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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
How do foreigners pay taxes when they invest in American real estate?
Tax Benefits of Foreigners If tax compliance with non-Resident Alien status, interest earned in the United States on federal bonds, bank interest and "Capital Gain" income earned from buying and selling stocks or mutual funds is entirely exempt from any U.S. tax, and no withholding tax of 30% is required for banks or stock brokers.
Since foreigners do not have a social security card number, when opening an account with a U.S. bank or stock broker, they must fill in the W-8BEN form to prove their foreigner identity.
This W-8BEN form is valid for three years and must be filled in after three years.
Otherwise, the bank will deduct the advance tax.
Some foreign parents, for convenience, open bank or stock accounts jointly with their children, who are already citizens or residents of the United States.
This allows their children to take care of their finances and inherit their inheritance.
Tax regulations stipulate that every holder of a joint account must fill in the W-8BEN form.
If one of the holders is a U.S. citizen or resident, the W-8BEN form cannot be filled in.
As a result, the account becomes owned by Americans and loses the benefits of tax exemption and income tax exemption for foreigners.
Foreigners'Real Estate Income Foreigners are free to buy rental real estate in the United States, but both rental income and capital gains from future sales are personal income.
They need to pay income tax, which is the same as that of ordinary American taxpayers, except that they use 1040NR forms.
Foreigners declare income tax at the same tax rate as Americans, but they cannot enjoy the following two tax deductions:
Personal Exemption American taxpayers have a personal tax exemption of 3,950 yuan per person, married co-filers can get a personal tax exemption of 7,900 yuan, dependants in the family can get more tax exemptions, and tax exemptions reduce taxable income and income tax.
When a foreigner uses the 1040NR tax return, he can only enjoy one personal tax exemption unless the foreigner is a Canadian or Mexican citizen or a South Korean citizen.
2. Standard Deduction American taxpayers can use a standard deduction of at least 6,200 yuan, while married co-filers have a standard deduction of 12,400 yuan.
However, foreigners can not use any standard deduction, they can only choose to use Itemized Deduction.
If the foreigner does not reside in the United States at all, and does not have any tax deduction items, it is equivalent to no tax deduction benefits.
Therefore, although the income tax rate of foreigners is the same as that of Americans, the actual tax rate is slightly higher than that of American taxpayers.
The income of foreigners when they sell their houses There is a tax code called Foreign Investmentin Real Property Tax Act of 1980 (FIRPTA) which stipulates that the value-added income of foreigners when selling houses is not a low tax rate "Long Term Capital Gain", but an ordinary income (Ordinary Income), which is calculated according to the tax rate.
In addition, foreigners are also faced with the problem of withholding tax.
The tax regulations stipulate that if the seller is a foreigner and the property is not self-owned and the selling price exceeds 300,000 yuan, the buyer or his notary agent will have the responsibility to deduct the advance tax from the selling amount and then pay it to the State Tax Bureau.
The deduction is 10% of the selling price.
No matter whether there is capital appreciation or not, and no matter how much capital appreciation, the advance tax should be deducted.
In addition to the tax deduction requirements of the Federal Revenue Service, the state government may also require deduction of advance taxes.
The California Revenue Department stipulates that it is also the responsibility of buyers and notary agents to withhold 3.3% of the selling price.
Both of them are pre-paid taxes.
If the real tax is lower than the amount of pre-paid tax, of course, the overpaid tax can be recovered when filing tax.
Alien Legacy Donation Tax Every resident and citizen of the United States has a tax exemption for inheritance.
If the market value of the inheritance does not exceed that amount, there will be no inheritance tax at all.
At present, the exemption for inheritance is 5 million yuan per person.
This inheritance tax exemption can all be given beforehand, that is, to give one's own assets to others, as long as the amount of exemption is within, the gift tax can be exempteD.In addition, each person can give an additional $13,000 a year to any other person, which is also exempt from gift tax.
If a foreigner has an industry in the United States, how will the estate tax be calculated after his death?
Except for bank deposits in the U.S., stocks, bonds, and even real estate in the U.S. stock brokerage account are considered inheritance.
Foreigners'inheritance in the United States is only 60,000 yuan tax-free, so there may be considerable inheritance tax.
What about foreigners who treat these assets as legacies and give them as gifts before they die?
Foreigners also have a gift tax exemption of 13,000 yuan per person per year, but they only have a tax exemption of 60,000 yuan for inheritance and can not give it in advance before they die.
So it's difficult for foreigners to give away assets in the United States.
To give tax-free real estate to their children in the United States, foreigners need to set up a company, put real estate into the company, and then give stock to the company as a gift, because the stock belongs to Intangible assets, there is no gift tax.
By the way, if a foreigner dies, the industry must pass the probate process before it can be inherited by the beneficiary unless the foreigner has established a lifetime trust before he dies.
In other words, if a foreigner invests in real estate as an individual in the United States, he or she should have a lifetime trust established by a lawyer to avoid the need for certification in the future.
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