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How do children of EU citizens study in EU countries?
The school season has arriveD.While many Indian parents are taking their children to school, many parents ask that EU citizens are free to choose schools in the EU, but what is the specific operation?
First of all, two points need to be made clear:
As EU citizens, your children have the right to go to school in any EU country under the same conditions as their citizens.
They have the right to be assigned to classes of the same age group, regardless of their language proficiency.
2 As EU citizens, if you move to another EU country to work (including being employed or doing business), your children have the right to receive free introductory learning in your new country, including learning the language of the new country, to help them integrate into and adapt to the school system there.
Please note that the school system in your country or region may be very different from the school system you are used to.
For example, in some countries, students are separated into academics or professions very early, which is why there is no automatic recognition of school certificates within the EU.
In some countries or regions, you must first have your child's school certificate approved by the national authorities before you can register in a local school.
So it's usually best to keep a record of each child's educational history, which will help them apply for admission and secondary education.
The document may include the following:
* Copies of all transcripts or transcripts (make sure that your original is stamped with the school seal); Recommendation letters from teachers and/or principals; Current lists of textbooks and syllabuses to help new teachers determine the level of your children; - Test results, especially children's mother tongue, mathematics and science; * Immunization of your child and recent medical records.
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    ABOUT state local customs, tourist attractions
    Napa Valley, California
    One section of Highway 121 in northern California is from St Helena to Napa Valley.
    This beautiful highway is famous for its miles of wineries.
    The vineyards along the way are picturesque.
    From dawn to dusk, all kinds of scenery alternate.
    Drive slowly along Highway 121, stop and go.
    Stop at Domaine Chandon because the beautiful lake is quiet and glittering in the sunshine.
    ~~ There is a hill in the winery with fallen leaves and slopes, where you can sit and chat, drink and enjoy the sunshine.
    What is more comfortable than this? The last taste of summer, it must be the taste of California full of sunshine! After two drinks, I blushed slightly and continued my trip with two bottles of the last sparkling wine of summer.
    The entrance to Robert M is very special.
    The semi-circular porch takes people into this green vineyard.
    The winery is as beautiful as a fairy tale.
    There is also a fairy tale about wine making.
    No wonder there is love in this strong red wine.
    Two years later, on Highway 1, I went around for a few more drinks.
    I can't forget the sweetness of this wine.
    I have to feel the delicacy of California's wine in the sunshine.
    Beauty everywhere doesn't know how to make the best of the mirror.
    It's just to stay a little longer, a little longer.
    ~ Beringer Vineyard is not far away.
    It is led by an old castle.
    With the fragrance of flowers and plants, beautiful music and sweet wine, it occupies the whole body with no gunshot, no resistance.
    What can we do? It's better to raise your hand and surrender, Haha ha.
    ~ Here's a bottle of Merlot with rich taste, mixed with grapes, cocoa and fragrant fruit.
    What happens? There is a famous hot dog shop beside the highway, which was built in 1949. Passers-by will stop to eat, drink, talk and chat, and enjoy the warmth and care of California sunshine.
    I don't really like fast food like hot dogs, but this hot dog tastes different, rich enough! With sweet potato chips and beef sauce, that's delicious.
    Eat it right away! If you have time, you can also try the small train built in 1860's, from Mckinstry Street Station to St Helena, 36 miles long, through the Napa Valley, enjoy all the scenery of the winery, it is absolutely worth trying! Next time, California!!
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