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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
The new immigration policy of the United States will come.
You can't get benefits if you want a green card!
Since Trump took office, he has not been satisfied with the welfare of immigrants for a long time, and may introduce relevant laws to deprive him of his green carD.Now, the relevant draft has finally come out, but the details are slightly biased.
Latest news:
Trump bypassed the legislative process of Congress directly and planned to "reduce points" for immigrant applicants receiving certain benefits.
According to several US media reports, the authorities will veto applications for permanent residence if they believe that the applicants tend to rely on government assistance for their livelihood.
US Green Card Approved New Standard:
Have you received benefits?
According to Hong Kong's Star Island Daily, the US Department of Homeland Security announced a new draft law on the 22nd to restrict access to green cards for people receiving government benefits such as food vouchers, medical subsidies and "Class 8 housing subsidies".
Combining the New York Times, NBC, Reuters and Politico websites, the Department of Homeland Security published recommendations on its website that immigration investigators would list social benefits for permanent residents as "an important negative factor", and authorities would veto applications for permanent residence if they believed that applicants tended to rely on government assistance for their lives.
The Department of Homeland Security stresses that the 447-page new recommendation of Unacceptable Being a Public Burden applies only to those who apply for visas or permanent residence status.
As for the majority of people who have obtained green cards, as well as those who apply for naturalization, they are not affected by the new proposal.
Those who receive health insurance subsidies through the Affordable Health Insurance Scheme or the Child Health Insurance Scheme, as well as low-income to middle-income families who receive income tax credits, are similarly unaffected.
However, if the applicant has the following actions, he or she may not get a green card or visa:
Children are not American citizens but receive government benefits.
Benefits converted to more than $1821 a year (15% of the federal poverty line) At the same time, the new proposal specifies that specific applicants may need to buy at least $10,000 in cash bonds if they want to obtain a green card.
In a press release, the Department of Homeland Security said the new proposal would help to ensure that those interested in coming to the United States and living in the United States, whether temporary or permanent, are economically self-sufficient and do not rely on government welfare.
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