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The biggest tax cut in American history is coming out!
At 1:
30 a.m. on April 27, Trump's finance minister, Nuchin, and the chairman of the National Economic Commission, Cohen, held a press conference to announce the so-called "strongest tax cuts in American history" and the tax reform plan.
Tax reform objectives:
stimulate economic growth and create millions of jobs; simplify complex tax laws; reduce tax pressure on American households, especially middle-class households; and raise corporate tax rates from one of the highest in the world to one of the lowest in the world; Personal tax:
Trump plans to reduce the personal income tax series from seven to three, with a maximum tax rate of 35%, followed by 25% and a minimum tax rate of 10% (it is not clear what income range each level will include); double the standard deduction amount; provide tax relief to families with children and family care expenditures; maintain the tax deduction of housing and charitable donations; and abolish it.
Eliminate Alternative Minimum Tax; Abolish inheritance tax; As for corporate tax, it is proposed to reduce the corporate tax rate from 35% to 15%, the territorial tax system, and the "one-time tax" on the trillions of dollars held by American companies abroad (the tax rate has not yet been determined).
At the press conference, journalists were more concerned about who would benefit most from the tax reform and how the Trump government would support the huge budget expenditure after such a big tax cut.
In short, no tax, where does the money come from?
In response, Treasury Secretary Nouchin said the tax reform plan would restore GDP growth in the United States to more than 3%, increase corporate profits, and raise wages.
Economic growth itself could "pay" for a substantial tax cut.
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    ABOUT california local customs, tourist attractions
    Elvis Honeymoon Hideaway This beautiful mansion has a rich history, because there was a famous Elvis Presley and his new wife Priscilla.
    The first night of Presley "Priscilla Presley" to spend their honeymoon here in May 1, 1967, so it is called the honeymoon hideaway, Elvis Presley continue to use the property at the end of the 1960s.
    Macallan mud brick house Mccallum Adobe Founded in 1885, the small house built with local soil was John Guthrie of the Mccallum family, collected here about the family history.
    Opening hours: Wednesday to Sunday noon to 0 PM, Thursday to Saturday morning ten a.m. to four p.m., closed at the end of May to October, Knotts' Oasis Water Park Knotts'Oasis Water Park Noury's Oasis Water Park is a water park for a family fun, there are 13 water slides and tidal beaches including "Shark Attack" shark attack for surfing and water skiing special.
    Open the door at eleven every morning, from March 5th to October 24th was over five feet above the $18.95 ticket, children three to five feet $11.95, three feet below the free admission, more than fifteen people have a special offer, the parking fee $4. Address: Gene Autry Trail.
    Palm Springs Aerial Tramway Palm Springs Aerial Tramway The Palm Springs aerial tramway is one of the most spectacular aerial tramway in the world, there is a restaurant, bar, gift shop, picnic area, movie theater and a spectacular trail in 8516 feet of the camp need to apply in advance open every day, can buy additional dinner or no dinner tickets.
    Address: One Tramway Drive.
    Tahquitz Valley Tahquitz canyon Located at 500 Mesquite Ave, Palm canyon Dr in the downtown area of the weSt. Walk from the tourist center about 2 hours.
    Business Hours is 7:30 in the morning to 5 p.m. Tickets: $21.65 for adults, 12 children under the age of $5, please make an appointment.
    climbing center Uprising Rock climbing center Anyone can do!
    Here specifically to provide primary climbing courses for persons over the age of six.
    Open all year.
    Address: 1500 S.
    Gene Autry Trail.
    Yosemite National Park (Yosemite National Park) for chinese, translation, Taiwan translation, translation and other "Yosemite National Park" Yosemite National Park, Jose Mi Te national park.
    The western United States is the most beautiful and most visited national parks, along with Grand canyon National Park, Yellowstone National Park, california is located in the eastern Sierra Nevada (snow mountain: Sierra Nevada, Spanish).
    This national park in the Yosemite Valley is famous in the world, according to legend, Yosemite is lived in an Indian tribe's name here.
    Yosemite Valley is covered by glaciers during the last ice age, the valley is of a U shape, both sides of the cliffs visible by cutting traces of glaciers, is the most famous half dome (Half Dome).
    The valley filled with pictures of the waterfall, the most famous is the Yosemite falls.
    The glaciers receded, Yosemite Valley has experienced repeated flooding, valley formed a flood plain, beautiful river Masd (Merced River) through.
    In the valley, Yosemite National Park, there are three of the world's great grandfather (Sequoia) woods, thousands of years of spectacular ancient trees tower to the skies.
    In addition, there are many beautiful mountain lakes, grasslands and other highland valleys, well worth a visit.
    Famous Pacific crest Trail (Pacific crest Trail) and John Muir (John Muir Trail) diameter passes through from the East park.
    Especially the wild animal of every hue in the park, including the common deer, squirrels and rare grizzly bear, black bear, mountain lion, wolf, fox etc.
    UNEScO in 1984 according to the natural heritage criteria N (I) (III) as the natural heritage included in the "World Heritage List", number: 712.013. Evaluation of the World Heritage committee: located in the center of california with many valleys, waterfalls, lakes, glaciers, glacial famous Yosemite National Park, to show us the world rare by glaciers and large granite relieF- It is 600.4000 meters above sea level, also found many rare plant and animal species survival california pine constitute the foothills of small mound vegetation the most obvious feature is in.
    It is a very unusual, stretch, branches extending outward from the trees, 12~18 meters tall, cloth leaves sparse, pale green, big pine.
    The general ground at a distance of 5~9 meters in height, trunk to decentralization, the formation of several major branches.
    They are stretching around, and then went straight to straighten up, form independent canopy, tree like was split from the general, and from these main branches and continuously to form a forking branch, fine loose spikes of branchlets, leaves above 20~30 centimeters long.
    Yellow and purple flowers ca.
    2.5 cm long, a cluster.
    Thick pine, ripe dark brown, filled with hard shelled nuts are Indians and squirrels diligently strive after.
    The appearance of exotic trees like brown - like the scorching sun, part of them along the mountain of western North America in the sparse dry land distribution in the chaparral Bush and oaklet.
    The thin arrow shaped pine is the tree a delicate, pale green leaves three to three slices clustered together, clusters of flowers is 1.3 centimeters long, is brown and red color.
    Around the branches and trunk, the phenomenon is very significant in whorls of clustered cones.
    Until the trees die, will not fall or spread the pineal.
    The pineal gland is about 10 cm, very strong, like a layer of hard resin paint covered to make it become a waterproof packing box and pest and squirrels, throughout his life, the tree inside the seed is safe, fresh keeping.
    Sometimes, the trunk will appear the phenomenon of soaring individual cones, the pineal embedded xylem, like a wood knot, but almost all are outward growth cones, with long thick layers of xylem continuously, also continue to strengthen in the pineal basal pressure, so they have been in the top of the trunk the surface.
    In Yosemite Park, the main distribution of Mo thin shaped pine canyon flanking syed.
    This song has a strange phenomenon: all clustered together.
    Thin shaped pine trees are made of the same age slim loose, because a large number of seeds were also sown together, caused by the dense trees.
    This seemingly delicate pine, to be able to withstand the fire raging!
    No matter how bad the environment How ferocious, blow, slim loose can intact seeds will save them to your death, when all the remaining seeds were spread on the scorched earth, a new generation of slim loose from the ashes of rapid germination.
    The white pine, called the gentleman Wei can take temporary setbacks.
    In the wood near the line, it is very short, like a bush;
    in a suitable environment, it can grow up to 15 meters high, 1 ~ 1.5 meters thick.
    Long branches to look boldly stretching, looks like a close relationship with the mountain pine and sugar pine.
    In the park, it is distributed in the South on the mountains east of Monod p..
    Yosemite Yosemite National Park Sugar pine, is a rich personality of the beauty of the gentleman.
    In the park, walked into the sunny open forest, first attention is Lambl's song.
    The tower like tall posture, show superior wood outside.
    In the world of seventy or eighty pine, sugar pine is one of the largest and most magnificent, and in all conifers, it is next to the king of the redwood tree species of conifers.
    Whether or not love trees, every traveler will never forget his first Lambl's forest tour.
    Huge crown following another, propped up a beautiful canopy, beams of light from the leaves of lapactic, silver needles, solid trunk was painted yellow, the whole earth drunk.
    North American juniper is suitable to grow in soil good soil and oak moraine, grow as fast;
    and in the dome area that bare moraine surface and is slowly over the rocks of granite ridge, they grow very slowly.
    North American juniper is worthy of the name of a thousand years old tree in the Jinshan Starr beam, a diameter of only 89 cm up to the age of North American juniper, 1140;
    another one in the same ridge north of Sabina chinensis, its diameter is only 50 cm, and have reached 830 years old.
    In the northern Tenaya moraine surface, with a medium size has a diameter of 6 feet North American juniper, in its bark within the outer 37 cm in thickness, it actually has 859 rings, that is to say in the 2.5 cm in the wood, there are 57 rings, we can see its growth slow.
    The transportation system of the abundant tourism resources, improve the development of tourism in Losangeles and its success not only film culture under the background of tourism hub construction, the quality of tourism services is closely related to the targeted destination marketing mode is the impetus of the rapid growth of inbound tourism in Losangeles.
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