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Portugal's Supreme Life of High Quality Portuguese Labels - Beach, Football, Red Wine We can divide Portugal into three parts:
Porto in the north, Lisbon in the middle and Faro in the south, symbolizing the largest city.
The Mediterranean climate began in Lisbon to the South and the oceanic temperate broad-leaved forest climate to the north.
The Mediterranean climate is one that is warm enough for a day on the beach.
Portugal's prices are horribly low compared with other European countries.
There are soft beaches like Italy and Spain.
When there is enough sunshine, the people of Europe who are farther north or inland come to southern Portugal in summer.
Football Football fans must know Portugal, and even those who don't like football must have heard of Ronaldo.
Portugal's strong strength speaks of the country's inseparable fate with football and has become a major football team.
Cork Plug Kingdom In the old world, Portuguese red wine is very little known, but after all, half of the cork corks in the world are coming out from this bullet spot (Portugal's pillar industry).
Red wine is not as good as thunder piercing ears, but it is also worth collecting.
Tourism Compared with Europeans, we are not so keen on sunshine.
Portuguese tourism, for the Chinese people, Lisbon and Porto are more tourism focus.
From sightseeing cable cars to Bay Views to aquariums, from happy shopping on Freedom Avenue to restoring plazas and castles, of course, there are also Santa Hutas elevators, Jerome convents, the Great Jesus, Explorer monuments, and so on.
All this records the glory of the colonial empire, but all the prosperity is due to South American gold art lying quietly in the museum.
As an experienced eater, Xiao Ming almost forgot something important:
the origin of Portuguese egg tarts, Belem egg tarts.
The sun may not shine, the scenery may not see, the museum may not appreciate, but things must not be eaten.
When it comes to eating, there is no particularly delicious food in Portugal, but there are still many delicious foods.
As I emphasized at the beginning, the advantage here is that the price is not high, the seafood meat is very cheap, and the taste is quite good.
Compared with Lisbon, Xiao Ming thinks that Ariel Garvey is also very gooD.It is located in the southernmost coastline of Portugal, where the sea is warm and calm.
There's so much to enjoy in Algarve.
The sea is warm and the climate is pleasant.
The resorts, hotels and luxury resorts here are excellent places to go.
There are also small fishing villages, such as Santa Luzia of TavirA.The port of Sagres is leisurely and quiet.
Algarve Beach is the best beach in the worlD.There are many types, such as concealed beach, family beach, and some beaches where the sea is quiet.
They are ideal places for water sports.
Whichever you choose, it's enough to make you happy.
Don't forget golf!
Algarve has 30 golf courses, some of which rank high in Europe, attracting many amateurs and professional golf players every year.
In Algarve, people live outdoors. come on, join them and enjoy the atmosphere, the climate and the food on the terraces of cafes and restaurants.
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    ABOUT state local customs, tourist attractions
    Acadia National Park, located in Maine, may be a new attraction for foreign tourists, but in the United States, Acadia is absolutely one of the most popular tourist and leisure destinations.
    Although it is one of the smallest national parks in the United States, it covers an area of about 19,000 hectares, but to the United States.
    The National Park Administration ranked Acadia National Park as one of the top ten most popular national parks in the United States, according to its 2004 recreational visitor rating.
    Island Explorer is free and has many lines throughout Acadia National Park.
    If you don't drive by yourself, it would be great to take this minibus for sightseeing.
    This year, his home runs from June 23 to Columbus Day (October 8).
    Later, I will mention how to use this minibus to visit Acadia.
    It can be said that this bus is very convenient.
    First day:
    Starting from New York at 1:00 PM, WiFi on the Greyhound Bus is still out of use.
    Who knows it's raining, the weather is very bad, the car has been driving very slowly.
    I wasn't worried at first, but as the expected time to arrive in Boston got closer and closer, the car started to panic while it was still roaming around in Connecticut.
    Sure enough, it was expected to arrive in Boston at 5:20 PM, and then the Boston-Bangor flight departed at 6:15 PM.
    As a result, it arrived in Boston at 7:00 PM, two hours later.
    What does that mean? That means we missed the bus from Boston to Bangor, and that means we have to stay in Boston today.
    This is a panic.
    Call the reserved Bangor Hotel and say that the weather is bad and you can't stay today.
    Ask if you can change the date.
    There will be a reply tomorrow, but obviously you can't stay tonight.
    At that time, there was no hope.
    After all, refund policy said that there would be no refund if the room could not be booked.
    Even if the reservation was cancelled, the first night's room money would be deducted.
    Who knows when he calls the next day and asks, he knows that he promised to refund there.
    It's so good to be in full bloom.
    In addition, there is also a concern that the Greyhound ticket missed this class can still be used, or it will cost more money.
    Greyhound said on its website that whatever the reason for the delay, they were not responsible for the loss of being late to catch up with the next bus.
    When we got to Boston, we went to the Greyhound counter and answered that the next morning shift would be all right.
    We didn't have to pay much.
    So it's nice that the late arrival of the car didn't cause any loss of money.
    Boston Greyhound Bus Station in South Station, very good thing is that it's very close to Chinatown.
    You can see the plaque of Chinatown as soon as you get out of the gate.
    I went to Chinatown for dinner and chose a self-service hot pot.
    The second day: 6:00 AM departs from Boston and arrives at Bangor about noon.
    Lunch was settled at the Greyhound Bus Station in Bangor.
    (Pork chops in large portions.
    The fire is a little over, a little dry.
    The name of the restaurant is Dysart's.
    Then Bar Harbor shutle came to pick us up and delivered it to our hotel in Bar Harbor, which is called Bar Harbor Villager Motel.
    It's $149 a night plus tax.
    It's not cheap, but it's basically the same price around Bar Harbor, especially when we come to the peak.
    Another particularly good thing about his family is that it's very close to the starting point (a small park) of the Akadia free shuttle I mentioned earlier, which makes it extremely convenient to take shuttles.
    His family also offers free breakfaSt. PS: There's another Bar Harbor Motel on shuttle's line, but I don't think it's as convenient as the starting station, so I chose Villager Motel.
    (Bar Harbor Village Green, the starting point for Island Explorer's multiple routes, is a small garden.
    ) On the third day
    After breakfast in the morning, go to shuttle.
    This time, I took Southwest Harbor Line 7, leaving at 8:10, and stopped on the way (because today's train frequency is 3 hours a shift, can't spend too much time on it), took a circle as a sightseeing, the red leaves along the way looked very pleasant, and returned to the departure station at 10:05 AM (there is a Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse on this line).
    You can see it when you have time.
    The Head Light Lighthouse in Portland, Maine's fourth largest city, is the most well-known of the many lighthouses along its long coastline and the oldest, most beautiful and most photographed in the United States.
    The lighthouse was built by George Washington, the first president of the United States, in 1787, facing the Atlantic Ocean.
    Careful people have not found in this picture, there is also a lighthouse opposite it echoes.
    (The sign says a ship crashed on a reef here.
    ) Play a few more pictures from different angles:
    (Take a walk along the beach path beside the lighthouse to see the vast sea and the intense waves.
    ) After seeing the lighthouse, call back to Portland Greyhound Bus Station.
    There is a supermarket in Hong Kong across the street.
    I bought something to eat.
    Then 1PM departed to transfer through Boston and returned to New York at 8:20PM.
    The trip to Acadia, Maine, ended smoothly.
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