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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Specific admission requirements vary from country to country, region to school.
Take St Stephen's Primary School, which ranks No.
1 in British primary and secondary schools in the Times in 2018, and East Ham Stephen Primary School, for example.
(Britain declares that the rights and obligations of EU citizens to study in the United Kingdom will still apply to the United Kingdom until 2020).
The materials to be submitted before admission are as follows:
1. Proof of the legal name and date of birth of the child One of the following file lists will do:
British Birth Certificate - Short or Long Edition:
Schools do not accept non-British birth certificates because they may use languages other than English; A valid current passport (your child may be included in your passport, and if the passport is valid you can use it); (EEA) identity cards; Official documents that families are supported by national asylum-seekers services, such as ARC application for registration cards.
Adoption or renaming documents can only prove that the child's name has changed, but not his identity.
2. Prove your child's main address number One of the following file lists will do:
Your municipal tax bill for the current fiscal year; Current Housing Welfare Rights Letter (the school will delete financial details when you attend the admissions meeting); * Lease agreements for your municipal housing or housing association property; - Private rental agreements (applicable to leases from January 1, 2013) or leases from licensed landlords (leases from January 1, 2013) approved by us; - A letter from the National Asylum Support Service (NASS) certifying your address; A letter from an adult or child service asylum team certifying your address.
3. Utility bills Just one of the files listed below (note that if your family is supported by NASS or social care asylum teams, you will need this bill):
Gas bills, payment schedules or notifications; - Electricity bills, payment schedules or notifications; Water bills, payment schedules or notifications; - Telephone bills or payment notifications; Mobile bills or payment notifications.
4. Medical contact information The name, address and telephone number of the hospital your child went to.
If you like, you can include the name of the general practitioner.
The name, address and telephone number of the dentist's clinic your child went to.
If you like, you can also include the name of the dentist.
5. Emergency Contact Information You need to provide information about two people (18 years or older) that the school can contact in an emergency.
If possible, at least one contact should speak English.
Full name; Address; Language; Relationships with children; Home phone number; Cell phone number.
6. Proof of Parental Responsibility You will need documents to prove that you live with your children and that you have parental responsibilities.
You must also include details of any other person responsible for your child's parents.
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    ABOUT state local customs, tourist attractions
    The Soul of Rock and Roll in Bruce's Style: Memphis
    National Civil Rights Museum, named Museum, was actually the last place where Martin Luther King lived and was assassinated.
    Perhaps it has never been possible to fully understand his significance to African Americans, but it may be a part of his efforts to think that international students now occupy the United States and that Southern Asians, once white supremacy, can learn and work normally.
    The location of the assassination, Lorraine Motel, is downtown Memphis.
    Killer's perspective.
    The wanted poster of that year.
    He changed his passport and fled to England where he was finally arrested.
    A rifle used in assassination.
    Ford Mustang, the vehicle used by the killer.
    It's also a good car in any era.
    The killer himself had been a dishwasher before, and the car became one of the testimonies of behind-the-scenes mafia.
    For the first time in my life, I saw the jukebox in the movie.
    Somehow, Murakami was the first person to think of.
    Old buildings in 1870, when yellow fever swept through the city, lost 3/4 of its population.
    It seems that a large part of downtown Memphis was abandoned as a result.
    A clanking car.
    Because it always exists, instead, it is a common transportation tool, like in Hong Kong, not the front door.
    The famous Beale Street, Memphis's music, is of its own style, and it is a brilliant piece in the history of music development.
    Originally planned to see Alice in Chains that day, but just in time for the first round of the NBA playoffs in the west of a life-and-death battle, it can not help but pick up the day rather than hit the sun to join in the excitement.
    And in the dark, there's providence.
    Beale Street is where the ball hall is located.
    Day 2
    Here comes the theme - the driving force of this trip is the music festival.
    Music festival was my hobby in those days, so at least we should see the color of this side.
    Less than 100 knives to see big brands, I'm afraid, can only be seen in Deep South, a remote area.
    As an Englishman, Jake Bugg sang with the smell of Tennessee.
    Besides, it's really beautiful - I think I'm getting old, and I'm starting to salivate too much.
    Every day, it rains before sunset, and then it clears up.
    I really love her - Patti Smith.
    When everyone began to honor her as Punk Godmother, she began to be graceful.
    The expression is to experience the painful state of mind, but also remain peaceful.
    I hope I can look like her when I grow old.
    If you become a good person, you can sing well.
    ~ Buy a little flower to shake - people in middle age, this kind of opportunity can only be in music.
    Below the sky is the Pentium Mississippi River, the magnificent rehmannia.
    Red Lobster That morning I went to eat Red Lobster, who had been advertising on TV, and ate and flew.
    ~ Day 3 2013-05-05 It wasn't until I started visiting Memphis that I realized that there was an annual music festival in such a small city and that it was because of Elvis Presley that big names like Paul McCartney were invited to give concerts.
    Born in my "third home" Mississippi, Elvis Presley has always been burdened by his "upstart" mental journey, Graceland's all evidence.
    The end of Michael Jackson is just another copy of him.
    So it's a misfortune to come from poverty and prosper? The second floor of the manor is not open to the public.
    It is said that it is his private space.
    But I want to know more and more about the secret hidden in it.
    The wedding dress.
    Since the owner of the estate is his daughter, shall I believe the story that he did not marry a woman he had raised, but loved only one person in his life? God felt that he should rest and called him to go.
    Front gate Coming back to the third day of the festival in the evening --- missing the rain every day, leaving us with more mud than the previous two days --- deliberately making Woodstock? Grizzly bears are the light of the city, everywhere.
    Timberland's yellow boots are a great invention What wears a Scottish checked skirt is actually a bearded man.
    Especially high-end broken melon - one of my best live experiences, better than Muse.
    The studio and the scene, just like the movie and its original sound, are a good thing to meet but not to ask for.
    Corky's Rib's & BBQ Memphis's famous roast pork chop, the most famous family, is indeed well-known.
    And the pork elbow.
    I think the Chinese people can find the same thing here as the original definition of "delicious".
    Hand ripped pig elbow Corky's Rib's & BBQ Roast pork chop, dry material on the left and wet material on the right, dry material is Memphis's characteristic, but also better.
    Corky's Rib's & BBQ Memphis is the terminal for many of my village classmates and I to come to the United States on time tickets --- the first city we saw after we came to the United States, where we also transfer back to China, to the airport to pick up people back home or back.
    My car was bought in this city, and I brought people here to buy it.
    It is such a seemingly familiar city that I used to feel that it was not prosperous and distinctive enough to dislike it, but it was only three years after I knew it that I found its vividness.
    It's just like a person who is plain at first sight and interesting in his soul when he gets along.
    I think cities, like people, need us to be honest and relative.
    Only in this way can we see the best side of the city.
    So far, I like Memphis.
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