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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
How is it reasonable and legal to buy a house and save taxes in the United States?
Primary tax saving scheme 1 If a person purchases residential or commercial real estate directly in the name of an individual, the tax can be deducted through the following expenses:
Land tax (property tax), insurance premium House depreciation, decoration depreciation, floor, doors and windows, kitchen, roof and other classified depreciation costs House maintenance costs The landlord's air ticket, meal and travel expenses to and from the United States Management fees of real estate companies Real Estate Broker's Intermediary Fee Advertising fees for finding tenants Fees for the maintenance of one's own minor children Intermediate Tax Saving Scheme 2 When investing in real estate in the name of a company, all the primary tax avoidance rules can be used, at the same time, the following expenses can be used for tax deduction:
In the United States, you can rent a facade to open a company, and all the company's rent, telephone, daily maintenance, daily management expenses are tax deductible.
American companies can employ employees.
All wages and benefits of employees can be tax deductible.
Bonuses and gifts for American employees are tax deductible.
To invest in the name of a company, all investment expenses up to the end of the year can be tax deductible.
All hospitality customers:
dinner, airplane, gasoline, hotel, and even the purchase of their own clothes, can be called the company's operating expenses to offset the tax.
You can use the name of the company to buy computers, furniture, electrical appliances, etc.
, can be called office supplies, which can also be tax deductible.
You can buy or rent a luxury car in the name of a company, which is also tax-deductible.
Even in the name of the company to buy luxury houses, vacation houses, can be said to be for staff travel and vacation, which can also be tax deductible.
It should be noted that putting property under the company's name has both advantages and disadvantages.
If you invest in many properties in the United States, if each property is placed under the name of a company, the cost of the establishment of the company, the cost of tax returns and the procedures of declaration become very complex; if the house is self-owned, you will lose a $250,000 tax-free quota to buy it in the name of the company.
So whether it is suitable to buy with the company or with individuals depends on the different circumstances of each person.
Advanced Tax Saving Scheme 3 This is to play around with the high-level rules of American tax law, the snowball investment code.
Based on the premise of purchasing real estate by company, the primary and intermediate tax-saving rules are effective at the same time.
Take investing one million dollars in cash to buy a house in the United States as an example, assuming that the net return on investment of the house is 8% (net income of $80,000 per year):
Plan A:
Rent the apartment If you rent the apartment for 20 years, the rental income will be 1.6 million.
After 20 years, the original price of the real estate will be sold 2 million (it is normal to double the value in 20 years).
Net income in 20 years is 2.6 million.
Plan B:
Mortgage loans If you use the property to mortgage, according to 75% of the proportion, you can loan 750,000.
The interest rate is 5%, and the annual interest rate of 750,000 loans is 385,000.
Firstly, the 38.5 million loans can be tax deductible, while the principal and interest repayments of 750,000 loans are less than 60,000 annually, and 20 years principal and interest repayments are made.
Rents are used to repay bank loans, with an annual surplus of 20,000.
In the future, the annual interest rate will decrease as the principal decreases, so your future net income will be more than 20,000 yuan per year.
In addition, you will be able to borrow 750,000 US dollars from the bank, add 250,000 US dollars to your own account, and buy another 1 million commercial shops.
According to the 8% return, you use the second property to mortgage as the first one, and so on.
The same is 1 million cash, through which you can buy 4 sets of 1 million, a total value of 4 million real estate.
The actual investment cash for every 1 million commercial property is $250,000.
Investment of 250,000*4, Annual rent:
80,000*4 Principal and interest:
60,000*4 Annual net income:
20,000*4 = 80,000 Although the net annual return is also $80,000, the same as the effect of scheme A rental property, but in these four properties, you can legally tax-deductible 38.5 million*4=144,000 per year; and 20 years later, you will sell these four properties, even at the original price, will get a return of 4*2 million,8 million!
The return for 20 years will be 80,000 * 20 years + 8 million - 1 million = 8.6 million US dollars.
The above calculation still neglects the effects of real estate appreciation, rent increase, interest decline and other factors.
Actually, the income gap is bigger!
Ultimate Tax Savings Scheme 4 Pay attention!
Here's how the wealthy Americans add millions of dollars to their annual net worth and don't pay a cent of tax:
1031 Trading Rule.
Everyone knows that the best way to make money in real estate is to make a difference by reselling it.
However, the United States pays taxes on housing sales.
One million yuan of real estate income, pay taxes, can be half of the rest, it is gooD.If you don't know how to avoid taxes, you have to pay the money.
But if you know how to use 1031 trading rules, you can pay no taxes for a penny!
The so-called 1031 transaction rule is a tax law that the U.S. government encourages reinvestment.
As long as the investment is equal to or greater than the income of the real estate, you can not pay taxes.
That is to say, you can not pay tax if you invest one or more houses with a total value equal to or more than 2 million in six months after you get 1 million real estate income from selling houses.
This is the ultimate tax-saving code of the United States, the 1031 Transaction Rule.
Real estate with 1031 exchange deferred tax can be exchanged for more or more.
When all real estate is finally sold and the same kind of exchange investment is no longer continued, VAT will be paid at the same time.
So wealthy Americans generally don't have much cash on hand, but they have amazing assets.
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    ABOUT minnesota local customs, tourist attractions
    St Paul is the capital of the state of Minnesota.
    Located in the southeastern part of the state, the east side of the Mississippi river.
    The population of 27 million (1990).
    The West and Minneapolis across the river, to form the famous twin cities, including the nearby counties, an area of 12626 square kilometers, the population accounted for more than half of the total population;
    built in 1838, established in 1854, in 1858 to become the capital
    The second half of nineteenth century, the development of the upper Mississippi River shipping port to the railway by the end point, in trade and transportation status has become increasingly important.
    The main livestock market and meat processing center, the southern suburbs of large meat processing enterprises.
    After the Second World War, the industry has a great development.
    Agricultural machinery, electronics and computer industry development faster, publishing and printing industry scale.
    5 2, a railway regional rail lines and roads will gather;
    port throughput of L050 million tons (1980).
    The city transportation company, in addition to the west of the southern suburbs of Minneapolis - St Paul International Airport, a small airport in downtown area.
    In the majority of urban overlooking the Mississippi River Three River terraces.
    The distribution of river docks, warehouses and railway series yard, the central business district and the State capitol, the St.Paul's cathedral (built in 1841), the main building is located in the second terrace, the main residential areas on the third terrace.
    The Northeast suburb lakes, part has been turned into tourist areas;
    once a year the St Paul Winter carnival is one of the big city activities during the festival parade, and ice sledge race etc.
    Minnehaha falls Minnehaha falls is located in Hennepin county Minnesota, Minnehaha Park (Minnehaha Park), 16 meters high, from the Mississippi River tributary flows through Minneapolis city, into the upper Mississippi River, however, just before it empties into the Mississippi River, there is a 16 meter high drop, the formation of Minnehaha falls.
    Minnehaha falls the name comes from the Dakota language, meaning "bright water", on weekdays, waterfalls and other falls does not have what difference, but the winter is coming, will make the falls out of the ordinary.
    The annual winter Minnehaha falls will become one of the world's most beautiful waterfall ice, cold weather makes the ice waterfall, waterfall showed to tourists is static beauty, rather than the usual dynamic beauty.
    In order to enjoy this beautiful ice falls, a lot of people are looking forward to the arrival of winter, so that water will freeze, can enter into the rear of the waterfall on the rock watch this beautiful ice falls.
    Minnehaha Falls
    Reason: one of the world's most beautiful waterfall ice
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Minnesota: [Minnesota State]
    St. Paul cathedral St. Paul cathedral is located in the capital of Minnesota St Paul, Rome is a catholic cathedral for the catholic church, St. Paul and Minneapolis Archdiocese of the cathedral, another is the Minneapolis Temple of St. mary.
    St. Paul's cathedral is the most distinctive American cathedral, is located in the downtown St Paul church overlooking the mountains, with distinct characteristics of the copper clad dome can be seen in the far place.
    St. Paul cathedral is a classical revival building, the current building was built in 1915, is the third largest church and high church in March 25, 2009, fourth, American bishops and the Vatican as Paul national shrine.
    The church dome is 23 meters in diameter, 57 meters high, in 1950s when the decoration, add warm colors of painting and foil, tower is made of different types of marble.
    The interior of the church was the 24 stained glass window decoration, rose windows in the transept and distinctive.
    St. Paul's cathedral in 1974 was listed as a national historic sites, near St. Thomas college (Saint Thomas Academy) will be held every year in church matters related to graduation.
    The church open 7 days a week, time is 7:00 to 19:00, interested visitors can visit on time.
    cathedral of Saint Paul
    Necessary to Reason: the United States is the most characteristic of the cathedral
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Minnesota: [Minnesota State]
    city Attractions: St Paul [Saint Paul]

    Minneapolis Museum of Russian Art Russian art Museum is located in Minnesota, Minneapolis, opened in 2002, the collection, protection and exhibition focused on Russian art, especially Soviet art, in addition, also held several exhibitions say Russian National Art and art.
    Russian art Museum is a non-profit Museum, designed to protect all forms of Russian art, for the North American only one of this type of Museum.
    The Museum through the exhibition and education programs varied so that visitors can get a better understanding of Russian art and related art.
    The Museum's opening hours: Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 17:00 to 10:00 to 16:00, Saturday, Sunday from 13:00 to 17:00, a national holiday.
    The Museum of Russian Art
    Reason: the most important Russian Art Museum
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Minnesota: [Minnesota State]
    Minneapolis city attractions: [Minneapolis]

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