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Why do Chinese people like to go to America to buy luxury goods?
The United States has always been the most popular destination for travelers and the shopping paradise for many wealthy Chinese.
According to data from the National Travel and Tourism Office of the United States, in the first 10 months of 2016, Chinese tourists accounted for the highest total cost of foreign tourists.
The total cost of 2.6 million Chinese passengers in 10 months was about 34.8 billion US dollars, which amounted to 13.4 million US dollars per passenger.
According to some data, more than half of the wealthy Chinese traveling abroad want to buy luxury goods and enjoy luxury services.
84% thought that shopping would be taken into account as an important factor in choosing a holiday destination.
For this group, the purpose of visiting luxury stores is to enjoy high-end services.
Two-thirds of people believe that high-end services are a sign of distinguishing between luxury brands and ordinary brands.
The wealthy in China want "warmth" from luxury brands, four times as much as other wealthy foreigners.
The United States ranks fourth among the countries that most want to experience high-end shopping.
Many people choose to spend their money in major cities like New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Chicago.
Why not travel thousands of miles to the United States to shop?
In fact, Chinese rich people want to buy luxury goods at home can be achieved, so why do they have to fly across the Pacific Ocean to buy there?
Perhaps what these rich people want is not just a new pair of canvas shoes, or an expensive dress.
What they want is to connect with their favorite luxury brands through some unique experiences.
They are also likely to agree that whether they can establish a private relationship with a brand is very important for their loyalty to the branD.Of course, they want to buy, but walking in the corridors of shopping malls and looking at different sceneries will also bring them a lot of fun.
What they want is unexpected novelty.
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    The fascinating Harvard University
    When you first arrive at Harvard, you will be attracted by the dark red buildings around you.
    Deep red is not only the color of Harvard school badge, but also the love and persistence of Harvard teachers and students in pursuit of learning.
    Harvard University, founded in 1636, is one of the most famous universities in the United States and the world.
    For 300 years, Harvard University has trained not only countless politicians, scientists and writers, but also American think tanks.
    Harvard University is one of the oldest universities in the United States.
    It is world-class in terms of reputation, equipment, faculty and student quality.
    Harvard University has nearly $1.5 billion in assets, the largest sponsorship, the largest library in the world, first-class scholars and professors.
    Harvard has the largest library system in universities all over the world.
    It is the largest university library in the United States with a collection of 10 million copies.
    It is said that the bookshelves inside can be connected up to 91 kilometers in length.
    Harvard University is located in Cambridge, north of Boston.
    It is true that the college is located in the name of Cambridge University in the United Kingdom, but as we all know, Harvard University's achievements in various fields in the past hundred years are no less than Cambridge University's.
    In 1638, John Harvard donated half of his property and his library to the College, which later changed its name to "Harvard" to commemorate him.
    If it hadn't been renamed at that time, today's academia would have been confused by two famous "Cambridge".
    This private school in Cambridge, Massachusetts, was founded on September 8, 1636. Its original name is Cambridge College.
    In 1620, the Puritans immigrated to Plymouth, and 16 years later, when China was in the late Ming Dynasty, they established Harvard School by the vote of the Massachusetts Supreme Court.
    Since many Puritans were born at Cambridge University in England, they named the new town where Harvard University was located Cambridge.
    Initially, the school had only one male teacher and nine students.
    When Puritan priest John Harvard died in 1638, he left his library and half his property to the school.
    In commemoration of Harvard's generous donation, it was renamed Harvard College on March 13, 1639.
    The first Harvard was a place where the early Puritans came to North America to spread their religious ideals, and its graduates were mostly clergymen.
    Harvard was founded by the Church.
    In 1865, the school began to elect a management committee.
    But John Leverett, the first president elected in 1708, was not a prieSt. So far, it has become a turning point for Harvard to get rid of religion and become independent.
    In 1780, Harvard College was transformed into a university.
    In the early nineteenth century, seminaries, law schools and medical schools were opened.
    During his tenure as president from 1869 to 1909, Eliot built Harvard from a "provincial" college into a "national" university.
    During his tenure, law schools and medical schools were re-established, with the birth of business schools, dental schools, and schools of art and science.
    Both the number of students and the number of donations have increased dramatically.
    Principal Lawrence Lowell (1909-1933) reformed undergraduate teaching and pioneered students'free choice of courses across disciplines.
    From 1953 to 1971, President Pusey launched the largest fundraising campaign in American history, raising $82.5 million for Harvard.
    Teachers'salaries have been raised, new professors have been established, the number of grants and school facilities have been increased.
    Over the past 300 years, Harvard has experienced 27 presidents.
    The current president of Harvard University, Mr.
    Summers, was Harvard's youngest professor for life, who taught political economics.
    Later, he left Harvard and went to the U.S. Treasury Secretary.
    In 2001, he competed with former Vice President Gore for the post of Harvard President.
    Finally, Harvard chose Summers.
    Since its establishment more than 300 years ago, Harvard University has trained countless politicians, scientists, writers and scholars for the United States and the world.
    So far, there are six U.S. presidents, 36 Nobel Prize winners (Henry Kissinger's Nobel Peace Prize excluded), 32 Pulitzer Prize winners and dozens of presidents of multinational corporations from Harvard.
    Harvard-born famous writers include Henry Adams, John Passos, Henry Thoreau and Henry James;
    psychologist William James;
    journalists Walter Lippmann and Joseph Alsop;
    astronomer Benjamin Pierce;
    chemist Theodore Richards;
    geologist Nathaniel Shearer.
    And so on.
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