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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Nearly 100,000 Singaporeans want to immigrate to Malaysia?
Malaysia's "Second Home" policy attracts Singaporeans more deeply.
It encourages retired people to take pensions to Malaysia.
1. Good quality and low price, a holy place for the aged Compared with Singapore's prices, Malaysia is absolutely a low-cost country, living here, you can spend less money to enjoy life, eat the unique local Niangyao dishes, white and juicy mangosteen, sweet durian, life will be very gooD.In Malaysia, you can really enjoy a first-class life for only $1,500 a month, and Singapore spends three to five times as much on the same quality of life.
2. Malaysia's leading medical resources in the world According to the ranking of the world's best healthcare country in 2017 published by the American magazine International Life, Malaysia ranks first and has won the honor for three consecutive years.
Malaysia's health system is globally recognizeD.People with a second home visa can go to Malaysia for medical treatment at any time and enjoy high-quality medical services.
High-quality medical services, coupled with low cost of living and good air environment, are very suitable for retirement and for the rest of the year.
3. Enjoy the world's top education at the lowest cost Malaysia has a unique curriculum education system:
dual curriculum.
Simply put, Malaysia has cooperative colleges and courses with well-known countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia and so on.
The curriculum system of Malaysian schools is almost synchronized with that of institutions in cooperative countries.
So after two years of schooling in Malaysia, children can apply to go to the countries of the Twin Union to complete the remaining courses!
Not only did it experience the cultures of the two places on the spot, but it also successfully completed its studies and saved 40% - 50% of the cost of learning.
After all, two years of study in Malaysia is much more cost-effective than going directly to these countries, and can also help children make a better transition.
4. Convenience of transportation Malaysia's East Coast Railway has officially started construction, and Xinshan, near Singapore, is in a favorable position.
One station of the Xinrou RTS Metro passes through Singapore, seamlessly links up the Singapore Metro Network, 30 minutes to Singapore Airport, multiple flights to and from China, direct flights to major cities around the world, and opens a convenient transportation life.
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    ABOUT arizona local customs, tourist attractions
    Alexander Nolan Sangnasuo Desert Museum is located in Tucson, which opened in 1952, covers an area of 92 acres, is a Museum, is a zoo, one of the largest tourist attractions in Tucson tourists, every year there are about 500 thousand visitors come to visit the Museum of the rich and colorful zoo.
    Alexander Nolan Sangnasuo Desert Museum is a Museum of the out of the ordinary people say, and will be called the Museum, better known as the biological park, there are two reasons, first established in the desert to desert as the basic environment, secondly, all kinds of desert plants and animals in this life, is the living creatures on display.
    This desert Museum can be said to be one of the earliest American natural zoo, the dynamic environment delineation of plants originally living for the Museum, you can view more than 300 kinds of animal and 1200 kinds of plants, you can also enjoy the 2 mile long covers an area of 21 acres of desert landscape.
    Visitors can see the fairy cactus, cactus and other columns, large and small, high and low, columnar cactus is the highest is four or five meters tall, these plants will grow over thousands of years to reach that level.
    Sonora Desert Museum
    Reason: America's most famous Desert Museum
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, the state of Arizona: [Arizona State]
    city Attractions: Tucson [Tucson]

    Grand canyon National Park is one of the seven wonders of the world in 1979, it was designated as a world natural heritage.
    Although it is not the deepest canyon in the world, but if the Grand canyon scenery and the degree of rich and colorful, this certainly can be called the world's first National Park, it is definitely one of the most worth seeing in the United states.
    The Grand canyon let reason people shocked many.
    In the canyon at its widest point, from side to side has 18 miles (about 29 km) wide, 1 miles (about 1.6 km) deep, it can make many tourists legs were shaking with fear.
    Another is to let your leg soft in the Grand canyon on foot.
    In addition to the topography of the colorado River building, as well as breathtaking.
    The best time to travel: The spring and autumn best, hot summer.
    Intercity traffic: The plane arrived in the Midwest and rental car to the Grand canyon is a common way to travel.
    Starting just 4 hours to arrive at the south rim of the Grand canyon entrance from Las Vegas and phoenix.
    From the china of travelers usually from the west coast of the United States immigration, then from Las Vegas to the grand canyon.
    Recommend possible rental car or take a tour to visit the grand canyon.
    Internal traffic: Visit the park at the southern margin of the choice of car, bus ride Park, bike riding, walking in four ways.
    There are some attractions of private cars are not allowed to enter, and looking for parking difficulties, it is not the best choice.
    Bus routes covering the essence of scenic spots, is the traveler favorite mode of travel.
    North Park no buses, most of the attractions to drive or walk in.
    Travel advice: Grand canyon summer thunderstorms, hear the thunder to leave the canyon edge as soon as possible, in nearby buildings, private car or bus, not in the rain under the tree.
    Here is the world natural heritage, not the world geological park, not included in the innumerable national park system, it belongs to the us Bureau of land management, even we often say that the scenic spots are not only the United States, it is numerous in the nature reserve one, people give it a very popular but very vivid name wave valley.
    This piece of Shiyan landscape originated in the Jurassic period one hundred and ninety million years ago, until thirty years ago was found by several photographers of the American dream inspired disdain those crowded places where deserted, is where to run, finally the Paria canyon in Arizona, cliff Zhu Hongxuan found the good place.
    This is a beautiful, breathtaking, high taste value of scientific research, this property of the scarcity of resources for wave valley to become famous enough, people across the United States or the Atlantic, the Pacific over the earth, come to worship.
    At this time, the US government said that this is the earth's wealth is the wealth of all mankind, we have to do is to protect, protection, and protection, must not let them become the one or two generation of sex toys, and for the ages to come.
    Then, the geologists and environmental protection experts under the guidance of a simple set close to the existing copies, issued out here every day will only be issued twenty entry permit in the eyes of the world people admire, regardless of nationality, regardless of race, religion, or wealth, equal opportunity, to obtain a license in a very simple way.
    The license application procedures The online application Each month at the beginning of the first day, 12 noon local time, the acceptance and payment of the next four months to apply for a permit issued by the daily ten, license fee of $five plus postage fee (accept credit cards), according to the requirements of "the applicant to fill out the form, after the application is successful, no matter you on earth on any corner of the United States will, within the prescribed time limit, send you a license, and a walking map and guide for environmental protection.
    Field application Because the valley is located in Arizona and Utah at the junction of the entrance and in the Utah side, the application site address for the Utah state highway 89 on the "wave management office", issued every day ten, the premise is that you must in nine before entering the office and fill out the application form, which is the final draw at nine o'clock, ten people brought directly into the valley for wave form, see how luck.
    Of course, if you think to permit Everything will be fine.
    , it is wrong.
    From the tourism product classification, wave valley belongs to the "special wild adventure travel" in one.
    way about 1.5 hours of walking, you in the midst of a four empty wilderness, can not find any service sign, licensed to you after a walking map and the environmental protection guidelines, you sit here put them down on almost all on their own, to identify search, even if managers give you point out a direction.
    Wave valley show is wonderful world by millions of years of wind, water and time carved into sandstone.
    complex wave valley rock level, is composed of one hundred and fifty million great sand dunes began before the deposition of jurassic The ancient sand dunes and finally formed by the geographers called "Navalho (Navajo) sandstone landform".
    Later, with the rise of the colorado plain, with long wind erosion, water erosion, the canyon sandstone layers gradually clearly.
    A smooth, sculptural sandstone and rock smooth lines create a dizzying three.
    dimensional effect.
    Left the canyon, we ride back to Las Vegas, the way through the Hoover dam (Hoover Dam or Boulder Dam), they take the opportunity to visit.
       Hoover dam is a dam that is There was no parallel in history.
    , the largest dam, is still the world famous buildings, has been designated as national historic landmarks and national historic civil engineering, 1994, American Society of civil engineering is regarded as one of the seven wonders of the modern civil engineering.
    Hoover dam blogs The Hoover dam reservoir is the famous Lake Mead (Lake Mead).
    The largest artificial reservoir in advance, at the time of reclamation director Ewu Mi de (Dr.
    Elwood Mead) named dr..
    Lake Mead, vast expanse.
    Is the largest artificial lake in the western hemisphere.
    It is not only beautiful, but also irrigation of crops and the use of hydraulic power, plays an important role in the development of production.
    The Hoover dam power is 1345 MW, can supply the Pacific coast southwest most areas, the contribution of the large visible Hoover dam.
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