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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Miami ranks No.
1 in the top 10 cities that immigrants love to buy houses More than a quarter (25.7%) of Miami's homeowners are immigrants.
Overall, 59.5% of the city's residents own houses, with a median housing price of $278,700.
California accounts for five of the top ten favorite cities for immigrants.
San Jose ranked second, with 24.8% of foreign-born homeowners, and the city's median house price was $957,700.
Los Angeles ranked third (18.3%), followed by San Francisco (17.9%) and Riverside, California (17.3%).
Median housing prices in these cities were $617,100, $849,500 and $342,300, respectively.
Houston ranked sixth, with 16.6% of the total, followed by Las Vegas (14.6%), New York (14.4%) and Washington, D.
Santiago ranks 10th, with 12.9% of homeowners from other countries.
On the other hand, in the 10 cities with the lowest concentration of migrant homeowners, the housing prices are all below $200,000.
Pittsburgh, for example, has the lowest proportion of immigrant buyers (2.1%) and a relatively low median housing price of $153,300.
Louisville, Kentucky, ranked second on the list, with 2.7% of buyers from other countries, with a median price of $168,600, followed by Cincinnati, Ohio (2.7%), St.Louis, Missouri (2.8%) and Memphis, Tennessee (2.9%).
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    ABOUT kentucky local customs, tourist attractions
    Kentucky Derby Museum Kentucky Racing Museum is located in Louis, Kentucky, is an American thoroughbred racing Museum, designed to protect the Ken Taki Debbie history, is located in the world famous churchill Park Racecourse near.
    The Museum is designed by Louis Weil James, industrialist Brown song (James Graham Brown) Brown donated land and $7 million 500 thousand to build, in the spring of 1985 opening.
    Because the state of Kentucky to produce a horse see, so it is the largest Racing Museum, it is different with the general Museum oval giant Hall, like Racecourse runway shape, with 360 degree large screen to showcase the high-definition video "the greatest event".
    The roof hanging horse successive championship banner, showing the relevant archives and racing various data artifacts, and a collection of many different styles in the carriage.
    Here by watching documentaries and exhibits, visitors can learn how to put a pony raised, and gradually training it to participate in the Kentucky derby.
    The Kentucky jockey club known to the world, is held annually on the first Sunday of May, is located in the racecourse near churchill Park racecourse.
    A 10 day Kentucky derby is the city event, then Louis will open the exhibition, a series of activities to race as the center of the 1, and the boat race balloon race, very lively.
    The race distance was a quarter horse, 16 three.
    year-old horses participating each year the best record limit, to win the Kentucky Derby, jockey and horse owners are regarded as the highest honor.
    Kentucky Derby Museum The most important
    Reason: Kentucky Racing Museum
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Kentucky: [Kentucky State]
    Louis, [Louisville]

    : city Attractions Kentucky Horse Park If you are a love of horses, so in the American state of Kentucky Lexington Kentucky Horse Park is a good place to go, there are a variety of thoroughbred horse for you to visit.
    The Kentucky Horse Park was established in 1978, covers an area of 4.85 square kilometers, is a place in the operation of race and education theme park.
    It is in the us state of Kentucky at the junction of highway 1937 and North Fayette county, interstate 75. The Kentucky Horse Park is committed to the friendship between man and horse, open to the outside world, in every day foreign tour stallion two times, there are from the world of common and rare species of horses.
    Horses live freely in here, quietly grazing, or visitors to the show.
    The Horse Park will host the annual special events and horse show, for example, the main site of the 2010 World equestrian games.
    The Kentucky Horse Park has many horse sculpture, can see a door stood high on a base of the fighter, which is thoroughbred race horses American production and training, in different ranks in the twentieth century best horses fighter can have the most support in the first row, as one of the most horses horse on twentieth century in the United States the influence of the.
    In addition, there are many other influential racing horses and true to life winners statue statue.
    Kentucky Horse Park
    Reason: Kentucky, the most famous horse Park
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Kentucky: [Kentucky State]
    city Attractions: Lexington [Lexington]

    Lexington Lexington is located in central Kentucky, and Fayette county where the region completely coincide, is the second largest city in the state of Kentucky after Luis Weil.
    The city has a "world of racing" reputation, has 450 thoroughbred horse race.
    As a famous international racing world, Lexington has a large area of high quality pasture, for feeding horses, green pastures, white fence and active racing up the picturesque scenery, beautiful, in addition, can also understand the city and state of Kentucky horse racing history and culture.
    In addition to racing, the city there are many worthy buildings and Museums, including the Kentucky aviation history quiet about the Kentucky Aviation Museum, Kentucky, the most beautiful cemetery, Lexington cemetery, federal style building in nineteenth century, elegant garden trees.
    Rich and colorful holiday for Lexington to add a lot of joy into the two music festival will be held every year, which is a bluegrass music festival and broadway music festival, the former is Kentucky's oldest Music Festival, will attract a large number of music lovers in the year.
    Reason: the world's most famous racing are"
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Kentucky: [Kentucky State]
    Lexington city attractions: [Lexington]

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