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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
The "famous schools" in the United States and their advantageous majors.
1. Harvard University All undergraduate professional education level is the world's top, scholarship policy is the same; your application status, does not affect your admission probability.
History, Business Administration, Mathematics, Economics, English, Physics, Psychology, Sociology, Physiology, Politics, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Geosciences, etc.
2. Yale University Don't put on airs, don't think about "Harvard" which is one-up everywhere; if you want to go to Yale, make sure SAT is not less than 700 points.
Advantage Major:
The most important disciplines are social science, humanities and life science.
The three most popular disciplines are biology, history and economics.
3. MIT The world's recognized best Polytechnic University attaches great importance to the teaching of natural science and engineering.
Every MIT student knows what he wants and is enthusiastic about life and career planning.
Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Philosophy, Politics.
4. Princeton University One of the richest universities in the United States.
The admission policy lays particular stress on personal character and has little relation with personal backgrounD.Advantages:
Mathematics and Philosophy, History, English, Politics, Economics, etc.
5. Columbia University If you want to receive first-class education and experience life in the best cities in the world, the best choice is Big Brother.
You deserve a full scholarship from Big Brother!
Architecture, MBA, Finance, Art History, Astronomy, Bioscience, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, Geology, Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy, Politics, Religion, Film, History, Economics, English, French, Spanish and the Department of Languages and Literature of East and Central Asia.
6. Stanford University The first truly "American University" established by Americans themselves.
79% of Stanford's courses are taught on a scale of only 29 or fewer students.
The most distinctive disciplines of the dominant majors are biology, economics, psychology, English and political science.
Other top-ranking courses include psychology, mass communication, chemistry, economics and drama.
7. University of Chicago Intellectuals'paradise, the most competitive University in the United States.
Advantage majors:
Anthropology, Astronomy, Geoscience, Economics, Geography, History, Linguistics, Physics, Statistics, Sociology, Theology, Business School (Finance, Strategy, International Business, Corporate Leadership, Marketing, etc.
) Top in the United States.
8. Duke University The most prestigious private university in the South of the United States, there is no reason in the world that you can't fall in love with it.
In Duke, there's only what you want to learn, not what you can't learn.
Politics, Public Policy, History, Chemistry, Electronic Engineering and Biomedical Engineering.
The Department of Medicine, Law School and Business School rank among the top 11 in the United States, and science and engineering are particularly well-known.
9. California Institute of Technology Joining California Institute of Technology, one of the world's most important research centers, the world's top science and technology institutes, theoretically means that you are four years away from your ideal life.
Physics, Engineering, Chemistry, Biology, Astronomy, Geology, Economics and Politics.
In the fields of biology, planetary science and geoscience, it is recognized as the first in the United States.
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    ABOUT iowa local customs, tourist attractions
    Iowa is different
    1. Snake Alley in Burlington was once called "Crookedest Street in the World" by Ripley's Believe It or Not.
    2. Iowa has the largest statues of strawberries and Bighead fish in the world.
    3. Elk Horn, Iowa, has the largest Danish population in the United States.
    Yellowish-brown potatoes in Iowa The yellowish-brown potatoes produced in Iowa are cheaper and easier to grow than the common ones.
    However, when eaten, the starch in these potatoes quickly turns into blood sugar, increasing the risk of diabetes (endocrinology) and obesity.
    Because of its poor taste, many people have to take measures to make them taste better: cook them, mash them into mud, stuff them with butter, or peel them, fry them, and sprinkle salt on the surface.
    This makes the food even more unhealthy.
    Major industries in Iowa Manufacturing, agriculture and services are the three major industries in the state.
    Iowa is also known as Hawkeye State.
    Its manufacturing industry is dominated by the chemical industries of food processing, such as meat processing and canned food, heavy machinery and fertilizer production.
    Agricultural products in Iowa include corn, pigs, soybeans, cattle and dairy products.
    Iowa is the largest producer of ethanol and corn in the United States.
    What are Iowa's specialties?
    Cap'n Crunch and Eskimo pie are well-known daily foods in Iowa.
    The most classic food in Iowa is a minced meat sandwich, fried with ground beef and onions in a pan, added mustard sauce, vinegar and a little sugar, and then sandwiched in a steamed hamburger with dilloric acid cucumber and mustard.
    Iowa is the most fertile farmland.
    Almost all of the land used for farming statewide.
    Only the production of california and Texas over iowa.
    However, the california area is almost 3 times larger than the iowa..
    Texas is 5 times greater than Aiaowayue!
    The Mississippi River flows through the eastern iowa.
    The Missouri river flows through the weSt. Iowa is the only two available for shipping the river as the boundary of the state.
    The proportion of the population in Iowa literacy is larger than any state.
    George Washington carver (George Washington carver) began his scientific career in iowa.
    Later, he developed a lot of new agricultural technology, the Southern farmers benefit.
    Many people in different countries came to Iowa farm.
    Every year Aiaowadou held a variety of celebration, to commemorate the ancient custom in different countries.
    Every August, the only remaining Iowa Indian tribes -- Max Quiggi (Mesquakie) -- held a "roar wow" rally.
    One of the largest us Iowa fair (Hobo convention) and the vagrant conference are held in AuguSt. State: De Meiyin Population: 2884000 Area: 56290 square miles of 145790 square kilometers State flower: Rose State: oak tree State bird: American Goldfinch back The main city: Davenport cedar Rapids The state features: the state as one of the big barn;
    * production ranks firSt. The largest popcorn packaging factory was built in iowa.
    Give some to the United States to study graduate student tips
    You to apply for the American Institute of interested?
    If this is the case, there are three main areas you should pay attention to.
    First of all, to understand the application and admission process.
    In section two, in order to academic success, you should learn how to cope with the curriculum.
    Finally, you need to know how to be successful in the United States social cultural society.
    Of course, the first step is the application process.
    The most important thing is to remember to apply early.
    We have to start planning application steps in a year ago.
    If you are lucky, you can spend six months to apply, but there may be a whole year.
    You need and you're interested in University contact, so as to discover the requirements of the school qualifications, because each university has different requirements.
    And University contact, and Institute of school admissions office and you want to read the Department of the liaison office.
    You will need to send official transcripts to apply for the original school.
    You also need to send a proof of financial resources, in order to prove that you have enough money to pay the tuition fees, living expenses and other expenses.
    A lot of college or department of recommendation letters.
    Some requirements of GRE (Graduate Record Exam) in the study of enterprise performance, required by the GMAT (Graduate Management Admisssions Test) score.
    Almost all universities require TOEFL scores (Test of English as a Foreign Language).
    If you want to apply before entering the University for nine months to participate in the above teSt. For two months to put your examination results sent to the school you are applying.
    Finally, many universities have the applicant needs to pay the application fee.
    When you finish all the paperwork, you should start to life in the United states.
    One consideration is how to make a successful academic study.
    Pound solution American Institute studying philosophy is very important, you must be responsible for their own learning, also in the work, you need to know how to present your ideas and process integration analysis.
    Show your professional major from the views of experts and professors is not enough, you must learn the analysis to add their own opinions.
    Because of these factors, to understand the meaning of plagiarism (Plagiarism) is very important.
    Plagiarism means plagiarism or copying someone else's opinion or writing, this is absolutely prohibited in the United states.
    When you write your report, you must correct what is your opinion or that part of the words from the book or article copied down.
    If I do not know how to use the appropriate, you must add the language center to learn how to correctly write.
    You can ask the university to have such courses.
    Take responsibility for their own learning means that you can't expect the professor to give you guidance.
    You need your guidance and a professor for an interview, to determine your personal study plan.
    If you have any questions in class, you should immediately raise questions.
    As a subject in the classroom is discussed, you should immediately ask questions.
    As in the classroom questioning can feel shy in the professor's office hours and he / she set a time to ask.
    Don't talk in the class and Professor, because he / she may then have a class or a meeting.
    In order to make your academic course more successful, you have to learn how to use the computer.
    You will write a report on the computer, searching for information on the Internet, contact via e.
    mail and professors or classmates, also according to the major different, you need to use the computer to learn how to draw a diagram, database, and statistics report.
    Finally, in order to be successful in the United States, you need to pay attention to social aspects.
    As far as possible in your range and other American and international students make friends.
    Don't always rely on students in their country, neither the United States or other international students to come to you.
    How to participate in the study group and other graduate organization.
    If you are married, and your family with you, they should also try to participate in American life.
    Do you want to investigate whether there is any university club for family members, encourage your partner and children know more Americans, if they have friends will also feel happy.
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