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Can American universities be free?
New York has just become the first state in the United States to offer tuition-free tuition to children of under-middle-class families in two-year and four-year public universities, according to the New York Network of the American Overseas Chinese Daily.
Governor Andrew Cuomo introduced tuition-free programs in January.
Members of the Legislative Council agreed to include it in the national budget, which was approved in the House of Representatives on the 8th and in the Senate on the evening of the 9th.
The governor has signed the budget bill.
Tuition fees for residents with a specific income cap will be free in stages for the first three years.
Starting this autumn, undergraduates studying at New York State University (SUNY) or CUNY will be eligible for Excelsior scholarships if their family's annual income does not exceed $100,000.
Next year's income cap will be raised to $110,000, reaching $125,000 by 2019. Qualified students will not have to pay tuition fees (four-year schools cost $6,470 a year and community colleges $4,350 a year).
But if they live on campus, they still have to pay for food, clothing, shelter and transportation.
These incidental expenses can amount to up to $14,000 a year.
Students have to take 30 credits a year to get scholarships.
State of New York, located in the northeast of the United States, is the most economically developed state in the United States, the nerve center and economic heart of the United States.
Its financial, commercial, industrial, artistic, clothing and other aspects occupy a leading position in the United States.
New York Port is one of the largest seaports in the world, and its throughput ranks first in the United States, known as the United States Port.
The local well-known universities are Columbia University, New York University, New York City University, Manhattan College, Pace University, St.John University and so on.
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