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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Analysis on the Potential of Real Estate Investment in the Five Areas of New York New York City is located in the southeastern part of New York State.
It covers a large area and is located at the mouth of the Hudson River.
In addition to the well-known Manhattan, there are four other districts:
Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and Bronx.
Each administrative region has its own historical development and characteristics.
For those who want to buy real estate in New York City, it is necessary to understand the characteristics and basic housing conditions of these five administrative regions.
Manhattan Manhattan is a densely populated and small administrative district of New York City, USA.Manhattan consists mainly of an island surrounded by the East River, the Hudson River and the Harlem River.
There are many well-known enterprises, known as the economic center of the world, which is a very rich area of New York.
Manhattan is described as the economic and cultural center of the United States, the seat of New York City's Central Business District, the world's skyscraper-intensive region, which brings together the headquarters of most of the world's top 500 companies, and also the seat of the United Nations headquarters.
Wall Street in Manhattan is an important financial center in the worlD.There are the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq.
The real estate market in Manhattan is very expensive all over the world.
Queens Queens is a district east of New York's five major administrative districts and a larger one.
Geographically, it borders Brooklyn to the South and the southwestern border of Long IslanD.Long Island City in Queens is an active real estate market in Queens.
There are a large number of new buildings, including property apartment buildings and rental buildings.
Brooklyn Most new immigrants will be surprised to find that Brooklyn is about five times larger than Manhattan.
Brooklyn is one of the five boroughs of New York City with a large population.
According to the statistics of 2015, there are 2.63 million people here.
It borders Queens to the north and Long Island to the eaSt.There are a large number of Chinese people living in the Eighth Avenue area of Brooklyn.
Staten Island Staten Island is one of the five administrative districts of New York City. compared with the other four districts of New York City, this district is located far away, sparsely populated, with more natural landscapes and a lower degree of development.
To solve traffic problems with other districts of New York City, the Verrazano Narrows Bridge, which crosses the Gorge and connects Stanton Island with Brooklyn in series, was opened in 1964. As a result, many Chinese working in Brooklyn choose to buy a house in Stanton.
Bronx The Bronx is one of the five boroughs north of New York City in the United States.
The Bronx has a lot of Park land, which is the home of the famous Major League Baseball New York Yankees.
The population of this area is mainly of African and Latin American descent.
Bronx is half or more cheaper than Queens and Brooklyn, and it is a potential area to be developed.
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    ABOUT arkansas local customs, tourist attractions
    Farmer found a diamond Monds State Park is located in southwestern Arkansas, from the government of Little Rock, about an hour's drive.
    Forest, grassland and lakes through the layers of shade, impressively is presented in front of a dark brown land, and plow a neat ridge.
    People will think that this is just waiting for the spring after planting farmland.
    In fact, this area of 37 acres (1 acres of about 6 mu of land ") is the core of the crater of Diamonds State park.
    As long as every tourist to spend $5 to buy tickets, you can enjoy the freedom of any diamond mining fun.
    MS Jacqueline said: "the company is located, is the crater of diamonds" about 95 million years ago the volcano lava channel.
    The volcano lava in the heat and pressure, forming a rich diamond and olivine, garnet, amethyst, agate and other semi precious resources, now exposed surface after corrosion and weathering."
    "The first diamond diamond pit", is the farmer John discovered in August 8, 1906. He was only 100 dollars and a mule, bought a piece of land here.
    One day, when he was suddenly in the soil work two pieces of sparkling stones attract.
    He wanted to get the stone wheel on a polished look, and see what things, but the results of the grinding wheel pressing a big gap.
    The two stone was later removed to New York's jewelry store, eventually identified as a 3 carat White Diamond, the other is a 1.5 carat Yellow diamond.
    John did not get rich because of the diamond, he quickly sold their land to others at a price of $36 thousand.
    "The diamond pit land later changed hands several times, many companies want to turn it into a commercial area.
    But the ongoing litigation, the shortage of funds, arson make a burst of "dreams".
    Until early 1950, when the land owner Howard couple decided to put here to open to the public, and named "the crater of diamonds".
    In 1972, the Arkansas state government for $750 thousand to buy the "Diamond pit", has established a state park.
    Not with engine tool Monds State Park, the biggest selling point is its purpose: "that is the owner".
    Park staff first lady said: "visitors can not only save any discovery of their own, and no stone can be free to ask the staff appraisal, and issued a certificate.
    If necessary, you can also recommend jewelry experts and cutting experts."
    We see the neat attire, first lady smiled: "you are to watch the tourists.
    Something to wallow in the land, people are prepared to wear old clothes, even boots, self-contained tool, shovel, sieve, bucket, basket.
    The main part is the process of digging, soil screening and scouring."
    In order to prevent the destruction of Mining Park, prohibited any engine, wheels and other mechanical components of the tool.
    In order to maintain the order of mining, the staff every month to start the machine, the plough land tourists "dig three feet" again.
    So far, people discovered the 70 thousand diamond in the crater of diamonds, the average annual mining 600. Now, the "Diamond pit" to an annual average of 74 thousand visitors per hundred visitors will find a diamond.
    It is generally found that the diamond weighs 0.1 carats, common colors are white, brown, yellow.
    However, those who are willing to spend time, take leave of the "treasures" gain far more than these.
    In the "National Geographic" magazine for the Sally here for more than 10 years the diamond, found a total of more than 300 stars, one of the biggest 3.03 carats, 1.09 carats after cutting.
    By the experts, the diamond cut, both in color and clarity are no flaws, which belongs to the rare treasure, not less than $1 million valuation.
    But Sally at the price of $35 thousand, is almost to the state of Arkansas.
    Now this diamond in the monds State Park hall in the cabinet for people to enjoy.
    Something may destroy the landscape "The diamond pit" reputation, attracted more and more tourists.
    Many geological experts worry, no limit of this mining will cause damage to the state of Arkansas unique landform.
    Famous geologist Dr.
    Henry believes that the crater of diamonds is the precious wealth of the United States, the diamond mine diamond mine in South Africa and India and almost comparable.
    Because this diamond is not only the color is complete, but a lot of white diamonds are no flaws in the boutique, a yellow diamond also has superior color and clarity.
    If the mine in South Africa, will be included in the important commercial mineral deposits.
    crater of diamonds produced exquisite diamond is indeed a lot.
    The most famous is the largest one -- "Uncle Sam" 40.23 carat, is by far the largest diamond production in North America, is now placed on permanent display in the National Museum of natural history.
    A diamond is found in 1977, weighing 4.25 carats, natural yellow, flawless, triangular pillow shape, there is no need to cut.
    In 1993 and 1997, Hilary at the inauguration of President clinton, who by this diamond wear.
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