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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Employers refuse to apply for H1B work visas and foreign students have no hope of studying in the United States with difficult green cards.
According to the U.S. World Daily, going to college in the United States is an important step for many foreigners to stay in the United States and realize the American Dream.
However, many foreign students find it increasingly difficult to find jobs in the United States, especially in liberal arts majors, and can hardly find suitable jobs.
At the same time, the increasingly stringent enforcement of immigration laws has led many employers to be reluctant to apply for work visas for foreigners because of fears of many follow-up problems.
This situation has attracted the attention of the mainstream media, "The Wall Street Journal" pointed out that foreigners with MBA degrees find it very difficult to find jobs in the United States.
Lawyers point out that H-1B work visas are becoming more and more difficult, and repeated requests for supplements have become a nightmare for many employers, leading to reluctance to hire foreign students.
Miss Huang, who attended Fullerton State University, is a Chinese international student.
She graduated from the University in early August and studied MBA.She has sent out hundreds of resumes, but most of them are lost in the seA.There are only a few interviews.
However, when she heard that she needs employer's support to apply for a work visa, she can't do that.
She said that there were many foreign students like her in her class, many of whom even gave up trying to find a job in the United States and returned home directly.
Miss Huang said that she had taken a chance at a Chinese job fair recently, but found that few employers were willing to apply for a job visA.Many employers refused it directly.
Only a few employers said that if they were very good, they would think about it, which would make her nervous.
Some companies are reluctant to apply for visa updates for employees even though they have previously supported work visas.
Miss Zhang, who works for a Chinese company in Bashadi, applied for a work visa three years ago, but when it expires this year, she needs to apply for a renewal.
The company announced that after the expiration of the visa for all, the company will not renew it.
Miss Zhang had to look for another joB.But when many potential employers heard that she was facing the problem of transferring visa employers, they also gave up recruiting her.
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    ABOUT oregon local customs, tourist attractions
    Oregon introduce.
    銆銆銆 Area: 251180 square kilometers In fifty states, ranked tenth.
    Population: 2376000 In fifty states, ranked thirtieth.
    Salem state: Salem
    The main city of Portland: Portland
    Eugene Eugene
    State flower: Oregon grape flower
    Island: cardinals
    銆銆 Oregon.
    The name of its name from a river columbiaRiver.
    銆銆 1810 to colonial.
    Eighteen fifty-nine February 14 became the United States 33. The OregonGrape is the state flower of Oregon grape.
    The alias is called "the Beaver State" BeaverState, the state motto: "alliance" theUnion 銆銆 Portland port can import sailing ship, 38 000 population.
    Salem state Salem, a population of seventy thousand.
    The state has four, the institutions of higher learning.
    The most famous is the Oregon State University.
    Founded in 1868, located in Koval corvallis, there are fourteen thousand students.
    The second is the University of Oregon, located in Eugene Eugene, founded in 1876, thirteen thousand students.
    The above two were in the south of the state.
    銆銆 The state has two features: first, the state's first us - the world's seventh deep lake deep lake.
    This lake is called Lake craterLake.
    (a lake 589 meters deep, 932 feet).
    This is the top of an ancient volcano cone, collapse and become circular pit, a real volcano is not mouth.
    The expansion of this circular pit, due to weathering and water erosion.
    It was not so great.
    This lake is called Pan Lake calderaLake.
    The lake has a small island later volcaNo. Although the lake is deep, the water is very clear.
    By overlooking the lake.
    You can see the lake state.
    From the shore to the bottom of the lake, about 1000 meters high.
    The water is dark blue, very clean.
    Lake Thursday 5 kilometers.
    One hundred kilometers wide lake.
    Because the beautiful scenery, fresh air, has been turned into a park, called crater Lake National Park craterLakeNationalPark.
    Second, the state has twelve million hectares of forest land, as the first wood from the state.
    The state of the forest, the trees are tall, spacing very close, therefore, become the main timber supply area.
    The annual production of wood in the United States accounted for about 1/4 of the total output of wood.
    Produced "plywood" plywood, accounting for about 70% of total production in the United states.
    銆銆 Wood processing industry is the most important industry within the state.
    Portland's development into a mature city is about 20 in the century.
    In order to maintain the open view of the landscape, the provisions of Portland city urban construction building shall not exceed 40. When it is clear from the city will be able to see the east side of Mount Hood cone shadows.
    In order to quickly change the future, Portland has not forgotten history of the image with high quality and simple maintenance of the living environment and quality of life in the United States in the competitions, often among the beSt. Because the choice of the rose as a flower, Portland is known as the "Rose city" said.
    In fact, since she is a city full of green, as early as 1852, residents of 25 street between ninth Street Northwest and southwest of the park street, built on the grass, and planting trees.
    100 years later, this green long avenue, everywhere Posuo leaves, were used as "South park".
    銆銆 The Oregon coast Aquarium opened in 1992, covers an area of 23 hectares, is a large aquarium, Oregon has a long history, rich in content, is a world.class aquarium, the aquarium is numerous, it is one of the ten best aquarium in North america.
    Marine aquarium comes mainly from the coast of Oregon, not only the animal, as well as a series of plants.
    There are four fixed exhibition hall, including the walrus wonders, coastal rocks, coastal waters, in addition, some of the small sea creatures on display, such as jellyfish, starfish and sea anemone.
    The Museum's largest exhibition is the "deep sea corridor", pedestrian passage carefully crafted can let visitors more intuitively enjoy the magic and beauty of the underwater world, and you can watch the brave shark and blooming rockfish.
    There are a series of seabirds in the Oregon coast Aquarium, a tufted puffin, murres, puffins, guillemots and black Oystercatcher etc.
    Oregon coast Aquarium
    Reason: one of the best 10 aquarium in North America
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Oregon State [Oregon State]
    Newport city attractions: [Newport]

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