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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
How to apply for the F2A (spouse/unmarried children) reunion visa in the United States?
Guarantee process?
The F2A visa refers to the spouse and/or child visa of a US green card holder.
U.S. Green Card holders apply for F2A immigration visas for their foreign spouses and unmarried children under the age of 21 by filling out the I-130 form.
Application conditions Guarantor requests:
1. Over the age of 18 2. Holding Permanent Resident Status in the United States 3. Have a permanent residence 4. Meet the requirement of economic guaranteed income In the last three fiscal and tax years, the annual income needs to be no less than 125% of the national average poverty line.
If unemployed, it needs to provide real estate, bank deposits and other assets as economic security.
However, the Immigration Bureau is more inclined to have fixed income cases.
If the guarantor's economic ability fails to meet the standard, then the guarantor needs to find a co-guarantor to guarantee for the beneficiary.
The co-guarantor may be a relative or frienD.As long as he is a citizen or a green card, he may act as a co-guarantor.
Requirements of the applicant:
1. Obtain legal marriage relationship with guarantor 2. Meet the requirements of medical examination for immigrants 3. No criminal record Children require:
1. At the later stage of obtaining an immigrant visa to enter the United States, you need to be younger than 21 years old and unmarried.
2. It may be the child of a spouse and former spouse, but it must be married before the child is 18 years old.
3. If a child is adopted, it must be adopted before the age of 16, and the applicant and the guarantor have obtained legal custody for two years.
Benefits not available to the guarantor within five years of his arrival in the United States:
1. Food Stamps are not eligible for food relief vouchers 2. Medicaid of Poverty Medical Assistance 3. Social Salary Subsidy Supplemental Security Income 4. Temporary Assisstance to Needy Family for Provisional Assistance to Poor Families The termination of the guarantor's guaranty obligation:
1. Naturalization of the Guarantee as an American Citizen 2. The guarantor has permanently left the territory of the United States 3. Death of Guarantee 4. Guarantees work in the United States for more than 40 quarters (10 years)
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    ABOUT new-york local customs, tourist attractions
    New York central Park (central Park) is not only the New York public leisure space, is the world's favorite tourist destination.
    After the 1850 news reporter William Bryant park construction movement in the "New York post" on 1856, Frederick Law Olmsted and calbert Vaux two garden designers to build the park.
    central Park is located in the middle of Manhattan skyscrapers gifts, covers an area of 843 acres, is New York's largest urban park, New York is also the first to establish design criteria for Forestry Park park.
    central Park to fifty-ninth Avenue and 110th Street (59th St.) (110th St.), 5 (5th Ave.
    ), central Park West Road (central Park West) around, the facilities inside the light green acres of grasstrees and small forest garden, skating rink, rotating Trojans open-air theater, two small zoo, can on the surface of the lake, tennis courts, sports fields, art galleries and so on.
    There is a park called Strawberry Park (Strawberry Fields) park is to commemorate John Rennan peace park, all kinds of flowers that come from all over the world. central Park is often in the movies and TV shows to see, such as movie "love story" (Love Story).
    central Park central Park Known as the garden in New York central Park, the wide area of 843 acres, is a completely artificial natural landscape, every day there are thousands of tourists and citizens engaged in various activities, 1857 in New York city is the city decision-makers set aside public green space, to provide a relaxed place for a busy life.
    Park seasons are beautiful, red spring green, summer sun shining autumn winter fire red, silvery desolate.
    The Museum of Yeshiva University is located in New York city, Yeshiva University, founded in 1973, mainly is the collection and display of historical and cultural goods and the Jews 3000 years, aimed at the related history and culture of the Jewish people for the display of Jewish culture to open a window on the world, let the world more people understand the history and culture of the jews.
    The Museum's collections of up to more than 8000 parts, divided into works of art, folk art, ethnology, archaeology, including clothing, textiles, books, photographs, manuscripts, archives etc.
    The most striking is the archaeological discoveries can be traced back to the Bronze Age in late antiquity, numerous historical heritage was excavated, rich history.
    The Museum's opening hours: Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 to 17:00 to 17:00 to 20:00, Monday, Wednesday to Friday from 11:00 to 11:00 to 14:30 for 20:0. Yeshiva University Museum
    Reason: New York State Museum is one of the most important
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, New York: [New York State]
    city Attractions: New York [New York city]

    A Museum is located in the town of Radek - pat Green of New York county, the two storey building, the Museum was built in 1828, the beginning of the American style of Fitillo, 1856 when added to other elements, make it become the romantic style of the mid nineteenth century.
    The Museum is a banker once Radek (Zadock Pratt) - pat home, opened as a Museum in 1959, 1986 was listed as a national monument, the history of the United states.
    The Museum is the collection and protection of the catskill Mountains area from 17 century has a long history and rich culture, has a collection of furniture, handicrafts, artwork and photographs, the collection tells the catskill Mountains area has a long history and culture.
    Zadock Pratt Museum
    Reason: New York State Museum is one of the most important
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, New York: [New York State]
    Green county The Vanderbilt Museum is located in New York, Suffolk county of Long Island, named for racing enthusiasts and sailing enthusiast William Vanderbilt S (William Kissam Vanderbilt II), as a member of a prominent American Vanderbilt family.
    The Museum in 1985 was listed as a national historic landmark, covers an area of 43 acres, from the collection of works of art and furniture of the house, and marine and natural history related to the exhibition hall, a seaplane base, boathouse, garden etc, has a collection of a series of ethnic articles, such as Europe, Asia and Africa, swords, firearms in addition, the ship model, and also associated with the natural history of butterflies, birds, shells, mammals and fish specimens.
    Works of art and furniture of the house has 24 rooms, tells the story of the mansion of history and the history of the Vanderbilt family, has a collection of antique furniture, paintings, pottery, family photos etc.
    The Vanderbilt Museum also exhibits a large number of William Vanderbilt II items, these items reflect his hobbies and legend.
    Vanderbilt Museum
    Reason: New York State Museum is one of the most important
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, New York: [New York State]
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