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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
The U.S. H-1B work visa variable is out again!
Immigration Offices:
Reporting Employer's Available Green Card According to the World Daily, the U.S. H-1B visa allows companies to employ foreign high-skilled personnel when they are unable to recruit qualified technical staff in the United States.
But in recent years, H-1B project has been abused by many employers.
Therefore, the Immigration Bureau began to crack down on illegal and fraudulent practices of working immigrants, encouraging employees to report employer irregularities, and even using green cards as incentives.
In addition to strengthening the investigation of H-1B visa applicants, the U.S. Immigration Service arranged more field visits and interviews.
The investigation by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency included more than 400 criminal violations, focusing on employers with high H-1B employee ratio, employers applying for H-1B employers for employees in other companies at the workplace, employers who could not verify basic information through business data, and so on.
Encouraging disclosures include:
H-1B employees who do not receive LCA certification, wage gaps between H-1B employees and other employees with the same job, H-1B employees who fail to perform their duties as stipulated in the visa application, H-1B employees who do not work in LCA-certified workplaces, H-1B foreign employers who steal intellectual property results from the United States, H-1B employers who participate in smuggling, and- 1B employers employ illegal employees, defraud benefits from the U.S. government, etc.
At the same time, the U.S. Immigration Service also encourages other employees to report, not just H-1B applicants.
Although the Immigration Department cannot fully guarantee monetary incentives, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency has discretion and statutory authority to support information evidence for criminal investigation.
The official website of the Immigration Bureau particularly encourages employees to report if they find that the company has run H-1B for someone but has never met the colleague.
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    Alaska Heritage center Ice wonders mind surge And the first sightseeing route for the western hemisphere to the highest latitude than Valdez (Valdez), is also the Alaska pipe end point station, beautiful scenery, Alaska is known as the small Swiss said.
    Arrange a make your life unforgettable "columbia glacier cruise", you can watch close ice wonders, in this journey, you have the opportunity to watch the ice wall into the sea of wonders, when the ice Beng million years gradually fell into the sea, quiet and solemn sea begins as earthquake thunder the sound of breaking the ice, mind surging.
    You will find seemingly quiet ice everywhere full of vitality: Wanli seals, sea lions, otters, whale, and other seabirds, compose a symphony of nature, infinite surprise journey.
          Alaska has a vast territory, has the longest coastline in the United states.
    The United States one of the most famous proverb: "if the Alaska in half, then Texas is the third largest state".
    The Rocky Mountains extending to here, the formation of the highest peak in North America, east across the central and southern regions, then turn southwest into the sea in Aleutian Islands.
    The north is slightly lower, near the Arctic sea.
    Because of the southern mountain barrier, relatively warmer climate.
    Southeast and south to the temperate climate, annual temperature is about 0.15 DEG c;
    inland continental climate, summer day up to 26 DEG c, the winter polar night up to -15 DEG c;
    West and southwest by the ocean, the cold wind;
    the Arctic is a polar climate, the temperature is below zero throughout the year.
       The translation of the highest peak in North America chinese as he was, for a lot of people actually do not accept, because this is a personal name, according to the Alaska local custom, should be called to Donnelly peak, mean peak.
    Alaska has the world's best hunting and fishing.
    The number of the nation's first national park.
    Brooks Range is one of the most important mountains in Alaska.
       Summary: california has more than 70 potential Alaska volcaNo. The last century the most violent volcano erupted in 1912 NOVARUPTA volcano, formed a smoky Valley famous million (the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes), now it has become a part of the KATMAI national memorial.
       The Grand canyon (The Grand canyon) is an absolute place in the minds of the world tourism.
    Take a look at it on the head of a string of dazzling aura: one of the seven natural wonders of the world;
    in the "life must go to 50 Places" in 1979;
    the United Nations was included in the world heritage list;
    southwestern United States first landscape.
    Any visitors here, you will be aware of their insignificance, or human nature in front of the creator's tiny.
    Standing on the edge of the canyon, canyon over millions of gullies you'd be surprised this piece of land, how it was Guifushengong to open in front of you, revealing a beautiful section of the layers.
    The canyon cliffs unfathomable, far endless, from the abyss of magic to make you frightened palpitation, at the same time as the acme of perfection.
    geographical position colorado Grand canyon is located in the southwestern United States of Arizona, northwest, southwest of colorado plateau.
    In Marble canyon, terminal Gelandewashen clifF- The Grand canyon area is too large, such as the Grand canyon Village (South) more tourists to locate it, is 36.1 degrees north latitude, longitude 112 degrees.
    Because the surrounding are desolate area, general tourists can go to the three main tourist sites.
    South: located 100 km north of Williams Town drive off Interstate 40 to highway 64, speed up;
    northern margin: located about more than 100 km south of the town of Fredonia, drove 89A to highway 67 west edge up;
    near Las Vegas, located in the southeast of about 190 kilometers, drove off highway 93 in degree south east go into town springs up to tens of kilometers.
    With "mad donkey disease", most know what the most beautiful The rating list of tour pal The click of the Grand canyon: Not dare to claim "tour pal", "work" is still a.
    Because good "travel" and "color", often sneak out everywhere, footprints all over the country, traveling to Tibet, Xinjiang, Yunnan, Guangxi, Hunan, Jiangxi and other places, is the scenery, scenes in the documentary, portrait, flower view, row line photograph harvest happy.
    Believe that as long as there is a "unruly" heart, the bag will not be too shy, everyone can travel.
    The magnificent grand canyon is difficult to describe, the American writer John Muir visited the Grand canyon after 1890 there was a speech: "no matter how much you walk the road, you would have seen the number of well-known mountains and rivers, think of the Grand canyon as if only exists in another world, another planet."
    The south rim of the Grand canyon attractions: the most mature development Was named Grand canyon National Park is the southern and Northern margins, by the Grand canyon National Park service management official, and the western margin is the Hualapai Indian reservation, a certain meaning is "copycat version".
    The scenic spots and the development of more perfect and open for a long time, every year about 5 million tourists visiting mostly to the southern edge of the.
    Here the tourists from all over the world by plane, train, bus Of course, since the drive may be the most, because every car whether you sit a few people are $25 tickets, valid for 7 days, but also to the north, is not it?
    Non driver tickets for $12, seems a bit expensive, but there are scenic spots free sightseeing bus to the scenic spots, is not loSt. But by the time the bus there are some inconvenient restrictions.
    Of not only a comparatively perfect lodging facilities, as well as more than 40 km of viewing area, all road connectivity, there are many pedestrian connectivity between, very convenient to visit.
    Here there are many ways to watch the grand canyon: Self driving tourists to take a tour of the center: guidelines (with the chinese), you can go along a highway from point to point, typically, half a day can get seven or eight point Y1APAI to the East, 37 km one.
    Y1APAI West has a total of 11 km of hermit Ju Lu also has seven or eight points, but 3.11 months a year is not let the car pass, can only take the free bus Bus: 3 free bus lines, respectively, three direction loop.
    The departure time is quite user-friendly, is basically an hour before sunrise to sunset after an hour, according to the number of tourists of the time were 15.30 minutes, can be in any stop ofF- Aircraft: small aircraft or helicopter takeoff in Nanyuan near Grand canyon National Park Airport, may obtain information from the visitor center.
    Walking along the edge of the trail (RIM: TRAIL) a walk is very pleasant, enjoy walking canyon scenery, can walk ten minutes, can take one or two hours, at any time to return to the road traveling.
    But in the case of a professional level or have a fever or a walk tour pal, "Bright Angel Trail or South KAIBAB trail, the two roads have excellent scenery, according to the reentry point is different, can take 2 to 9 hours.
    But don't try to one day walk to the colorado River and exhumation.
    If you want to the bottom of the backpacker camping reservations required four months ahead of schedule and get a license, but also to pay fees.
    Horse riding, riding a mule: one day and two day of the trip, is to go to the bottom, such as not worn 0, try.
    Drift: every year in April to October through the grand canyon rafting trip, there are from 1 to more than 20 days, this is a burn also hard experience.
    I watched a movie in the Grand canyon, the grand canyon rafting adventure, not those of the general business in our country is drifting.
    camping: there are several camping areas, which provide tents and campers camp, some external utilities are, some have shower facilities.
    All have to pay.
    Grand canyon: the northern side is less suitable in a daze If you play it in is not fun, also think of to take a look at it, you can take the shuttle across the canyon.
    A big bend but it will take 5 hours around 350 kilometers.
    Of course, self driving better.
    The northern margin of the high ratio of more than 300 meters, visitors reach the place is less.
    Here is not only more remote, but because the winter snow blocking the road, every year only 5 months to 10 months before opening.
    But this does not mean that the northern margin of the scenery is spectacular, if you love to the most beautiful scenery in a daze, less noisy tourists, not right?
    The northern margin of the center in the bright angel area, there are hotels, restaurants and tourist center.
    But the hotel is more expensive, a room to more than $100. There is no free bus, or driving or walking.
    Self driving: to open 9 km to the northeast corner of the emperor, also can drive 37 kilometers east to the south to the Royal corner, along with several scenic spots.
    Hiking: there are several flat bottom edge of the road or dropping the walk way, according to the abilities and interests of their choice.
    Grand canyon West: World River, deep practice gall Here is the protection of the Hualapai Indians, by some investors to participate in the development, not in the Grand canyon National Park management.
    Although the tour line is not long, scenic spots is not too much, but as close to Las Vegas, compact point of the car a day trip can fix, such as air travel as long as half a day, so is more suitable for foreign tourists who travel tight.
    But many here "and" complete mode of travel can also enable visitors to play their proper role, but the price is slightly expensive.
    The glass bridge: here is the biggest selling point is to be completed in 2007 glass bridge (Skywalk).
    The artificial U type air bridge is known as the eighth wonder of the world Gallery, is a chinese immigrant gold 22 at a cost of $30 million, started 10 years ago, finally persuaded Indian to build talent.
    The bridge weighs 485 thousand kg, equivalent to 4 Boeing 757 weight.
    About 3 meters wide, from the eagle rock extend out 21 meters, floating frame in about 1200 meters away from the bottom of the air.
    Any people walk on the bridge profile, a abyss of fright and walk through the cloud wonderful feeling will be staggered and.
    The current fare from the initial $25 up to $32. It is important to note that tourists can only stay on the bridge for about 15 minutes, but is not with the camera on the glass bridge, only by the ad hoc photographer to take photos of you.
    The cost of them, nature is not the philippines.
    The plane in Las Vegas and Phoenix have a sightseeing plane to the way, considerable Hoover dam and lake mead.
    Arrive at the Grand canyon is a small helicopter ride straight to the bottom of the colorado River, and then by boat drifting.
    Other: to visit the nearby Indian houses, bazaar, taste Indian food, may also take the Hummer Jeep on the edge of the Grand canyon off Benz, or walk along the bottom dropping.
    - Travel Tips The size of the hotel in Las Vegas or other places are available to all of the Grand canyon tourist publicity materials, it is said that there are more than 30 travel agencies in the "grab business", so we should pay attention to goods than three, different seasons and different "price", as far as possible to bargain.
    Such as aircraft to may be $four hundred or five hundred, but on the way it is possible to find Mccain to $two hundred or three hundred.
    The air lines and bus lines should be said to have their own characteristics, but not too hurry, I recommend self driving is the first choice, followed by the travel agency bus tour.
    Not only because it is cheap (S $more than 100), but can enjoy the scenery on the ground carefully, shooting opportunities, can hear the tour guide (chinese travel agencies have more knowledge, chinese).
    The plane view is spectacular, but bumpy, difficult to shoot, only English explanation will also be hidden in noise.
    Hiking can see the most beautiful scenery of the most special, but not a certain level of don't do tour pal.
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