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Which Cyprus city do you like better?
Nicosia The capital of Cyprus, the political, economic and cultural center; The largest and most developed city in Cyprus; Educational resources are the richest, with the best public and private universities in the country.
Spanning two countries, it has two special customs and customs.
Cyprus has a large number of archaeological collections and national treasures.
The most populous city on the island; The style of urban architecture is integrated into Eurasia.
The old city has a dazzling array of traditional handicraft.
Ay Bernard Pa The largest resort and tourist paradise in southeastern Cyprus; It has the largest number of blue flag beaches and the most complete marine tourism facilities.
Golden Coast - the second largest entertainment paradise in the Mediterranean; Experience the outdoor resort of speed and passion; The Mediterranean is a vibrant and unknown city.
The most magnificent scenic spots; The best health resort; It has the largest water theme park in Europe - Water World.
Larnaka Cyprus is the second largest commercial port, the third largest city and an important tourist city.
Cyprus is an important international airport and cruise terminal, with Larnaca International Airport, the largest airport in Cyprus.
St.Lazarus Church, one of the most precious cultural heritage.
Low-priced cities; Cyprus's oldest soul; Historical civilization can be traced back to ten thousand years ago.
The famous Larnaca Salt Lake is home to a rare species of flamingo.
Pafos The capital of European culture; Venus, the birthplace of the God of love; It has been listed in the World Heritage List.
Tourist attractions in Western Cyprus; The island's famous seaside resorts and tourist attractions; Cyprus has the most hotels in the city; It has a large number of historic buildings.
The discovery site of Rita and Swan, one of Cyprus's famous art treasures and national treasures.
limassol Cyprus's second largest city Modern Coastal Cities Cyprus's Largest Port One of the Important Trade, Economic and Tourism Centers A Treasury of Sites on the South Bank of Cyprus Cyprus is a place of fun, with riotous carnivals, the famous May Flower Festival and the Wine Festival.
Origin of world-famous Commandaria wine The most popular theatrical venue in Cyprus
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