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How to register a company in the United States?
In the United States, companies are governed by states, so you have to apply to the Secretary of State for company registration.
Some states of Secretary of State are also called State Tax Office, Revenue Office, etC.The process of starting a company is basically going to the state government to fill out a form and pay for it.
Then wait two weeks, apply for Federal EIN number, and finally open bank account.
The specific registration steps are as follows:
1) First decide what kind of company you want to open.
Choose corp, LLC, partnership, etc.
2) Business name.
If you don't name your company, your corporate name is your name.
3) Submit the following documents to Secretary of State for filing:
- Articles of Organization - LLC members need to sign Operating Agreement.
This document specifies the rights of each member and the rules governing the operation of the company.
4) After successful registration, the company registers with the IRS and applies for the Federal Tax ID, which does not necessarily apply to all companies.
If your company has employees, corporations, etc.
, you need to apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN).
If you don't need EIN, you can use your Social Security Number as Tax ID.
5) Apply to the state government for sales tax permit.
In addition to registering companies, there may also be a need to bid for sales tax permit, which can be used to collect sales tax from customers.
For example, if you sell goods, you have to deal with sales tax permit.
Goods sold are subject to state sales tax.
Business sales tax is also a source of state finance.
6) Some business licenses may be required for registration applications, such as, if you want to operate the catering industry, in addition to registering companies, you have to deal with some licenses.
After registering companies, you can basically operate any legitimate business.
If you make a profit, you usually have to report to IRS quarterly.
If the payment is overdue, the government will be punisheD.If the business is not started for the time being, the tax bureau shall be notified by filling in the form.
7) With EIN, you can go to the bank to open a business account.
After the establishment of the company, you must form a good habit of sorting out and preserving invoice documents.
There are many good invoice management apps available today.
Under what circumstances and companies are registered:
Many Indians start business in the United States by registering LLC because the company is simple in form.
Foreigners cannot be registereD.They need to be American citizens or green card holders.
S-Corp's operation is more complex than LLC's, but once it earns more money, it has an advantage over LLC in tax avoidance, because LLC's revenue is paid in accordance with wage tax and the tax rate is high, while S-Corp's revenue can be divided into wages and dividends.
Income tax on dividends is lower than wage tax.
C-Corp is a good choice if the company is profitable and wants to continue to invest its profits in the company.
Tax avoidance can be effective (this CPA certified public accountant and I suggest so).
For foreigners, some lawyers would suggest registering C-Corp.
in the U.S. because in business, C-Corp feels more prestigious and has a more formal corporate image.
In addition, the registration and maintenance of a corporation in the United States is not particularly troublesome compared to the registration and maintenance of a company in other countries.
LLC + S-Corp Tax Reporting:
This is to register LLC company, and then apply to IRS for tax filing according to S-core (Form 2553 form).
The advantage of doing so is that complex S-Corp operating procedures need not be maintaineD.Some of the friends I have contacted generally recommend LLC + S Corp as a form of company registration.
If you think S Corp is in trouble, just do a simple LLC.
To sum up, if you want to handle it more smoothly, it is suggested that professional accountants (CPA) be invited to assist in the tax filing of the company.
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    ABOUT ohio local customs, tourist attractions
    Ohio is located in the Middle East of the United States.
    It is an integral part of the Great Lakes region, also known as the Aesculpture State.
    Lao Wang has been on his way.
    Release time: 01-1817:35. .
    To feel the most real America, of course, Ohio is situated in the arms of the Great Lakes.
    Lake Erie beaches, Ohio River scenery, three metropolitan cities (Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland), Appalachian charm, world-class Museums, the world's largest Amish enclave and theme parks that set new world records are all in Ohio.
    Activities suitable for all ages, leisure and entertainment programs and exquisite food culture are the hallmarks of Ohio's largest cities.
    In Cleveland, visit the Greater Cleveland Aquarium or Great Lakes Science Center, and then the House of Blues.
    In addition to the ballet and Symphony orchestra, Cincinnati has Museums, theatres, music and food festivals waiting for you.
    Columbus's bustling neighborhoods include galleries and boutique Short North, German Village with the charm of the old world, and Arena District with stadiums, bars and restaurants.
    Holmes County, between Cleveland and Columbus, is an agricultural community where Amish children walk to a school with only one classroom.
    Household transportation mainly depends on carriages.
    Amish are traditional Christians who left Europe in the 18th century and came to Eastern Ohio with a population of about 40,000.
    There are many handicraft shops, flea markets and restaurants in the countryside.
    Visit Amish & Mennonite Heritage Center in Berlin to learn about their religion and culture.
    To learn about Ohio's classic ingenious design, visit Warther Cutlery in Dover, Columbus Washboard Co.
    in Logan and Kitchen Aid Experience in Greenville.
    Outdoors, canoeing on the Mohican River, or visiting the 4,000-hectare Wilds in Cumberland to see endangered animals..
    The mushroom house is located in cincinnati city of the state of Ohio, is the architect Terry Brown (Terry Brown) home and studio, cincinnati city is also the most famous landmarks and residential.
    Brown is a professor at the University of cincinnati School of architecture design, in 2008 due to accidental death.
    From 1992 to 2006, Brown has been committed to the house's design and construction, have a certain degree of contact design style of Brown and postmodernism.
    This strange appearance is like building by wavy wood and a lot of messy materials bonded together to form, looks like a mushroom.
    Magic mushroom house design is not limited to appearance, internally installed everywhere a delicate cabinets, walls inlaid with colorful rock.
    c Leo Pross commented, "the design and construction of normal drawings completely different, as long as according to their ideas built on the line.
    As long as you do it in this way, it is equivalent to the completion of the construction tasks at the same time in the design.
    Such a highly artistic building, completely different from what we usually know the house."
    Mushroom House (cincinnati)
    Reason: the house resembles a mushroom shape
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Ohio: [Ohio State]
    cincinnati city attractions: [cincinnati]

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