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Buy your own land and build your own house?
These things need to be known!
The United States is generally divided into urban (URBAN), suburban (SUBURBAN), suburban (EXURBAN) and field (RURAL).
For example, in movies and TV dramas, the characters of "SEX AND THE CITY" live in URBAN.
The "crazy housewives" live in SUBURBAN or EXURBAN and see the distance from the city.
In Brokeback Mountain, the protagonist's parents live in RURAL AREA, a farm or a mountain village, usually far from the business district.
URBAN area needless to say, pulling electricity and diverting water are convenient.
SUBURBAN or EXURBAN are similar.
RURAL is a lot of trouble.
Hydropower and electricity are hard to keep up with.
Because of the sparse land and the scarcity of people, a large number of people in the United States are more keen to build their own houses than those outside the direct purchase of commercial housing.
What procedures should we pay attention to when buying land and building houses in the United States?
1. Buy a vacant land or an old house and pick it up (you own a land deed, that is, the permanent right to use the land).
If you want to demolish a house, you need to ask a government-registered and licensed demolition company, which must purchase insurance for this purpose, including disability insurance for workers and insurance for this project at this location, in case someone is injured or the project fails.
2. Sometimes it is necessary to apply for PLAT, i.
to register the new use of the land with the government.
For example, if you want to build four multi-storey buildings or apartment buildings, you need to apply for PLAT.
3. Licensed architects are requested to draw engineering drawings.
The design must conform to government regulations, such as the proportion of house area to yard areA.Some locations can be located in stores or offices on the first floor, others can not, we have to see ZONING.
Every city and region has different regulations.
At the same time, the architect will contact the local power company and the hydraulic company to estimate the cost of the relevant public facilities.
These fees are quite reasonable.
From hundreds of dollars in a family home to thousands of dollars in an apartment building.
Huge engineering costs will be high.
American architect's license is not so easy to get.
You have to graduate from university, have some work experience and pass the exam.
4. Apply to the building management office of the local government.
5. After the application is approved, the engineering team is requested to start construction.
The engineering team should also provide licenses, insurance, etC.The engineering team should be equipped with licensed electricians and plumbers.
6. After the house is built, the people of the City Building Authority will come to inspect it.
The completed building is the same as the design drawing, and then they will send the CO (CERTIFICATE OF OCCUPANCY), that is, the paper for joining the gang.
7. If an apartment building is built, the relevant formalities need to be processed and sold, and the relevant fees of "commercial and residential" can be paid.
If a house is built in the suburbs, water and electricity are generally available.
But in the outskirts or in the field, some places are not convenient to divert water, the owners can invite people to drill wells in their own land.
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    ABOUT new-york local customs, tourist attractions
    The United Nations Headquarters building, also known as the "UN building", is the site of United Nations Headquarters, in the Manhattan District of the American city of New York on the eastern side, overlooking the East river.
    This building was built between 1949 and 1950, the land was bought from New York real estate company William Gerkendorf (William Zeckendorf), then the area up to 17 acres (6.87973 hectares).
    Prior to this, Rockefeller family intends to provide in Westchester county of New York (Westchester county) Kykuit land, but because the distance from Manhattan far away, and it.
    Later, Nelson Rockefeller (Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller) will assist the new land purchase, his father John Rockefellers (John Davison, Rockefeller, Jr.
    ) has donated $8 million 500 thousand to assist the construction of the building.
    Although the building is located in the city of New York, but the actual land for international territory, the west boundary is the first avenue, on the south side of East 42 street, on the north side of East 48 street, east of the East river.
    In December 23, 2006, the UN General Assembly adopted a "basic construction plan" resolution, decided to allocate $1 billion 877 million to renovate the building of United Nations Headquarters.
    銆銆 Founded in 1931, the The Empire State Building stands in the American city of New York (New York) in Manhattan (Manhattan) island, overlooking the entire city of New York, near New York, Yuanwang (New York), New Jersey (New Jersey), connecticut (connecticut), Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania) and Massachusetts (Massachusetts), a New York.
    The whole history of the United States milepoSt. The Empire State Building was built in the Great Depression (Great Depression) after a time of shortage, its design concept has become the focus of the two major us auto maker competition.
    The chrysler auto company (chrysler corp), Walter chrysler (Walter chrysler) and GM (General Motors) John Jacob cloth, raskob (John Jacob Raskob) the competition goal is: to the sky competition to see who could build the highest building.
    The initial plan is to build a solid 34 storey building looks low, and later made 16 changes, and finally adopted the pencil type raskob "(pencil shape) scheme.
    Some people say that the 102 layer architecture of the final set is the world air lines.

    \ Buffalo
    New York's second largest city and port of lake.
    Located in the eastern end of the Niagara River south of Erie.
    Urban area of 108.8 square kilometers, population 328 thousand (1990), the blacks accounted for 1 / 4 above;
    large urban areas including 8 counties, an area of 4058.5 square kilometers, located in plain, elevation 146 meters;
    the cold and snowy winter, the average temperature of 0 DEG c;
    warm summer, more than 20 DEG c;
    annual precipitation is 900 mm.
    Indian village was originally a river along the lake side, named for the buffalo found the remains ("Buffalo" meaning "buffalo").
    Once for a long time, load share.
    Shipping in 1825 the Erie canal, lake and canal water become the connection point and the rapid development.
    A city in 1832. In 1959 before the opening of the St. Lawrence waterway, the Great Lakes region through the export of goods transport;
    industry dominated by heavy industry, light industry is more developed;
    by Appalachian coal and Lake Superior, the South Bank of the iron ore, a huge iron and steel industry, on the outskirts of Beth Lech M is one of the largest us steel mills.
    Plenty of hydropower in Niagara Falls based on the development of electrochemical and aluminum smelting industry.
    Since this part of wheat processing by the Great Lakes East, so the development of the country's largest flour industry center;
    metal processing, automobile assembly and parts manufacturing, shipbuilding, railway equipment, wood processing and paper industry are also of considerable size;
    the major industrial zone in the East Bank of the Niagara and south coast of Lake Erie;
    buffalo from New York to tide the important lake port, the Atlantic coast to the western inland portal;
    there are 6 railway lines together, for the railway freight center in the United States and canada between the two countries;
    dense road network, a New York state highway and the Kensington expressway.
    city East modern international airport.
    Downtown in the Niagara square, near the business district;
    Marina Midland center building 40 floor stands for the highest lake, the city building.
    The northeastern part of the city for scientific research and educational area, focused on the city's important universities, research institutions and Museums, stadiums, parks;
    the world famous Niagara Falls in 26 km north of the city, the city tourism service company, business area tour career falls.
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