.
120 + Sign-Free Countries, Say Go Whenever and Where You Are Visa-free entry to more than 120 countries and regions including the European Union, Singapore, Hong Kong and Macao can be obtained for tourism with Vanuatu passport.
Especially in Hong Kong, the period of stay can be as long as three months, and in Macao as long as one month, while the period of stay in Hong Kong and Macao with Chinese passport is only seven days.
Ultra-short processing cycle When it comes to immigration, most people think of a long wait.
But Vanuatu, which can get the original passport in 1-3 months, is one of the shortest immigration passport processing cycle projects.
The required information is simple, the conditions are relaxed, and there is no need to wait a long time for approval.
Overseas Identity Enjoys Quality Education at Home and Abroad The United Kingdom has the world's top educational resources.
Vanuatu is a Commonwealth country.
Vanuatu passport holders can enjoy preferential admission to British international schools, and enjoy various preferential policies of the Commonwealth countries.
It is convenient for domestic parents to visit British schools for their children and children studying in the United Kingdom.
On the other hand, don't think that overseas passports can only be used when you go abroaD.At home, overseas passports are also very useful.
When children have overseas status, they can choose high-quality international schools at home.
Especially for children who plan to study abroad in the future, it is more conducive to their future study and development to enter international schools as soon as possible and feel the educational atmosphere abroad.
It is adjacent to Australia and has a superior geographical position.
Adjacent to Australia and New Zealand, Australia and New Zealand are the most valuable tourist source countries in Vanuatu.
It is easier to apply for an Australian-New Zealand visa and emigrate because of the Commonwealth status after obtaining a Wa passport.
Requirements for Vanuatu Passport Immigration:
1. The principal applicant is 18 years old and has no criminal record (spouse, parents and eligible children may accompany him); 2. The principal applicant provides a certificate of assets of US$250,000 under his name.
3. Making donations from a minimum of US$80,000 to national development clients and paying corresponding government fees.
Requirements for reunification in Vanuatu:
1. Direct relatives have handled the Vanuatu Passport Project and successfully obtained the passport.
2. No criminal record
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