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Times World University Rank 2019!
At 21:
00 on September 26, 2018, Times Higher Education (The) ranked the world's universities in 2019. Times Higher Education World University Ranking (The), QS World University Ranking, ARWU and U.S. News are the four most influential rankings in the worlD.The World University Rank for Higher Education (The) of the Times in 2019 is the 15th year ranking of more than 1,250 institutions of higher education worldwide (only 1,100 last year), covering 86 countries (81 last year).
So it's also the most competitive and cognizant ranking ever.
Scoring standard The Thames THE World University Rank in 2019 measures 13 breakdown indicators of teaching, research, citation, international outlook and industry income of universities around the world.
The calculation of the ranking of the world's universities is also specially audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers, so this ranking can be said to be very comprehensive and reliable.
Ranking point · In the ranking of world universities in 2019, China emerged as the first university in the world:
Tsinghua University surpassed Peking University to become the new hegemony in mainland China for the first time, and replaced Singapore National University to become the first university in Asia.
· For the fifteenth consecutive year, the United States has dominated the final global rankings.
· Japan surpassed Britain to become the second largest university enrollment country.
· For the third consecutive year, Oxford University ranked the highest, while Cambridge University ranked second.
· European universities account for half of the seats, while the Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom are the most representative countries.
Top Ten in the UK-US Package List Overall, the top ten universities are dominated by Britain and the United States, including seven American universities and three British universities.
Oxford University and Cambridge University ranked second in the worlD.Stanford, MIT, California Tech and other frequent customers did not change significantly.
It is worth mentioning that Yale University ranked eighth in the top ten for the first time.
Imperial Polytechnic dropped by one.
The performance of American universities in THE is still bright.
Although the throne of TOP1 is occupied by Britain, it does not affect its hegemony at all.
In TOP10 bull school, it occupies 7. In TOP 30, it occupies 20 seats, accounting for nearly half of the top 100 universities, reaching 41. In fact, no matter which World University rankings, American universities are the most qualified, and their "world's most educated" reputation is well-deserved.
Tsinghua ranks first in Asia There are three universities in the mainland of China, Tsinghua University, Peking University and China University of Science and Technology, which are among the top 100 universities in the worlD.Zhejiang University ranks 101, and it is just around the corner to become one of the top 100 universities in the world.
It is worth noting that Tsinghua University ranks first in Asia, overwhelming the National University of Singapore and Tokyo University of Japan.
European countries have done well In the top 200 THE universities in the world in 2019, more than 30% of the institutions in European countries, almost every European country has many famous universities in the top 200 in the worlD.Among them, 39 British universities, 23 German universities and 12 Dutch universities were among the top 200.
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