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This famous American university is free of tuition fees.
Although only for medical students On August 16, New York University Medical College announced tuition waiver!
Starting this year, as long as they are admitted to Langone Medical College of New York University, students can be exempted from tuition fees up to $55,018 per year, saving a total of $220,000 (about RMB 151,000) in four years!
All new students have just made refunds!
New York University is one of the top 30 private universities in the United States.
Since its establishment in 1831, 36 Nobel Prize winners have been born.
The employment rate of graduates is about 90%, and their salaries far exceed the average family income in the United States.
New York University Medical School was ranked third by US News this year as the research medical school, second only to the prestigious Harvard University and Johns Hopkins University, with considerable strength.
The news came that the students who are preparing to study abroad have expressed their intention to change their majors.
However, perhaps no one knows that NYU Medical School has a very low admission rate of only 1.8%, which is lower than Harvard.
There are more than 7,500 universities in the United States, but only 120 medical schools.
Each medical college enrolls about 150 new students every year.
As a result, the United States enrolls only about 20,000 medical students a year.
And some medical schools in the United States are not open to international students.
Open and low admission rate.
For example, the University of California, Irvine, had planned to recruit 136 students and interviewed one person, but none of them was admitteD.For example, the University of North Dakota, which planned to recruit 35 students, did not interview any students at all, the admission rate was 0.
Even if you are lucky enough to be admitted, you may not be able to start reading.
In recent years, tuition fees in American medical schools have been soaring.
According to Usnews, it's normal to spend more than $55,000 a year on average tuition plus living expenses.
Top medical schools like Harvard and Johns Hopkins cost about $100,000 a year plus living expenses.
In any case, it is absolutely a good thing that medical schools are free of tuition fees, in order to avoid outstanding students being blocked by high tuition fees, eliminate students'financial burden and loan pressure, and benefit the medical cause.
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    ABOUT louisiana local customs, tourist attractions
    conti Museum conte wax Museum is located in La Orleans, in 1963 Museum opened, the show is mainly new celebrities, these people make new and Louisiana world famous Wax Museum is the biggest characteristic of can go back to 300 years ago, about New Orleans's history, legends and stories.
    conti wax Museum to introduce Louisiana's history as the theme, with exquisite wax show the development history of New Orleans and Louisiana, vivid picture.
    There are several 154 living wax, and their real life size, and these wax are not alone standing, as well as the corresponding tableau, the wax figure vivid.
    The wax includes the president, musicians and artists.
    But there are also some wax figure, sportswear.
    Visitors can even see mentioned Allan Poe and Victor Hugo's novel "the haunted dungeon", the devil can even imagine walking slowly out to catch the tourists like horror.
    Mus e conti Wax Museum
    Reason: New Orleans's most famous waxworks
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Louisiana: [Louisiana State]
    city Attractions: New Orleans [New Orleans]

    St. charles Avenue St. charles Avenue is located in the southern city of New Orleans Garden District, New Orleans famous Avenue, known for Avenue on both sides of the oak and hundreds of houses, New Orleans is one of the most memorable travel destination.
    Boulevard Saint charles is known as the "American Road gem", because both sides of the avenue gathered in the south of the most luxurious, most beautiful and magnificent mansion, so that visitors can feel New Orleans aristocratic luxury living 19 century.
    Tall oak tree covered pretty retro Greek style and Vitoria style building, arouse the feelings, gives a sense of beauty.
    This avenue is the St. charles Avenue streetcar line must pass through, the car who had made a film "A Streetcar Named Desire" fame, the United States is still operating in the old tram.
    Visitors can take a tram or drive to visit this luxury, walking along the avenue, St. charles Avenue streetcar route to visit is the best choice, you can not only enjoy the road scenery, also can appreciate the "streetcar" scenes in the film.
    St. charles Avenue
    Reason: New Orleans's most luxurious Avenue
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Louisiana: [Louisiana State]
    city Attractions: New Orleans [New Orleans]

    Baton Rouge Zoo The Baton Rouge zoo is located in the northern city of Baton Rouge, from the centre for 15 minutes, 1970 opened, in 1977 is accredited by the American Zoo and Aquarium Association, Luis Anna S was the first to be recognized by the zoo.
    The Baton Rouge zoo is 1800 more than animal homes, including mammals, reptiles, whirlwind tears, invertebrates, amphibians and animal and fish.
    The zoo exhibition is divided into three categories, namely, the elephant oasis pond and parrot paradise, tourists in the oasis to two elephants considerable Asian elephants, watching the lovely Otter in otter pond, parrot heaven so that visitors can close watch birds from all over the world. In order to protect the rare and endangered animal and in danger, Baton Rouge zoo participated in more than 30 species survival plan, including Guam Five.
    O, Arabia Oryx, golden lion tamarin and other animal.
    The Baton Rouge zoo has also launched a series of educational programs, including reading, daytime summer camp, teacher workshops, each year to provide services for 45000 children, in order to improve animal protection of the meaning of children.
    Baton Rouge Zoo
    Reason: Louisiana, one of the most famous zoo
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Louisiana: [Louisiana State]
    city Attractions: Baton Rouge [Baton Rouge]

    The Beadon Hahn Museum and Gardens The Beadon Hahn Museum and garden is located in Louisiana, the city of Monroe, Ouachita River (Ouachita River) bank opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00 to 17:00, the Museum is the city of Monroe, the best choice to visit the botanical garden.
    The Beadon Hahn Museum is the first production of bottled coca.cola --- Joseph Beadon Hahn (Joseph Biedenharn) was established in 1923, including the coca.cola Museum and the Museum of the bible.
    The Museum building was inspired by the Bible than Deng gave her daughter a gift for ---1848 Wickliff English "Bible" copying the Museum collection of a series of rare and important "Bible", and icon painting etc.
    The coca.cola Museum tells the story of Beadon Hahn's legend and history of entrepreneurship, there are many coca.cola related items, such as the coca.cola truck in different years, coca.cola etc.
    The elegant garden is full of a quality suggestive of poetry or painting of the British Garden, because thousands of flowering plants and creative sculpture fountain is well-known, objects create new styles and viewed by.
    Biedenharn Museum & Gardens
    Reason: Louisiana's most famous Museum and Gardens
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Louisiana: [Louisiana State]
    city Attractions: Monroe [Monroe]

    Authentic country delicacy charm take you to taste the flavor
        Take you to taste American style For many people, American food means hamburgers, hot dogs, fried chicken and pizza.
    If you have a sweet tooth, you might think Apple Pie or chocolate chip cookies.
    But this is where you find the food only in the United States?
    Louisiana's chef Roy Lyons culinary masters sit still, he was determined to go to the southern United States authentic rural charm delicacy show to the world, to change people's views of the United States only fast food.
    chef Roy Lyons the National Association of certified Executive chef cheF- In 1990 the United States congress service.
    In 2003 50th anniversary France celebrated the Normandy landing celebration service.
    As with any large country, the usa has several distinct regions, have their own unique food characteristics of each region.
    Due to the different origin of agricultural products and local immigrants living habits, family cooking method of the southern United States, cooking methods and northern New Area of England or the Midwest are different.
    In the countryside of southern style special delicacy in New Orleans creole (creole) card, Louisiana, a true delicacy (cajun), the new England cuisine delicious seafood, western "bread" township of delicious baked food, delicious Mexican Texas Southwestern Wisconsin snacks, beer, cheese and sausage so, all Americans are proud of the pride of delicacy.
    South carolina, Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana and New Orleans and other southern states near the Gulf of Mexico around the United States are starting a new diet culture movement.
    They advocate American cooking to achieve "nutrition, fresh local products, less heavy oil flavor and several natural food nutrition index.
    This is also the essence of the new food culture.
    Even most of the food can make Americans when it comes to the United States top delicacy, they are happy to guide you to the south, where is the birthplace of American local delicacy.
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