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Can EU citizens seek medical treatment in all parts of the EU?
What is the process?
Emergency medical insurance First of all, we should make it clear that, as EU citizens, if they fall ill during their temporary stay in another EU country, whether on vacation, business travel or studying abroad, they have the right to enjoy any medical treatment before returning home and the same right to medical care as their nationals.
Hold the European Medical Insurance Card (EHIC) to prove that you have access to health care in the European Union countries and apply for reimbursement according to the rules and rates of the country under the same conditions as the nationals of the country.
If you don't have a medical insurance card, or you can't use a medical insurance card (such as a private hospital that is not covered by the EHIC program), you still have the right to receive treatment, but you need to pay for the treatment, and apply to your health insurance company for reimbursement after returning home.
Application for European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) In some countries, the European Medical Insurance Card is issued with the National Medical Insurance CarD.You don't have to pay any fees.
You can get it free of charge from the health insurance company before you go abroad.
The health care and social security systems in EU countries are different.
You can learn about the health care system in your country from national health institutions, national contact points, or EPP of European health insurance.
Planned medical insurance In some cases, under EU law, you have the right to arrange medical treatment in other EU countries, such as consulting specialists, for surgery or treatment of specific diseases.
Before doing so, make sure you fully understand the scope of your rights and the procedures you need to follow.
How to organize therapy abroad 1. Confirmation of coverage of health insurance Before you go abroad, you need to confirm that:
Does the treatment belong to the benefits you enjoy in your country?
Do you need authorization from your health insurance company (most hospitalizations require authorization) Are your treatment expenses reimbursed?
If so, please confirm the reimbursement rate.
2 Seek medical institutions for treatment You can find a medical institution to provide treatment in another EU country by:
Ask your local health insurance company Ask your country's or therapeutic country's national contact points about the planned medical system Look for a medical institution directly by yourself
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    ABOUT pennsylvania local customs, tourist attractions
    University of Pennsylvania (hereinafter referred to as Pennsylvania), is a United States of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia and the same school, private university, is also the member of the Ivy league.
    It is a famous American scientist and statesman, drafted the declaration of independence, the lightning rod, Franklin furnace and distance glasses inventor Benjamin Franklin and was founded in 1740 years, the time for a charity party.
    University of Pennsylvania (University of Pennsylvania), located in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, the United States is a famous private research university, one of the eight Ivy League school.
    The school was founded in 1740, the United States is the fourth oldest institution of higher education, the University and the first modern.
    9 signatories of the declaration of independence and the constitution of the United States 11 signatory is related to the school.
    Benjamin Franklin is the founder of the school.
    University of Pennsylvania is the first university (America's First University).
    The university is not a real sense of Harvard was founded in 1636, is called college (college), until 1780 it was renamed Harvard University.
    In 1779, Penn was renamed "University of the State of Pennsylvania", before this, America and no one institution in University (University) named.
    University of Pennsylvania has a lot of different racial and cultural backgrounds of the students.
    In recent years, 39.2% admitted freshmen in Asian, Hispanic, African or indian.
    The students in the girls accounted for 51.3%.
    In 2004 2440 international students of undergraduate admissions, 489 of whom admitted.
    In the first grade undergraduate freshmen have 13% international students in these international students, 15.8% from Africa and the Middle East, 48.1% from Asia, 0.4% from Oceania, 11.7% from canada and Mexico, 10% from South America and the caribbean, 14.1% from europe.
    A total of 4192 of international students 2004 years of admission in the fall of all students.
    Teaching resources
    The school has a well-known Museum of archeology and anthropology, the Museum school thanks to the famous Archaeology Department contribution.
    There are a large number of ancient Egypt and the Middle East cultural relics Museum collections, also has a considerable number of chinese cultural relics, including a chinese from a dynasty of the world's largest crystal ball.
    In addition, the annual study of contemporary art in the campus held many different styles of art exhibition.
    The University of Pennsylvania library was founded in 1750, the original collection division Louis Evans donated homemade map.
    20 years later, when Dean William Smith across the UK to raise funds to expand the amount of books.
    250 years later, the school has the size of the library 15, library collection of more than 5 million 700 thousand copies, and subscribe to more than 40 thousand kinds of journals, with more than 400 administrators, and a budget of $480 million.
    campus environment
    The building of University of Pennsylvania by Karp and West Watson, two architects combines British University of Oxford and University of cambridge architectural style, while retaining some old Gothic elements at the same time, innovation and development of the new campus of Gothic architecture.
    The center of the school campus area of 269 acres (1 square kilometers), and extended to the west of Philadelphia, adjacent to the northeast of Drexel University, which has formed many colleges and Research Institute campus Recently the school strengthened the surrounding area planning, the West campus opened restaurants, supermarkets and cinemas.
    At the same time, the school also plans within the next ten years campus east of 35 acres of land and building new facilities, for use in education and research.
    city: Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
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